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Paperback Book. Audio CD. Six-year-old Ludwig was sitting at the table, reading his Bible and praying, when Swedish soldiers stormed through the castle door. Ludwig looked up at the soldiers and then returned to his prayer and reading. The soldiers stopped and stared-then left.

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They said they could not ransack a place that God watched over. Related Products. Janet Benge , Geoff Benge.

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Wendy Lawton. Have a question about this product? Ask us here. Ask a Question What would you like to know about this product? Connect With Us. Sign In Desktop Site. Product Description Publisher's Description An unusually mature Christian at a very young age, Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf did not follow the course dictated by his noble birth but followed God's call even to the point of being banned from his native Saxony. About the Author Janet and Geoff Benge are a husband-and-wife writing team with more than twenty years of writing experience.

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Janet is a former elementary-school teacher. Geoff holds a degree in history. I have admired Ludwig Zinzendorf from afar for the last 20 years, but had never seen a biography before finding the Benge's children's version. I have read Craig Atwood's, PhD Princeton Seminary, scholarly account of one of the missional towns that Zinzendorf's followers launched in the United States, which raised my interest in Zinzendorf, and so I was thrilled to find a biography suitable for children.

Last night I just finished reading chapter ten to my six and four year old boys.


If you don't know Zinzendorf, here are a few highlights the book will introduce: 1 A Passion for Prayer. The "Moravian" community Zinzendorf led started a continuous prayer chain that lasted for over years. Missions was almost non-existent among Protestants in the 17th century. Zinzendorf's Moravians played a central role in launching the Protestant missions movement.

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They were radically committed to Christ, and were willing to suffer greatly to proclaim the greatness of his name. The Benge's biography reports that 25 of the first 29 missionaries they died on the field.

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The Moravians are known to have sold themselves into slavery in order to share the gospel with the slaves For these slave owners, Christianity was a "white man's religion. The Benge's have done an outstanding job of making Zinzendorf's story readable and interesting to kids. They are great writers, and weave in many of the exciting events from Zinzendorf's fascinating life. They do a good job with "scene selection;" the book begins with a flash-forward to a dangerous missionary negotiation with American Indians, who think Zinzendorf is an agent for colonial powers and are making plans to kill him.

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The next chapter begins with a scene of Zinzendorf as a six year old, studying the Bible and praying as his castle is invaded in a surprise raid by renegade soldiers. There are also stories about the "mustard seed" club he forms at age 12 with four other friends. This "band of brothers" took a vow to do whatever they could to take the gospel to the ends of the earth during their lives.

They kept their vow. What an awesome challenge for today's youth! Overall, I give this book five stars. For parents looking for a book to read to their kids that will prompt good discussions after each chapter, I can't think of a better book to move to the top of your reading list I may be slightly euphoric in my delight at finding a way to introduce my kids to Zinzendorf, but this is one of the best I have read to my kids.