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It seems to point to the supersession of a primitive local Cretan divinity by Demeter, and the adoption of agriculture by the inhabitants, bringing wealth in its train in the form of the fruits of the earth, both vegetable and mineral. He considered that he had not been properly supported in America, and was embittered both by the supersession of himself and his brother as peace commissioners, and by attacks made on him by the ministerial writers in the press.


In Alexandria an insurrection broke out over the supersession of the patriarch Dioscurus by the orthodox Proterius, who was killed during the struggle. He presently acquiesced in the supersession of his own system, but continued his educational reports after his election to the Council of the Five Hundred. The later stages represent not the spontaneous development of the genuine Roman religion, but its alteration and supersession by new cults and ideas introduced from foreign sources.

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It was the capital of the island till its supersession by Valletta in It remains to observe the overthrow or supersession of the serpent in Christian lands. The services were at the same time simplified and shortened, and the use of the whole Psalter every week which had become a mere theory in the Roman Breviary, owing to its frequent supersession by saints' day services was made a reality. But the supersession of the law, which was bound up with the regime of sin and death, does not mean the relaxation of the moral bond.

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The patricians naturally resented their supersession and nearly every unpopular measure was attributed to the influence of "the foul-mouthed Dutch sorceress who hath bewitched the king. The supersession of the stage coach by the railway took a vast amount of traffic away from the main roads, but their proper maintenance did not materially suffer; and a larger accession of traffic took place subsequently on the development of the cycle and the motorvehicle.

The supersession of the Celtic Cornish by English, and of the Slavonic Old-Prussian by German, are but examples of a process which has for untold ages been supplanting native dialects, whose very names have mostly disappeared.

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    England This advice applies to England: England home Advice can vary depending on where you live. Changing a benefit decision by revision and supersession.

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    These pages explain more about the types of decision that the Department for Work and Pensions DWP can make when they change your benefit. Changing a DWP benefit decision by revision Changing a benefit decision by revision. Changing a DWP benefit decision by supersession Challenging a benefit decision by supersession.