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The spell on the Asylum however, was in fact a heightened version of Mary Alice and Astrid's boundary spell, turned against them. A spell that, with enough power, allows a witch to reverse a complex imprisoning spell placed on a building. A powerful spell that can trap dozens of people inside of a building. If touched, the boundary will severely burn the person trying to pass through. The spell has to be bound to an incredibly powerful sacrifice, something long-lived and indestructible, such as an original vampire.

The spell allows a witch to undo a barrier spell, however if the barrier spell is bound to a powerful object, reversing it would be impossible without the binding agent. It was later confirmed as the same spell used to disrupt any form of magic. Through a hand gesture towards the target, the witch can trap a certain person inside of an undetermined space. A witch is able to close off an open space by erecting an invisible barrier simply through focusing. The target will be trapped inside of a certain location.

The spell is bound to the new moon, therefore, it will wear off in 3 to 4 days. The spell is bound to the sun, therefore, the targets will be trapped inside of a certain location until sundown that day. The enchanted vines will keep the target in place. The vines can't be broken by anyone until the witch who cast the spell reverses it. The spell unseal a powerful tomb spell surrounding an Island simply through focusing.

Linking spells allow witches to establish a magical bond between two or more people, connecting mind, body, soul or even life force. Blood is often used to perform linking spells as it aids in strengthening the connection between the people that are being bonded together. Unlinking spells severs that bond, voiding the connection. A spell that binds the life energy of one person to that of another person. This allows a person to be revived from death without upsetting Nature's cycle of life and death.

A spell used to link the Original Vampires together so that if one of them were to be killed, the others would die as well in the process. The Merge is a powerful ritual and a practiced tradition of the Gemini Coven. It works by merging the strength of twin witches. The twin who is naturally stronger absorbs the other twin's magic and the weaker twin dies. The spirits of both witches merge in the process to create a new being with traits from both witches in the body of the survivor.

The witch who survives typically has their personality more dominant, but with changes from the deceased witch's personality. A spell used to identify if another is in fact pregnant and uses the concept of "like attracts like".

Protection &.Banishnig Spells

It involves a complex ritual where witch uses salt to make special symbols on an altar and can manipulate the target's environment such as a candle flame to simulate flames on a map, a steaming potion to cause malfunction in a car, humming to cause litany interference on a mobile phone and finally, put out a candle to cause the target to faint. It was also used to bind Sophie to Hayley in order to control hers and the baby's life. The spell allows a witch to connect two minds together. A potion concocted using herbs, the witch's blood and host's blood, which will then be drunk by the target.

Doing so allows the drinkers to see into the host's mind and access their memories which the witch can then guide through. A powerful spell that bonds a supernatural creature to a witch, allowing her to draw on their strengths to gain more power without harming the target. The spell connects the power of two witches allowing one witch to draw power from the other, while augmenting the latter's power. It is unique such that the former was able to fully channel power even when the latter is miles away.

The spell connects the power of a witch to an Original Hybrid allowing the former to draw on the latter's strength to achieve true immortality in conjunction with the immortality slumber spell. However, neutralizing or killing said immortal being would similarly affect the witch.

A powerful non-verbal spell that allow the witch to link two people, including themselves in a matter of seconds simply by focusing. The witch will then be able to restraint the target's movements and distance which they can go to however far she pleases, acting as a leash. However, like any linking spell, whatever happens to one is also inflicted on the other.

Unlinking spells allow witches to sever magical bonds between two or more people caused by Linking spells. They are able to break said Linking spells, sometimes downright counter them. The spell will destroy the link between the Original vampires, therefore, the death of one original vampire will not affect the others. Created by Esther to enact an unlinking spell. The spell involves a sanguinum knot, used as a physical representation of the linking spell in question.

Once successfully completed, the knot levitates and unties itself signifying that the linking spell has been broken.


An extremely powerful spell, or more specifically, a combination of all of Esther's sire bond and linking spells performed in reverse. A powerful spell that allows witches to sever the connection between them and eight other individuals. The spell requires the original castor of the linking spell the centre of the link to perform it themselves. Curses and Hexes are powerful spells that allow witches to cause either harm or damage to fall upon a victim that commonly comes with long-lasting, slowed or delayed effects.

An extremely powerful curse, performed years ago on a coven of powerful witches known as the Travelers in order to restrict their power massively and keep them from ever settling down as a tribe by turning nature against them. The curse worked by ensuring that should the Travelers ever settle down somewhere, natural disasters would ensue. A powerful spell performed years ago that suppresses a hybrid's werewolf side.

The spell undoes the Hybrid Curse placed on the Original Hybrid Niklaus, thereby allowing him to embrace the powers of a vampire and a werewolf after the requisite sacrifices have been completed. This spell is performed by drawing power from the candles and using it to boil the belonging of the spell's target into liquid. The spell takes effect immediately, causing the victim to throw up blood, have painful aneurisms. One of the signs that the victim is under this curse are their blood-shot eyes. A curse invoked by tracing a symbol on the victim's hand while using the power of a cursed rosary, used to induce madness.

The spell will drive the victim insane to a point where they become violent and kill. If a Hex like this is allowed to set in for too long, it can no longer be reversed. It is explained that hexes like this begin with magic, but after a while they alter the very chemistry of the brain, making them irreversible.

The spell is performed by stabbing a poppet with a needle while chanting. The victim will experience shortness of breathe, cold chills, weakness, vomiting blood and then unconsciousness. The victim will eventually die in a span of two days. This curse allows a witch to punish someone by condemning them to a slow, supposedly irreversible death.

In case of possession, it also allows the witch to trap the possessor spirits in the body of their vessels, so that they can't escape the curse. This spell used the practice of representational magic to transfer an unwanted spell inflicted upon the target onto a clay doll.

It, however, was unable to reverse the effects of a powerful death curse. Offensive spells, like Curses and Hexes, allow witches to attack or cause harm to somebody commonly in a more direct and immediate way. They are widely used during combat situations and usually only lasts for as long as the spell is cast. An extremely powerful spell that channels nature and the power of witches capable of killing an Original Vampire.

When enacted, the spell summons a storm and inferno in addition to inflicting pain onto the target. Because this spell requires a massive amount of power, a witch could risk killing themselves in the process if they aren't too careful. The spell will cause strong pain and nose bleeds to the victim, enough to subdue and eventually kill them.

The spell allows the witch to inflict pain on the victim. Similar to the non-verbal pain infliction power used by most witches but done possibly when one requires it quick but do not have the time for mental concentration to passively cast it. A spell that is able to create fires or ignite flammable objects such as alcohol. It is similar to the passive, non-verbal pyrokinetic power used by most witches. A spell to induce telekinesis.

It is similar to the passive, non-verbal telekinetic power used by most witches albeit, a stronger, more forceful variation. The spell violently explodes all of the objects surrounding the target while telekinetically moving them towards the target at the same time. The spell which allows the castor to rapidly restrict the target's airways, stopping air from flowing and causing them to asphyxiate. A spell used by Travelers to raise the acidity level in the target's blood.

Making it undrinkable even for vampires. Blood will stop flowing and the body of the target will desiccate. An extremely powerful non-verbal spell enacted through sheer will and focus alone. It petrifies the target rapidly by clotting their blood and turning every bone, muscle and joint into stone. However, the spell as such is bound to the life of the caster. A spell that is similar to the power of pain infliction, though it works on a larger scale, giving the casters the ability to subdue more vampires at a time and even those older ones, commonly more resistant to aneurisms. The spell commonly allows a witch to inflict pain on dozens of people at the same time, though it requires a massive amount of power, such as the unified ancestral power, charged in one witch.

The spell will invoke violent flames over a certain location and trap the residents inside. The witches light candles and chant over them until torches ignite and the flames are replicated over a home.

Small Pentagram Ritual

The spell will successful subdue the targets and knock them unconscious unless the target is too powerful. A simple enchantment enacted by a kiss. It was capable of temporarily incapacitating an Original Vampire. The spell is performed by tapping into dark magic. It allows the witch to poison their own blood, which then successfully incapacitates a vampire as soon as they drink the said witch's blood. The victim's heart will be crushed or eventually ripped out from their chest. The process however can be stopped by disturbing the witch who is performing the spell. The spell allows a witch to telekinetically lift and throw a person or object with great force such as an Original Vampire.

Enchantments allow witches to bind spells to inanimate objects. Thereby endowing said object with supernatural properties or changing it's state. Various materials or minerals may be chosen for their existing supernatural properties to accompany different enchantments. They have proven to last until said spell or object is destroyed with Disenchantment or Destruction spells. An enchantment that charges the personal item the target with energy so that when burnt til ash, it will render said target unstable and unconscious upon contact.

An enchantment that causes a high-screeching sound capable of incapacitating vampires and werewolves whenever it is activated. This spell can only used once and works for approximately five minutes. An enchantment that allows a compass to detect the vampire element in people and point towards them. A protective enchantment placed on rings that prevents the permanent death of person killed by a supernatural creature. The spells only works on non-supernatural humans. An enchantment placed on a piece of jewelry with a Lapis Lazuli gemstone that allows a vampire to be unharmed by the sun.

An indestructible object can be created through this spell by binding it to a source of strong and protective magic that is long-lasting. Twin mystical dreamcatcher charms adorned with animal bones and chicken feet can be enchanted to spy on a subject. The object that the witches are holding will slowly be set on fire. As the flame consumes the object, it will then be made into pure gold. Practice of magic such as this is called Kemiya, an Arabian form of witchcraft. The spell uses a poppet to enchant the properties of a chain, binding their target.

The chains are strengthen such that it remains unbreakable even to an Original Vampire. The object in question will slowly mend itself as the witch chants the spell. If a witch's concetration is broken, the spell will be undone. The object that the witch is holding will return to it's original state, such as burnt wood fixing itself. Disenchantment and Destruction spells undoes enchantments done to inanimate objects.

They dispel objects either by destroying the spell within the object, thereby leaving said object intact, or the object itself. A variety of spells used to break the bind between a Talisman and a spell which may result in the destruction of the object in question. This spell was used to destroy the key to the unlock the Tomb Vampire.

This spell was used to destroy the moonstone. This spell is used on Esther's Talisman to break the magic that allowed ghosts from the Other Side to gain a foothold on the mortal plane and repair the Veil. This spell is used to destroy an Ascendant thus, rendering people unable to enter its corresponding prison world. A spell used by the Travelers to neutralise the protective magic of the Daylight Amulets worn by vampires. Effectively allowing them to burn in the Sun.

The bracelet cursed by the witches to force obedience will have it's mystical abilities "bleed" out, which will also deactivates all its magical properties. Power Manipulation spells allow witches to manipulate the magic within a witch or object.

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They can transfer, cancel, add, subtract or most commonly, disrupt a source of magic, affecting its power. The spell allows a witch to give up their magic and placing its power onto an object or person. The spell will reunite a witch who has relinquished their magic with it by holding the object in which they placed their power, by calling upon the elements of air and fire. The spell allows a witch to absorb the magic of a certain spell focused in the earth. However, only spells of a higher level offer the witch actual, or great power, by causing a wind storm.

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The spell stops the flow of a witch's magic, canceling out any spell performed midway even that of Qetsiyah's. The spell stops the flow of a witch's magic, canceling out any spell performed midway and knocks them unconscious. A spell that allows a witch to kill and channel the power and strength of a supernatural creature. The spell requires the sacrifice s to be placed within a symbol drawn on the ground. The process is normally fatal although in the case of Original Vampires, the spell desiccates them when enacted. The spell will neutralize all forms of magic in a certain place exactly for one minute.

This includes all forms of spells and magical cursed objects. A powerful spell that allows a witch to channel a great amount of power from different sources and pass it onto an already strong power source in order to overload the witch channeling that power source. The targeted witch will then be forced to either break the link to their power source, which would leave them weakened, or die from the overwhelming power.

A powerful spell that uses a traditional blessing in conjunction with a disruption spell to to prevent the use of magic within the boundaries and form a barrier against anyone who wish to do harm upon a witch. It was powerful enough to last even after the caster's death and warrant Dahlia's wary. Invocations allow witches to call on spiritual beings to be granted vast amounts of power should they be willing.

They may come in the form of spells and rituals and can also be used to commune with the dead or occasionally, summon the living. This spell is used to charge a witch with a large amount of power and focus it into said witch by invoking the Spirits. The spell is cast at a site where many witches have met violent deaths.

Provided their willingness to grant such power, said witch has to focus on her intention and agree to their terms. A spell used to contact the spirits from the Other Side. Powerful witches are able to seek out specific spirits and may in turn, be possessed by them. In that respect, a witch acts much like a medium and allows said spirit to interact with the physical plane. A spell used by a coven of at least 12 witches that invokes the spirits of nature in order to cleanse a witch of Expression.

Said witch needs to be a willing party as part of the ritual involves her calling out to the spirits with the incantation as well. However, doing so causes a lot of pain as the practice of Expression rejects the spirits. Different rituals and invocations used to invoke the Ancestral spirits, commune with them and channel their collective power and will.

This spell is commonly used by the Harvest Girls in order to commune with the Ancestors. This spell allows a witch to commune with the Ancestors and give them a foothold in the physical world, allowing them to successfully interact with it in various ways. It also gives them control over the witch in question. This spell is used to charge a witch with a large amount of ancestral power and focus it into one or more ancestral witch by invoking the Ancestors. The spell is cast in the cemetery where the ancestors are buried, by sprinkling salt on an altar and focusing on her intention.

The spell's true purpose is unknown though it can be assumed it was an invocation of the Ancestors, due to the whispering voices surrounding the witch casting the spell. A powerful spell primarily that allows ancestral witches to call on the entire collective power of the Ancestors. However, if death occurs in one of the witches performing the spell, the collective power of the Ancestors will fade. A ritual that allows ancestral witches to contact the spirits that are suspended between life and death. The spell is performed by waving your hand over a cauldron, causing different sounds to appear.

Soon, a small earthquake would ensue and hundreds of birds would come flying, under the control of the witch who invoked them. Elemental spells allow witches to affect their surroundings by manipulation of the natural elements. The four elements fire , water, earth and air are the most basic and can be call forth for their specific properties. Higher controls of the environment such as the weather or plant-life may require channeling Nature's energy or massive amounts of power. A powerful spell performed using potent sage to summon a storm from afar. The witch then proceeds to blow into the bowl, intensifying the storm.

Cloaking spells allow witches to either render a being, location, or object physically undetectable to the senses or magically undetectable by locator spells, making it so that magic cannot track them. Illusion spells are an advanced form of Cloaking spells that allow witches to project into the mind of a target and affect the senses to perceive a false reality of a being, location or object which they can then manipulate.

The spell allows a witch to cloak themselves and their targets be it a person, object or certain locations completely. However, It's magic can be disrupted by magical objects. The distance in which a witch is able to cloak their target is directly proportionate to their level of skill. The spell allows a witch to counter an illusory cloaking spells, revealing magically hidden objects. A spell used to shield oneself from a locator spell and disrupts visions trying to pinpoint their location. It can also be used on a group of people so long as they stay in a reasonably close approximation to the witch casting it.

The spell works by throwing a handful of salt into a lighted candle. As long as the candle is lit, no one, including vampires and hybrids will be able to hear anything. Instead, all they will hear is sizzling sound. As long as the sage burns, no one will be able to overhear anything from the room in which it burns.

The spell allows ancestral witches to project an illusion over an entire location, transforming it such that unwanted intruders perceive it to be an infinite maze and will walk in circles. However, it is not powerful enough to deceive the sire-bond as such, sired hybrids are still able to sense the location of their sires. The spell will cloak several people so that the location seems empty to anyone outside as long as the witches continue chanting.

A spell that uses the practice of representational magic to allow a witch to craft the illusion of the target's presence onto a clay doll, replicating it's power source. However, the illusion only lasts for as long as the witch focuses on the spell. Mental spells allow witches to affect the mind of a target, manipulating both the conscious and sub-conscious, in numerous of ways.

It is most commonly used on memories. The spell induces a suggestive trance-state onto a target by applying wet fingers to the temples of the target, allowing they to comply to any question asked. Similar to hypnosis. The spell allows the witch to establish a connection between them and the target's essence through their blood. A concoction of various herbs is then spread onto the witch's palms and upon physical contact, the witch will receive the information they seek from their victim's memories through visions.

The spell allows one to reverse the damage of a broken psyche which brings out a dark alter-ego. It is common amongst witches who get obsessed with Dark Magic, thereby acting out their darkest impulses from the lack of self-control. It is important to be in the right frame of mind to charm your talisman or amulet. Hold the item in both hands and concentrate on the qualities with which you wish to charge the object. If you want it to protect you from outside energy sources, concentrate on an image of the object repelling that energy.

If you would like it to bring you luck or other attributes, imagine the changes you would like to see happen. Hold your hand over the item and, without touching the object "rub" it three times in a clockwise direction. While you do this, say something like "I cleanse and purify this object, casting out any impurities found within. I bless and consecrate this item so it may do the work I necessitate" Feel free to change this statement around and into your own words.

It is the thought and the act of saying the phrase out loud, not the exact words, that counts. Fasten the necklace around your neck, take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed, and snuff out the candle and incense. Alec Preble began writing professionally in He began blogging in , writing media reviews for the "Post-Standard" from The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language. See disclaimer. Charming a necklace requires no tools beyond the power of your mind. Items you will need White candle Incense.