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Schreiber, Mark Abhuman is a term used to distinguish a separation from normal human existence. Jerrold E. Works of his include Caterpillar and The Human Chair. Junji ito. Junji Ito is a horror manga writer, inker, penciller and comic artist known for the capricious and cruel world he sets his stories in. Seeing the works inspired me to produce, and spurred me to push further toward the absurdities of Boschian hell by the way, someone has transcribed the music that Bosch depicted on a poor mortals bottom.

The story is set in in the countryside around the Dutch settlement of Tarry Town historical Tarrytown, New York , in a secluded glen called Sleepy Hollow.

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Sleepy Hollow is renowned for its ghosts and the haunting atmosphere that pervades the imaginations of its inhabitants and visitors. Some residents say this town was bewitched during the early days of the Dutch settlement. Other residents say an old Native American chief, the wizard of his tribe, held his powwows here before the country was discovered by Master Hendrick Hudson. The most infamous spectre in the Hollow is the Headless Horseman , said to be the ghost of a Hessian trooper who had his head shot off by a stray cannonball during "some nameless battle" of the American Revolutionary War , and who "rides forth to the scene of battle in nightly quest of his head".

The "Legend" relates the tale of Ichabod Crane , a lean, lanky and extremely superstitious schoolmaster from Connecticut, who competes with Abraham "Brom Bones" Van Brunt, the town rowdy, for the hand of year-old Katrina Van Tassel, the daughter and sole child of a wealthy farmer, Baltus Van Tassel. Ichabod Crane, a Yankee and an outsider, sees marriage to Katrina as a means of procuring Van Tassel's extravagant wealth.

Bones, the local hero, vies with Ichabod for Katrina's hand, playing a series of pranks on the jittery schoolmaster, and the fate of Sleepy Hollow's fortune weighs in the balance for some time. The tension among the three is soon brought to a head.

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On a placid autumn night, the ambitious Crane attends a harvest party at the Van Tassels' homestead. He dances, partakes in the feast, and listens to ghostly legends told by Brom and the locals, but his true aim is to propose to Katrina after the guests leave. His intentions, however, are ill-fated. After having failed to secure Katrina's hand, Ichabod rides home "heavy-hearted and crestfallen" through the woods between Van Tassel's farmstead and the Sleepy Hollow settlement.

As he passes several purportedly haunted spots, his active imagination is engorged by the ghost stories told at Baltus' harvest party. Unsettled by his fellow traveler's eerie size and silence, the teacher is horrified to discover that his companion's head is not on his shoulders, but on his saddle. In a frenzied race to the bridge adjacent to the Old Dutch Burying Ground , where the Hessian is said to "vanish, according to rule, in a flash of fire and brimstone" upon crossing it, Ichabod rides for his life, desperately goading his temperamental plow horse down the Hollow.

However, to Crane's horror, the ghoul clambers over the bridge, rears his horse, and hurls his severed head into Ichabod's terrified face. The schoolmaster attempts to duck beneath the terrible missile, but is too late when it strikes his head and sends him tumbling headlong into the dust.

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The next morning, Ichabod has mysteriously disappeared from town, leaving Katrina to marry Brom Bones, who was said "to look exceedingly knowing whenever the story of Ichabod was related". Indeed, the only relics of the schoolmaster's flight are his wandering horse, trampled saddle, discarded hat, and a mysterious shattered pumpkin. Although the true nature of both the Headless Horseman and Ichabod's disappearance that night are left open to interpretation, the story implies that the ghost was really Brom an agile stunt rider in disguise, and suggests that Crane was knocked off his horse and immediately fled Sleepy Hollow, never to return there again.

Irving's narrator concludes the story, however, by stating that the old Dutch wives continue to promote the belief that Ichabod was "spirited away by supernatural means", and a legend develops around his disappearance and sightings of his melancholy spirit. Irving wrote The Sketch Book during a tour of Europe, and parts of the tale may also be traced to European origins. Headless horsemen were staples of Northern European storytelling, featuring in German, Irish e. Once bare, she rubs each foot and slowly coos to it. Lunch takes up to two hours, it begins with a prolonged blessing of her meal with muffled sounds and words.

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She eats her food at the same desk, and scraps often become a component of her art, mustard stains adding hints of color to her primarily black and white palette. Born in with Down syndrome, Baker is mostly non-verbal. She spends the majority of her day drawing in silence. Her drawings almost invariably start with the writing of her name in ballpoint pen. In some cases, she methodically writes and rewrites her first initial in plunging rows or columns:.

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Within this initial sub-drawing, other letters and occasional numbers may also appear. Baker continuously layers these characters, often obscuring them completely. Her reverence to these letters can be seen as a meditative study on the aesthetics of symbols. She seems devoted to the visual quality and form of the letters rather than their prescribed meaning.

From time to time, she appropriates specific, aesthetically pleasing words found in her books and magazines. Baker has been known to also incorporate imagery in her early sketches.

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Outlines of witches, Mickey Mouse, or birds sporadically appear. Once the artist lays down the foundation of her sketch, she starts to bury her writings with pen strokes. In this next phase, she brings her pen to an area of the page, and then swoops it across to the other side.