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Translation in Italian. Fuck your god as creator,. Fanculo il tuo dio come creatore. Kill yourself do us all a favour. Ammazzati fai un favore a tutti noi. Fuck your god. There's no salvation for the preachers. Men of Christ following a false prophecy. Uomini di Cristo che seguono una falsa profezia.

We are the ultimate product of science and evolution. Siamo l' ultimo prodotto di scienza ed evoluzione. Few voids are left to fill but still we replace with religious ills. Pochi vuoti sono rimasti da riempire ma li rimpiazziamo con mali religiosi. Force fed hypocritical lunacies from our very first day on earth. Vigore alimentato da ipocrite follie dal nostro primo giorno sulla terra.

The answers of the truth aren't in a book their within ones self. As you look to the sky, there will never be a distinguished reply.

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Calculated betrayal in the name of control no retribution for man for the consumption of his soul. Tradimento calcolato nel nome di un controllo senza retribuzione per l' uomo per la consumazione della sua anima. Living and dying in the name of a false gods. Il Padre ama guardare il cuore della Santissima Vergine Maria come il capolavoro delle sue mani.

Non si entra in una casa senza parlare al portiere! Novena de San Juan de Vianney. Tu alma sobrenaturalmente era llevada hacia las Alturas. Y tu, O buen Santo, les diste esperanza con tus palabras, que estaban llenas de amor por Dios. O San Juan Vianney, Patrono de los sacerdotes, reza por nosotros y por todos los sacerdotes! Vi amo mio Dio. Vi amo, o Dio infinitamente amabile, e desidero ardentemente di morire amandovi, piuttosto che vivere un solo istante senza amarVi.

Simon lo ordina sacerdote. I diversi segni decorativi che circondavano il suo nome — soprattutto la palma e le lance — portarono ad attribuire queste ossa ad una martire cristiana dei primi secoli. Trochu, ha pubblicato uno studio documentato sulla questione di santa Filomena..

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Un culto riconosciuto In effetti, nel il papa Gregorio XVI autorizza il culto pubblico della santa, dapprima nel santuario di Mugnano e poi in tutta la diocesi di Napoli. Con gli indulti necessari, lo stesso permesso viene accordato anche alla parrocchia di Ars, con grande gioia di Giovanni-Maria Vianney. Nel una Messa ed un Ufficio propri vengono approvati dal beato Pio IX, che si reca lui stesso nel santuario di Mugnano. Inoltre non si trova alcuna testimonianza dei primi secoli a riguardo di una devozione verso santa Filomena.

Attraverso i prodigi che si sono moltiplicati attorno alle sue reliquie, forse Dio ha voluto farla conoscere al mondo, secondo un disegno particolare di misericordia, come suggeriscono tante testimonianze concordi tra loro. Per il momento la Chiesa ritiene che sia preferibile non promuovere il culto di santa Filomena. Attendiamo a questo punto le conclusioni della Commissione istituita a questo scopo. Here we are again, about to celebrate Holy Thursday, the day on which Christ Jesus instituted the Eucharist and at the same time our ministerial Priesthood.

And already at the Last Supper he offered the Apostles as food his own Body given up for them, and his Blood shed for them. Each year this day is an important one for all Christians: like the first disciples, they come to receive the Body and Blood of Christ in the evening liturgy that renews the Last Supper. They receive from the Saviour his testament of fraternal love which must inspire their whole lives, and they begin to watch with him, in order to be united with him in his Passion. You yourselves gather them together and guide their prayer.

But this day is especially important for us, dear brother priests. It is the feast of priests. It is the birthday of our Priesthood, which is a sharing in the one Priesthood of Christ the Mediator. On this day the priests of the whole world are invited to concelebrate the Eucharist with their bishops and with them to renew the promises of their priestly commitment to the service of Christ and his Church.

As you know, I feel particularly close to each one of you on this occasion. And, the same as every year, as a sign of our sacramental union in the same Priesthood, and impelled by my affectionate esteem for you and by my duty to confirm all my brothers in their service of the Lord, I wish to send you this letter to help you stir up the wonderful gift that was conferred on you through the laying on of hands. It marks our whole life with the seal of the most necessary and most demanding of services, the salvation of souls.

We are led to it by a host of predecessors.

Andrea Tornielli

The matchless example of the Cure of Ars 2. One of those predecessors remains particularly present in the memory of the Church, and he will be especially commemorated this year, on the second centenary of his birth: Saint John Marie Vianney, the Cure of Ars. Together we wish to thank Christ, the Prince of Pastors, for this extraordinary model of priestly life and service which the saintly Cure of Ars offers to the whole Church, and above all to us priests. How many of us prepared ourselves for the Priesthood, or today exercise the difficult task of caring for souls, having before our eyes the figure of Saint John Mary Vianney!

His example cannot be forgotten. More than ever we need his witness, his intercession, in order to face the situations of our times when, in spite of a certain number of hopeful signs, evangelization is being contradicted by a growing secularization, when spiritual discipline is being neglected, when many are losing sight of the Kingdom of God, when often, even in the pastoral ministry, there is a too exclusive concern for the social aspect, for temporal aims. In the last century the Cure of Ars had to face difficulties which were perhaps of a different kind but which were no less serious.

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By his life and work he represented, for the society of his time, a great evangelical challenge that bore astonishing fruits of conversion. I therefore invite you now to meditate on our Priesthood in the presence of this matchless pastor who illustrates both the fullest realization of the priestly ministry and the holiness of the minister. He was seventy-three years of age. When he arrived, Ars was a small and obscure village in the Diocese of Lyons, now in the Diocese of Belley. At the end of his life, people came from all over France, and his reputation for holiness, after he had been called home to God, soon attracted the attention of the universal Church.

Saint Pius X beatified him in , Pius XI canonized him in , and then in declared him Patron Saint of the parish priests of the whole world.

On the centenary of his death, Pope John XXIII wrote the Encyclical "Nostri Sacerdotii Primitias," to present the Cure of Ars as a model of priestly life and asceticism, a model of pastoral zeal, and this in the context of the needs of our time. Here, I would simply like to draw your attention to certain essential points so as to help us to rediscover and live our Priesthood better.

The Cure of Ars is truly a model of strong will for those preparing for the Priesthood. Many of the trials which followed one after another could have discouraged him: the effects of the upheaval of the French Revolution, the lack of opportunities for education in his rural environment, the reluctance of his father, the need for him to do his share of work in the fields, the hazards of military service.

Above all, and in spite of his intuitive intelligence and lively sensitivity, there was his great difficulty in learning and memorizing, and so in following the theological courses in Latin, all of which resulted in his dismissal from the seminary in Lyons. However, after the genuineness of his vocation had finally been acknowledged, at 29 years of age he was able to be ordained.

Through his tenacity in working and praying, he overcame all obstacles and limitations, just as he did later in his priestly life, by his perseverance in laboriously preparing his sermons or spending the evenings reading the works of theologians and spiritual writers. From his youth he was filled with a great desire to "win souls for the good of God" by being a priest, and he was supported by the confidence placed in him by the parish priest of the neighboring town of Ecully, who never doubted his vocation and took charge of a good part of his training.

What an example of courage for those who today experience the grace of being called to the Priesthood! The depth of his love for Christ and for souls. The Cure of Ars is a model of priestly zeal for all pastors. This is where he bases his desire to do everything to save the souls ransomed by Christ at such a great price, and to bring them back to the love of God. Let us recall one of those pithy sayings which he had the knack of uttering: "The priesthood is the love of the Heart of Jesus.

I love you, my divine Saviour, because you were crucified for us And, like Christ, he has a love for his flock that leads him to extreme pastoral commitment and self-sacrifice. Rarely has a pastor been so acutely aware of his responsibilities, so consumed by a desire to wrest his people from the sins of their luke-warmness. If we do not draw from the same source, our ministry risks bearing little fruit! The many wonderful fruits of his ministry 5. In the case of the Cure of Ars, the results were indeed wonderful, somewhat as with Jesus in the Gospel.

Through John Mary Vianney, who consecrates his whole strength and his whole heart to him, Jesus saves souls. The Saviour entrusts them to him, in abundance. One recalls that in that village there was a great deal of indifference and very little religious practice among the men. The bishop had warned John Mary Vianney: "There is not much love of God in that parish, you will put some there.

Andrea Tornielli - Wikipedia

It is said that 80, came in the year ! People sometimes waited for days to see him, to go to confession to him.

What attracted them to him was not merely curiosity nor even a reputation justified by miracles and extraordinary cures, which the saint would wish to hide. It was much more the realization of meeting a saint, amazing for his penance, so close to God in prayer, remarkable for his peace and humility in the midst of popular acclaim, and above all so intuitive in responding to the inner disposition of souls and in freeing them from their burdens, especially in the confessional.

Yes, God chose as a model for pastors one who could have appeared poor, weak, defenseless and contemptible in the eyes of men. E soprattutto ha avuto sempre un atteggiamento di accoglienza e di amore. Poi vediamo Santa Rita mamma, e le mamme desiderano per i figli il meglio. Noi sperimentiamo in parlatorio quanti conflitti ci sono nelle famiglie oggi, e il mondo ha bisogno di pace, la famiglia ha bisogno di pace. Nella chiesa si trova la cappella di Lourdes costruita a forma di grotta nel Qualche anno dopo, Mons.

JavaScript deve essere attivo per utilizzare Google Maps. Sembra infatti che JavaScript sia disabilitato o non supportato dal tuo browser. Per visualizzare le Google Maps, attiva JavaScript modificando le opzioni del tuo browser e poi riprova. Domenica e Festivi. La "Santa dei casi impossibili". La chiesa di Santa Rita alle Vergini. Tu che vivi e regni nei secoli dei secoli. Amen San Michele Arcangelo, difendici nella battaglia: sii tu nostro sostegno contro la perfidia e le insidie del diavolo. Tiziana Campisi ha chiesto a madre Natalina Todeschini , badessa del monastero di clausura di Cascia, dove ha vissuto Santa Rita, per quale motivo i devoti della Santa continuano ad aumentare e cosa spinga tanti cristiani a pregarla: R.

Da Radio Vaticana. La Cappella di Lourdes Nella chiesa si trova la cappella di Lourdes costruita a forma di grotta nel Ricordo di Mons.