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Bishops , priests , rabbis and pastor s across the North busied themselves organizing special services and composing sermons appropriate to the occasion. An unfolding history of the Civil War with photos and articles from the Times archive and ongoing commentary from Disunion contributors. The nationwide fasting and penance probably delayed the arrival of a week-old dispatch that reached the War Department on the following day, on Jan.

It was from the only commander of an Army garrison who had actively resisted the rebel onslaughts: Maj.

Cain and Abel

Robert Anderson. From the high ramparts of Fort Sumter , he was watching the secessionists prepare for the next round. They are evidently constructing a battery or batteries there. The major went on to report conditions in his own fort. The garrison, he regretted to note, possessed only scant supplies of soap, candles and coal, which might cause hardship in the long winter months ahead.

Both Anderson and the War Department must have known this was mere bravado. With conditions in Charleston Harbor increasingly resembling a state of full siege warfare, his little force could hold out only as long as its supplies did.

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Without relief from Washington — from somewhere — the federal garrison at Fort Sumter might soon go the way of so many others. Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience. See next articles. Library of Congress Capt. Jesse Reno. As he sits upon his high throne he has but to open his hand, and plenty rains down from it, for all the living beings he has made. May he not then take care of us without thinking about us, or loving us much, after all? So we find the heathen, who have no Bible, though they may believe in God, seem always to be afraid of him than to think of him as a God of love.

But when we read of the birth of Jesus Christ, and know that he is the Son of God—God himself—who has come all the way to earth to live among people on earth for a little while, as a child, as a lad, and then as a man, we must see how God loves us, and how much he thinks of us.

Heaven is a very bright and happy place.

What Is Man that God Cares for Him? (Psalm 8) | Grace Evangelical Society

There is no trouble there. There are no storms, no winters, no dark nights there. The leaves of the trees never wither; the flowers are always blooming; and there are no thorns, nor briers, nor waste places where nothing can grow. There is no sickness among those who live in heaven.

What Is Man that God Cares for Him? (Psalm 8)

They never suffer any pains. They are never tired. They never die.

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Those happy angels never have shed one tear in all their happy lives. Yet he loved us so much that he came from heaven into this sad and unhappy world. He put himself into our nature, and had a body and a soul like ours. He lived among wicked men. He knew all this would happen to him when he came into the world, and yet he came, to show us how much he loved us, and how much he wished us to love him. How much must he love this world, when he thinks of the time he lived here for our sakes! How much must he love men when he remembers how he was a man! How much must he pity us when we are in trouble—for he had so much trouble himself!

Let us praise and glorify God as we think how much he loved us, and showed it by being born a little child. Surely he who loved us so much, then, will love us always, if we love him. Surely he who gave himself to us, will give us every thing that is good for us, if we ask and thank him for it. Surely we ought to love him best of all, who loved us so much, and is willing to love us still. But there is another reason why we should glorify and praise God for giving us such a great Savior as Jesus Christ. We are not only poor and little in his eyes, but we are also sinners.

All our troubles, and sickness, and death, have been brought on us by our sins; and, what is worse, they are but the beginning of the trouble, and pain, and death that will come upon the sinner, who continues to be wicked, in another world. If God does not forgive us our sins, we shall be miserable forever in hell, among the devils. But God would rather save us than punish us forever. He wishes to bring us back to his love; that, instead of going to hell, we may go to heaven when we die: and he sent Jesus Christ into the world, that he might be our Savior.

We had broken his law, and God had said that he would love none who did not keep it; and Jesus Christ came and obeyed that law, that his father might love us for his sake. We deserve to die forever, because God had said that those who sin must die forever. But Jesus Christ died upon the cross in our stead. He died that we might not die.

And now Jesus Christ, after living for us, and dying for us, has gone up to heaven to intercede for us, that God would hear us when we pray, and give us his pardon and his love, and every thing that we need. O, when we think what Christ came into the world for, of all he suffered in his life of sadness, and his death of pain, and of how much he thinks of us now; and then think again that he is the great God, the very God we have sinned against, and whom we have made angry with us, ought we not to love him, and be sorry for our sins, and believe in his name?

We should glorify and praise God, too, for setting us such a good example in the life of Jesus Christ. We always know to do a thing better when we see it done, than when we are only told how to do it. So God thought; and though he had given us his holy commandments, and told us in many ways what we ought to do, yet, because we are very ignorant and foolish, he sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to become a man, that he might do what we are to do; and we know how to do all, by knowing how he did.

So that now, if we only do as Christ did, we are sure that we are right. He has set an example for us all. If we are young children, we see how Christ did when he was a little child. The Vatican submitted a message that incorporated a text from the Bible.

School of the Supernatural: Why God is Mindful of Man

If you could have made the decision of a part of the Bible to send up to the moon, which would you have chosen? The Vatican submitted the text of Psalm 8, making it the first Biblical text to reach the moon. It frames the content of the Psalm in the praise of the majesty of God. The question occurs essentially in the middle of the Psalm.

When we observe what leads up to the asking of the question and what follows from it, we notice that the Psalm has a particular i. God displays His majestic name in the greatness of creation and in His grace towards man. David marveled that God uses strength from infants to silence his enemies. The idea is that God uses the weakest to confound the strong see 1 Cor God used the young David to defeat Goliath 1 Sam The birth of the baby Jesus brings salvation to the world Luke King David first observed the great work of Creation, and then was amazed that weak finite man should have responsibility over it:.

When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him? Sometimes when he visited the President at Sagamore Hill, the two men would go outdoors at night to see who could first locate the Andromeda galaxy. Then, as they gazed at the tiny smudge of distant starlight, one of them would recite,.

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  • It is one of million galaxies. It is , light years away. It consists of billion suns, each larger than our sun. What is a human being that God is mindful of him? How do we define humanity? This question has exercised the minds of men to our times. Mark Twain published a book with the title What Is Man? It is a dialogue between a Young Man and an Old Man regarding the nature of man.