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13 Theses of Marxism-Feminism

The vines in parts are growing on extremely steep hills with a slope of up to 45 per cent. Here, visitors can again experience what makes the vineyard so outstanding: A panoramic view over the river Elbe towards the famous historic city centre of Dresden and into Saxon Switzerland. Das Elbtal um Dresden hat als Deutschlands kleinstes Weinanbaugebiet eine lange Tradition, ist aber noch immer eine unentdeckte Kultur- und Genussregion auf hohem Niveau.

Rainer Beck. Selbst aus einer Familie mit Weinbautradition stammend hat der Kunsthistoriker das Weingut erworben und zwischen und nach und nach ausgebaut. Discover the taste of Switzerland Switzerland is known for tasty treats like cheese or fondue - but there is far more to discover as entrepreneurs across the country work hard to bring tasty new products and culinary treats to the market.

Rosti A staple of Swiss cuisine, the famous rosti consists of thinly grated potatoes which are fried until crisp and golden. Originally a breakfast dish for farmers, it is now found throughout the country and across mealtimes. Team it up with salty bacon, fried egg and melted raclette cheese, and you will have a delicacy not to be missed! However, it has been a must-have for any local or visitor to the country for centuries. And for good reason: it is beautifully tasty and a proper winter meal.

How to do it: dunk rustic bread into melted cheeses which are infused with wine and garlic and which bubble over an open flame. A glass of white wine goes perfectly with it. Raclette And because Switzerland has some rather tasty cheese on offer, we continue with another cheesy dish — raclette, a local cheese. Layer by layer, it is then sliced off to blanket boiled potatoes, pickles and onions. The perfect comfort food! Furthermore, raclette machines are used in many Swiss homes where friends want to gather for hours, indulging in the cheesy dish and many glasses of local wine.

Papet Vaudois A staple of the Canton of Vaud, Papet Vaudois is best described as a mash of leeks and potatoes which are stewed for hours. It tastes almost earthy and oniontinged, and poses as the perfect bed for fat sausages. Dig in! This dish is a Zurich-style ragout of veal and mushrooms, and is both hearty and delicious. Right: Landskroner Blond and Landskroner Brunette. Only two years later they celebrated their first major order at the Art Basel. The subtle roasted-malt taste completes the experience. It is fermented with Belgian yeast, refined with coriander and orange peel, and hopped like an India Pale Ale.

Es ist mit einer belgischen Hefe vergoren, mit Koriander und Orangenschalen veredelt und wie ein India Pale Ale gehopft. Gallen spezialisiert. Seit importiert das Familienunternehmen Honig aus Neuseeland. Zudem arbeitet Honig Zangger nachhaltig: Mithilfe von Photovoltaikanlagen wird der gesamte Strom, den der Betrieb braucht, selbst produziert. Derzeit hat der Betrieb circa 30 Sorten Ho-. Denkt man an die Schweiz, so ist es nicht unbedingt Bier, das einem dabei als erstes in den Sinn kommt.

What once started as an innovative street food offering around Switzerland has grown into the successful Tenz restaurant. The momos had their beginnings in the kitchen of Tenzin Tibatsang who fled from occupied Tibet to Nepal and India as a child. What started off as street food, has now become a successful restaurant in Zu-. Tenz impresses with a small menu that puts emphasis on different momos, served with a variety of salads.

Tenz restaurant primarily employs young Tibetan students and refugees from Tibet. Additionally, Tenz supports different projects that deal with Tibet every year for example, the Tibet Film Festival. Organic, artisan vegan cheeses made in Switzerland Vegan cheese by New Roots is a fine example of an important change in culinary trends, beliefs and ethics. Founded in in Thun, New Roots promotes a conscious and healthy lifestyle. You can find your nearest vendor of New Roots cheese on the store locator on their website and, if you live in Switzerland, also order their products online.

As a staple of German television, she has recently also released a CD that seeks to help people to find inner contentment through an ancient Indian philosophy. Kaali: I find that acceptance, appreciation, compassion, joy and deceleration are important factors to achieve more contentment in everyday life. Kaali: I feel very strongly about supporting other people and thus, want to give them a closer understanding of the knowledge of the Vedas for a happy life through workshops, presentations and readings. After all, the wonderful thing is: we carry everything that we need to be happy within us!

Actress — has that always been your dream job or did others ever exist? Kaali: Oh, yes. I knew that I wanted to become an actress from a very early stage. And from that point on, I worked towards this goal. We know you from Turkish for Beginners or Binny and the Ghost, amongst others. Which role do you like to think back on most and why? Kaali: These two productions are definitely in my top five.

Not primarily due to the figures that I was able to play even though they were wonderful , but rather due to the shooting conditions — great ensembles and teams, wonderful colleagues, great scripts and a huge amount of fun on the set. It was a very special challenge for me.

After a stroke of fate, you decided to broaden your knowledge of the Vedas, an ancient Indian philosophy and you were able to find inner contentment and happiness through that. What were you able to pick up in India? Kaali: I have dealt with the knowledge of the Vedas for over 10 years and have travelled to India every year. They lead lives in acceptance and inner calm. One thing unites us all: we are on the quest for happiness, however different this might look for each one of us.

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To be able to sense happiness, we need the basis of contentment, and contentment is achieved through acceptance and appreciation of what is. At the end of last year, you released your first CD, called Veda. How does this CD help other people to find inner contentment? What other dreams and wishes does Katharina Kaali still have? Kaali: I wish for more awareness of the consciousness of our existence and our ability to feel, think and act. The CD Veda can be bought on Amazon and more information on the knowledge of the Vedas can be found on the following website.

Kaali: The CD is an expression of my gratitude. Making sequences from the rich knowledge of the Vedas accessible to others, is what is important to me. Many listeners feel inspired to learn more through the sound of word and music and are very relaxed. And relaxation also holds contentment. Do you have general tips and tricks for contentment in everyday life?

This summer, the Mario Botta-designed space is showcasing exceptional books on gardens. The Montreux Jazz Festival is an evolving festival that is steeped in rich heritage and is always well worth a visit. Jazz fans from all walks of lives can listen to enchanting music at three magnificent venues — each with their very own specific personalities. Furthermore, a selection of free events and workshops are additional highlights. Last, but not least, the entire spectacle is surrounded by a most spectacular natural backdrop. On show are paintings, sculptures, photographs, performances by over 4, artists and much, much more.

Look forward to all the famous names like Picasso, Warhol or Jeff Koons. Locarno Festival 1 — 11 August Created as a festival to discover new talents and new trends, Locarno has firmly established itself as a highlight for the new generation. It has often spotted young directors that have grown up to be established filmmakers.

Visitors to the auteur cinema festival can look forward to share the passion for cinema in all its diversity with thousands of fellow film fans and industry professionals. Left: Villa Pury - The museum. Top middle: Salle Plumes. Below middle: Salle Ambassade. Founded in , the museum is split into two sites: One focuses on classical ethnography, displaying a vast collection of interesting objects from all over the world, while the other focuses on the exhibition project. The idea is always to reflect on issues from a transcultural perspective.

In this view, we often juxtapose ethnographic material and things coming from the global, consumer society. It is an incredible destination for anyone who has an interest in critical thinking, humanities, or art in general. The town itself is famous for its large museum scene, making it perfect for a culture-filled trip to Switzerland. An entire de-. Instead we create contexts, atmospheres and experiences. Everything changes again with each new exhibition.

Alongside alternating solo shows, the thematic special exhibition Women shows the artistic depiction of the female over time, juxtaposed with groundbreaking contemporary works. The way women were perceived and depicted by male artists has dominated the art world for hundreds of years, with few exceptions. Under its new umbrella name, Kunst Museum Winterthur strives to interlink the old and the new — with exhibitions that draw from the riches of its two major collections while putting them in context with outstanding contemporary art.

Sowohl Bild als auch Sound werden dabei so stark verzerrt, dass die Performance zu einem beunruhigend abstrusen Geschehen mutiert. Everywhere in Germany, people kick off their shoes and dance the night away as the next day, 1 May, is a national holiday. Though there is no time to rest for the men in southern Germany where muscle power and stamina are required. On this day, the maibaum May tree or maypole will be raised to welcome spring and hoisting it is a tough job that makes most men break out in a sweat.

Local folklore groups dress up in their finest costumes to celebrate this important annual occasion during which the tree is carried through the village, accompanied by music. Every maypole, normally a birch tree, is uniquely. Part of the maypole tradition is that villages try to steal it from each other. If they succeed, the safe return is negotiated with ransoms involving large quantities of beer and food. The tree theft follows strict rules: sawing or damaging the maypole is frowned upon as is a non-payment of the ransom. In the old days, single men of the village would organise parties, dances and cele-.

Another traditional way of revealing a crush is to draw a line maistrich with a piece of chalk meandering all the way through the village and ending in a great big heart in which the initials of the two people involved are written. A main ingredient, along with wine, is sweet woodruff, which gives the beverage a green colour, though fruit also takes a prominent role. Many customs and symbols are connected with May and it is possibly the month most sung about by poets and songwriters.

The People vs. the Elite: Italian Dialectics and the European Malaise | Verfassungsblog

There is even a special drink to enjoy: maibowle. But May celebrations are not just about witches, maypoles and bonfires. Rallies, marches, and demonstrations take place when people stand up for better work situations and conditions, along with safer work environments and more job securities, in an attempt to create a brighter future for their families.

Glorious events and in-depth insights The Spanish Riding School in Vienna is a year-old institution.

Die 5 Biologischen Naturgesetze - Die Dokumentation

It has survived several wars, including the two World Wars, and the change from monarchy to republic. Rich in tradition and full of expertise, the performances and tours, as well as the morning exercise featuring the trademark Lipizzan horses, are a magnet for international riding enthusiasts and aesthetes alike. The origins of the Lipiz-.

Interested guests will gain insights into the breeding, rearing and dressage of the white stars at the Piber stud, as well as a chance to admire the lovely mares and their foals at the Fischer von Erlach riding arena. For the eighth year in a row, the number of international tourists visiting Germany has again increased in and is up by 3. Based on data from the Federal Statistical Office for January to December , this translates into For anyone primarily associating Germany with industry and manufacturing, this might come as a surprise.

In this context, it is almost as if tourism has developed in the background, slowly but surely working its way up towards becoming a major economic factor: According to the DIW German Institute for Economic Research , tourism now accounts for 3. City breaks are particularly liked, a trend that is mirrored by international travellers: The combination of urban cool with world-class culture and a certain. Couple that with — compared on an international level — very good value for money, great hotels that do not cost the world and a top infrastructure and you have some of the most important requirements for tourism nailed.

Incidentally, Berlin, Munich and Hamburg are also the top three German city destinations of British travellers, followed by Frankfurt and Cologne. From a UK perspective, Germany is still a niche destination, however, one that has steadily become more attractive, with growing visitor numbers year after year. This January, the UK moved in to second position worldwide of the most important source markets for Germany, with , overnight stays from the UK and a 7.

Some tourism marketing professionals actually believe that they can pinpoint a certain event when things and the perceptions that Brits had of Germany started to change: In , the World Cup came to Germany, the country turned into one big party during one seemingly endless summer, and the world — including the UK — saw a different side to Germany. Bruch, Laif.

Then, there is the never-ending power of Berlin that, particularly in the UK, has helped enormously to put Germany on the agenda as a travel destination and also open it up to younger people. Beach holidays? Yes, absolutely. Both the North Sea and Baltic Coast have mile after mile of rather splendid fine white sand beaches plus islands and resorts that offer exactly the kind of idiosyncratic charm and off-the-beaten track vibe that travellers are after nowadays. There is, of course, the Alps and Bavaria in the south with picture perfect landscapes and ideal for families, but also very unexpected, stun-.

Yes, another two ticks. And if some of the things mentioned in this line-up are complete news to you, that is another reason why Germany is on the up with international travellers: There is still a lot to discover, away from the crowds and usual suspects — while still benefiting from all the mod cons that a highly developed country can afford to visitors. The legendary mountain region Harz offers almost everything a visitor, and especially families, are looking for in an attractive holiday destination: cultural sites of world class, unique adventures in untouched nature and a vast range of leisure activities.

With 9, kilometres of trails, this area is a true hiking paradise for nature lovers. Aside from the hiking opportunities there are various other adventurous outdoor activities on offer, such as the fast summer toboggan run, the Megazipline, wall-running, the suspension bridge TITAN RT, the challenging climbing parks and the cableways. Whatever your preference, it certainly will not get boring. Even mountain bike fans can look forward to real adventures in the Harz region, thanks to 2, kilometres of signposted routes with various levels of difficulty.

Centuries of culture up close In order to get the full picture of the Harz Mountains, visitors have to explore its culture and history. Castles and. Knight tournaments and medieval festivals take visitors back in time. A variety of museums explore history, craftsmanship and technology in an exciting way and encourage guests to explore, discover and try out.

During a trip with the traditional Harz Narrow Gauge Railway, engineering comes alive. The impressive steam engines run through the romantic Selke valley, the southern part of the Harz, or wind through the national park, Harz, up to the highest summit, the Brocken. It is an exciting train ride experience, just like it was a hundred years ago. With the Rammelsberg. The entire ensemble is one of the biggest and oldest mining regions in Europe and measures a stunning square kilometres.

The city of Quedlinburg at the northeastern edge of the Harz Mountains is over 1, years old, features over 2, timbered houses and buildings of Romanticism as well as Wilhelminian-style and Art Nouveau villas. It takes visitors back in time to a long-gone era. Here, history and culture are as alive as ever. The city interplays beautifully with the past and the future.

Sophisticated classical music. In Dr Martin Luther started the reformation of the Catholic Church when he nailed the 95 theses to the castle church in Wittenberg. Still today, this is influencing our life, our traditions and even our education system and politics - regardless of whether we are catholic, protestant or follow no religion. Special events at remarkable locations Many events with large amounts of visitors bring the nature sites and historical buildings of the Harz to life.

From ballet performances at the forest stage and cabaret in the mines, to classical concerts in. Gloger Top right: Hiking at Ilsetal. Gloger Below left: Town square of Eisleben with the Luther memorial. Left: Hay bales on the hummocky meadows. Around kilometres south of Munich, between the famous Zugspitze and the Karwendel mountain range, one can find the Alpenwelt Karwendel. Here, in the vast Bavarian high valley with breathtaking panoramic mountain views, visitors can experience unparalleled nature experiences, untouched countryside, lived traditions and regional delicacies that are best discovered on exciting hikes.

Today, young and old alike can look forward to an exceptional hike from Wallgau to Mittenwald that features a variety of landscapes, as well as a rich offering of culinary treats along the way. It combines special nature experiences, such as small creeks, sparkling lakes, colourful meadows, picturesque forests and beautiful gorges like the Geisterklamm. Of course, distinctive peaks like the Soiernspitze also belong to the Alpenwelt Karwendel.

At 2, metres, the Soiernspitze is the highest mountain in the Soiern Group and its summit can be climbed in an easy, yet breathtaking mountain hike. From there, the hike leads to the idyllically situated Maria Rast Chapel before reaching the Goasalm mountain hut which is a perfect place to stop for a bite to eat. Or how about a special souvenir for your home, like the handmade hay cushions from the hummocky meadows? Here, the junior chef,. Experiencing the extraordinary Apart from a vast array of regional products and the distinctive natural beauty, there is far more to experience in the Alpenwelt Karwendel.

For example, from this month onwards, visitors can learn. Or how about experiencing lived traditions first-hand? Furthermore, artist Bernhard Rieger seeks to carry on this ancient tradition with modern interpretations which are definitely worth a visit. Of course, nature highlights are never scarce in the Alpenwelt Karwendel either. You can marvel at beautiful crocuses on the hummocky meadows in spring, enjoy numerous mountain lakes during the bathing season in summer or marvel at the ceremonial driving down of cattle from the mountains into the valley in autumn.

In the Alpenwelt Karwendel, every season has its very own highlights and thus, it is always worth a visit! Left: Barn on the hummocky meadows. Auch Rothenburg ob der Tauber ist nicht. Ausgewogenheit gepaart. Eine umfangreiche Weinkarte bietet zu jedem kulinarischen Event den passenden Begleiter. Stimmungsvolle Kronleuchter und moderne Lichtdeckenfelder tauchen den gesamten Raum sanft in die Wunschfarbe.

Buchbar bis zum Eben ein echter Geheimtipp. The rooms are spacious and welcoming. A perfect environment in which to relax. The award-winning gourmet restaurant La Malvoisie offers contemporary cuisine with a top tasting menu and for those preferring it more casual, La Brasserie is the right choice. In winter, 50 kilometres of powdery ski slopes tempt any winter-sports fan and during summer, kilometres of hiking paths offer stunning views and untouched nature.

Relaxation in the mountains. Each room offers hidden details to explore and takes the guest on a journey throughout this beautiful place. Amongst a delightfully modern Alpine ambiance and a genuine feel-good atmosphere, this is where you'll find the time and space for creative conferences and workshops. With the hotel's own cooking studio, natural bathing lake and the spectacular mountain view, your company's event will evolve into a longlasting experience for the entire team. Lively and unreservedly welcoming, the team at Hotel Oberstdorf pride themselves on offering a wonderfully laid-back atmosphere, which few can rival.

Many guest activities such as live music, hiking trips and whisky tastings are offered. The show will retain its uncompromising commitment to business and leads, but will pack a heightened emotional aspect and freshness that will give it even greater impact. With its exhibitor displays, expert conferences and prime networking opportunities, CEBIT is a triple-punch event covering everything essential to the digitisation of business, government and society.

IT user industries, our aim with the new CEBIT is increasingly to reach the next generation of business decision-makers. The innovations on display in the d! The key d!

Chris Bambery – Spain’s Political Prisoners are the EU’s Ignominy

The d! And then there is the d! The company, which has been operating as a Societas Europaea SE since , is now a household name in the field of IT transformations and is well on its way to setting international standards with its smart software solutions and comprehensive service offering for software-based data transformations. Constant change requires reliable partners Faced with globalisation, digitisation and Industry 4.

More businesses are acquired or sold and in this context, tech infrastructures and business processes need to be restructured. Plus, a lot of organisations have simply realised the necessity for investing in revamping existing and out-ofdate IT structures. Hovey J b Acculturative stress, depression and suicidal ideation among Central American immigrants.

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Dreizehn Thesen des Marxismus Feminismus

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Brave New Europe

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Personalised recommendations. The whole world was just hurrying to become another Denmark where nothing of interest would ever happen. But that stultifying intellectual world was exploded by the crisis, the rise of political Islam, and the rise of China. It exploded because it was i unable to address real issues and contradictions and supplied only ready-made formulaic bromides, and ii it wrongly assumed that people desire to be free of ideological choices. In other words, it is not only unlikely that the world will ever become Denmark the Middle East has been in turmoil for the past 4, years and is likely to be so in the next , but the world does not want to live in a society devoid of major ideological choices, cleavages and battles.

Now, the exciting times are back again. It is especially exciting for the young people because the richness of ideological choices they have before them is immense: liberalism, new socialism, nationalism, political Islam, Chinese political capitalism, probably more. During the Cold War, the offer was reduced to two, rather bland, types. Then in the original Fukuyama moment we had only one brand of rather tasteless cereals on offer. But today, we are thriving with numerous cereals, some with potent taste, others very spicy, some sugary. The choice is great and it is all yours. The stakes, fortunately, are not as great as during the inter-war years in Europe and the world.

We do not all crave to die for an ideology. But the intellectual excitement and ferment is back. My students are lucky. It is good to be young in interesting times, despite that much quoted Chinese curse.