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Shortly after, I saw a retweet of this vacancy come across my time line and I decided to apply. That, in a nutshell, is how I got involved with Uppy in the earliest stages of the project. We felt our version of a file uploader could have a real impact if we made it more widely available. So, just like Transloadit had done before with Tus , we decided to make Uppy an open source solution — free for anyone to use and hack on.

Transloadit support became an optional plugin. Three years, Why bring JS into this at all? Sometimes, however, you might like to add a drag-and-drop surface with file previews or upload progress reporting that works well across browsers. Webcam support could be useful. Other than that, picking files directly from your Instagram and Dropbox — without first passing through your mobile phone — can save a lot of bandwidth and battery life uploads with Uppy and Companion happen server-to-server.

All these things significantly improve the user experience to the point where more files actually make it to your platform, and less users rage-quit and close the tab. These things become important when uploading is a central aspect of your website or app. The Uppy team first consisted of myself and Harry.

Since I moved to New York for a while, with most of the team based in Europe, we got used to having some very early or late calls with significant time differences. I was mostly working on the frontend and building what is known today as the Dashboard — the fully-featured and most commonly used Uppy plugin. Harry took on the first version of what was then called Uppy Server now Companion — responsible for picking files from Google Drive, Instagram, remote Urls, etc.

In , the Transloadit team had a meetup in Amsterdam, where I ended up being present in a most unusual way in the center :. Later that year, Ife joined the Uppy team as well and took over all Companion work.

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Building all of the intended Uppy features properly took a lot of time. So, two years after landing the project at Transloadit, I was writing a job ad post myself as Uppy was starting to take on serious proportions.

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Around that time, Alex also joined in to advise us on the UI design, completing the Uppy team as it still stands today. In the summer of , the Transloadit team had another meeting. This time in Berlin, where we worked on the Golden Retriever plugin that helps recover files after browser crashes. We also played Mario Kart I lost, despite all the practice! Read more about Golden Retriever and that team meetup.

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Golden Retriever got good press on Reddit and Hacker News because it goes above and beyond to make things absurdly reliable. In the demo video, you see us kill -9 our browser, restart, and the upload just picks right up where it left off. A first! We had been postponing the 1. Truth be told, Uppy has been used in production for a while already, and even though we iterate and change things frequently, the API had mostly stabilized.

So, about a month ago, we decided to pull the trigger and announced an Uppy Month within Transloadit.

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This meant that all team members, including those not working primarily on Uppy — the Tus core team, our SDK teams, as well as our infra and API engineers, designers, content writers, and the founders themselves — all chipped in and did their part to ensure liftoff in thirty days. We also asked Evgenia to join us for the month to lend a hand with frontend work. Every week, we had a call where we looked at the Uppy 1. We felt that Uppy is straightforward enough to use, and presets could end up making this less clear. The song became a hit based on remix versions Aaliyah cut with R.

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Kelly featured on the song chanting "this is for the steppers" and earlier saying, ", check up, baby, lemme know what's up" before Aaliyah began singing. The music video was shot back to back with R. Kelly 's " Summer Bunnies " and were both released in fall The music video was directed by Millicent Shelton. The music video is for the remix not the original and R. Kelly, who produced the songs, is in the video.

Drake recently made a song with Young Jeezy called "Unforgettable" using the same beat. In , Frank Ocean released a cover on his Tumblr account as a tribute to Aaliyah , one day after what would have been her 36th birthday.


A slightly different version was also included on his visual album Endless. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. CD single maxi single vinyl record. Isley Brothers Chris Jasper R. Kelly remix only. Retrieved May 19, Retrieved July 20, Library and Archives Canada. Retrieved November 27, Retrieved January 7, Single Top Top 40 Singles. Official Charts Company. Retrieved December 1, Retrieved November 29, Retrieved December 3,

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