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I have always had an intuitive feel for making use of limited resources to maximum effect—nurturing and coaxing steady growth—and over the past seventeen years I have sought to make use of this gift in service to the servant-leader movement and the Greenleaf Center. On the whole, both my energy level and my creative spirit have remained high—especially for those aspects that represent what I feel to be my own special calling in servant-leadership: encouraging others through the written word in their understanding and practice of servant-leadership.

We almost lost her at that time, but she surprised her doctors and others by rallying and eventually getting strong enough to return home. With the help of a phalanx of visiting caregivers for support she eventually returned to her apartment, and throughout I learned a whole lot about the ins and outs of congestive heart failure, Medicare, and the incredible support services that exist in organizations like Meals on Wheels, Senior Services for the Aging, Visiting Nurse Association, and others.

These organizations and others in cities and towns across the U. In early my wife, Beth Lafferty, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Many of you will no doubt understand the fear that comes with any kind of cancer diagnosis. If we are in need of a reminder of our own mortality, this will almost certainly provide us with a clearer wake-up call to that reality. Thankfully, Beth had been vigilant in getting an annual screening; and, the cancer was discovered early, it was small, and it had not spread into her lymph nodes.

She had a lumpectomy in February, followed by a series of 33 radiation treatments in March and April. She will also be taking tamoxifen for the next five years and having frequent check-ups. At this point the long-term prognosis is excellent—something we are all so grateful for. Still, as anyone who has dealt with a life-threatening situation knows all too well, it can be a source of both worry and fatigue, as well as serving as a powerful reminder of the relatively short and unpredictable nature of our time here on earth.

In December my mother experienced a rapid decline in her health and on December 21 she died following a short stay in the hospital. My mom had survived one life-threatening battle with tuberculosis as a teenager in the s, at which time she lost a significant portion of her lung function. Then, as a young mother in her twenties, she faced an even greater illness in kidney disease.

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Thankfully, after six months in the hospital she eventually recovered from this second life-threatening illness and came back home to us. Younger children appreciate getting breaks away from the chaos and sorrow at home. Most of all, know that they may suffer for weeks, months, and for many, possibly years to come. Suicide is very complicated to process.

Finding Recovery on the Road Less Traveled by Russell Seigenberg

Emily Boller is a well-known Indiana artist and public speaker whose life was transformed when she lost more than pounds. Emily requests that readers feel free to share this post on Facebook or with anyone who might benefit from the message. It is powerful advice! July is officially National Ice Cream Month. Until this week, I never knew such a month existed. But what could be more newsworthy? Why is ice cream so important? If occasional cravings turn into a routine, the scales can reflect this lifestyle.

Something as seemingly harmless as a Turtle Sundae could cause gradual weight gain, if you indulge in one three times a week for years like a friend of mine did. Said friend has to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, but by cutting back her sundae habit she lost quite a few pounds almost effortlessly.

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Still, this should not negate the delight that can be derived from eating an occasional ice cream treat. People have been eating ice cream for centuries. Honestly, who cares who first invented the incredibly tasty stuff? Personally, as a little girl it was thrilling to go for ice cream and select a chocolate cone from the countless choices.

I could never understand why people ordered Butter Pecan, Black Cherry, Orange Sherbet, and on and on, when they could have chocolate. When we were first married over fifteen years ago, my sweet husband would bring home a half gallon of one of my favorites. He thought I would be pleased, and was surprised when I told him that it was too tempting to keep ice cream in the freezer. I am not proud of the amount of ice cream that I can consume when craving comfort food. This confused him, because the poor man mentioned how he had come home on more than one occasion and found me eating ice cream, while watching a movie.

Christina Ryan Claypool is a freelance journalist and inspirational speaker. Contact her through her Website at www. Did you ever think of suicide as being romantic or glamorous? Yet Hollywood has sometimes glamorized suicide. No apology for not offering a spoiler alert. This too is a fallacy, because those of us who have lost a loved one to suicide will tell you that no amount of money in the world is worth their loss.

Another example of suicide being idealized is that of year-old Brittany Maynard who was suffering with terminal brain cancer. She took her life on Saturday, Nov. She even moved from California to Oregon to fulfill her final wish.

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Her gesture of ending her physical suffering from this incurable illness might appear rational and even altruistic. It seems she spared her family the horrible progression that losing someone to a terminal disease can entail. Like many folks, I have held the hand of a loved one dying of cancer and witnessed this end of life suffering firsthand. I am thankful for any medication that will alleviate their pain, but not death, because those last days can be precious gifts where miracles of reconciliation and preparation abound for them.

An essential point of this debate concerns the legacy suicide leaves behind. Especially, for the young and impressionable who will face life crises which can seem hopeless. Suicide appears to be an option, a way out of these difficulties that this earthy existence is guaranteed to present. Besides, statistics indicate that if an individual within a family takes their life, the probability that someone else within that family unit will die by suicide increases. According to www. After all, millions of folks live with daunting challenges each day. One in five American adults annually battle a mental health issue, returning military personnel fight post-traumatic stress disorder, countless individuals suffer with incapacitating physical illnesses, aging limitations, disabilities, and the list goes on.

It was once considered noble and courageous to allow the end of life to come in its natural timing, because each day of our existence is vitally meaningful. If you are someone you love is suicidal, please rethink this tragic decision by getting professional help. Call the National Suicide Prevention hotline or a local mental health center in your community. The life you save may be your own.

My recovery from a T.B.I.: "The Road Less Traveled"

Contact her through her website at www. My mother had an artistic ability to make everything beautiful. For instance, once with half-a-dozen children loaded in her old car, she spied a treasure in the trash about a block from our home in Lima. Mom gasped with pleasure at the sighting, but I was sure the old bookshelf had seen better days.

Not to be denied, she marched up to the front door of that house and asked the elderly female owner if she could have the bookcase. In those days, Old English furniture polish was the standard cure for distressed furniture, so Mom doused the entire shelf in the dark liquid.

The Recovery Road Less Traveled

Almost magically, it seemed to breathe new life into the discarded antique. When the wood dried, she found a lace dolly that covered the deep gouges on top, and then filled the shelves with books and glassware. Even though I had seen her do it countless times, once more this resourceful woman created something of beauty out of second-hand junk.

There was no category of household items or furniture known as Shabby Chic or vintage, or stores filled with repurposed products. Addiction is complicated, whether it is heroin, prescription painkillers, countless other drugs, or even alcohol. Since the battle with heroin began, many folks have forgotten that although alcohol consumption is legal, it can still be a dangerous substance if abused. For example, alcohol remains a contributing factor in divorce, domestic violence, and in 40 percent of violent crimes.

Headlines and nightly TV news stories tell us the harrowing tales of the wrongs committed by individuals plagued by substance abuse. There are murders, robberies, fatal car crashes, and overdoses that paint the picture of people whose lives are out of control. Whatever the addiction, we can cast off these struggling human beings and offer them and their loved ones little hope for restoration forgetting that recovery is always possible.

Celebrities including: Robert Downey Jr. Even the most lost and hopeless of cases can turn into the greatest advocates for change when provided with a fresh start. Yet this is not a rose-tinted philosophy requiring little effort. Increased funding will have to be continually allocated to addiction and mental health issues, along with ongoing education to know how to better serve this at-risk population. View original item.

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