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I think that might be the problem others are having. I had to start counting the chain 1 stitch as the first stitch in the row. I kind of had to fudge the back of the booties to make them come out even because of the join slip stitch and the chain 1 adding two stitches to each row. If I only sc 6 in the second half of R1, my stitch count works for all rounds, but the end product is skewed.

Am I missing something? I'm having some issues as well. I'm wondering if when you start each round you should be putting your first stitch into the same space as the chain or not!? Just finished making a pair, at first I followed your instructions exactly, and I liked them but I decided to put in some flair of my own.

I also didn't have the size hook you recommended so I used one size smaller, which I'm sure is going to be a tight fit on my baby when they arrive but I only need them for one picture, so I figured it would be ok. The only other change I made to them is instead of making slip stitches on the top row I did a reverse double crochet which gave it a fun sort of braided look. Then instead of ribbon I just used a seperated color and ch 45 to make the string. I'm very new to crochet, and would love some advice on how I can adjust this pattern to come out at a NB size, using 8ply DK as 10ply worsted is incredibly hard to come by in NZ.

I have a ball of yarn 8ply left over from a cardigan pattern my mum knitted for baby 2 due in just over 2 weeks. I'd love to crochet some booties that match the cardigan before he arrives! Soooo cute. I love all your projects!! I have a problem with round 6. What does it mean "sc decrease 6 time"? Can you explain it to me? Unfortunately, mine came out WAY too small. Like, mega-premie level. Mine might even fit Barbie, lol. I'm going to have to add in a few stitches, or use a bigger yarn size — I used 5mm instead of 6. I didn't use tight stitches or anything, they were actually pretty loose.

Oh well, the best thing about crochet is how simple it is to start over!

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I've made a pair of these sweet booties for my new niece. Just looking at them sitting on the table before giving them to her gave me all kinds of baby aches, lol!

How To Crochet Cute and Easy Baby Booties Sandals - Croby Patterns

I've bookmarked this page because it seems everyone is with child these days! I've just made one of the two botties! And I love it! I used a milky pink cotton yarn, and a green crochet chain! Looking awesome! Thanks for sharing the pattern! They measure only 6cm long.. I guess.. For those of you that were having problems completing the pattern try this: to get the 7th SC in the back side of the chain in Rnd 1, use the skipped stitch from the first side of the chain and then join in the next SC. When joining at the end of the next rounds, skip over the slip stitch AND the chain of the previous round and join in the next stitch should be a SC, not a slip stitch or a chain stitch.

When starting your next round, begin the round in the same SC that you joined in. I can't wait to try this for my baby girl coming soon! I have enjoyed so so many of your patterns. They're fun, accurate, and easy to repeat. The Website is german, I introduce your homepage and that you show over sweet crochet patterns for free.

To those of you having problems with rnd 1, to me it should read: sc in second ch from hook and in next 5 ch, 5 sc in last ch, working down opposite side of ch sc in next 6 ch, the last sc is in the same ch as the first sc , join with slst to first sc. Hi Sarah, they looks very cute, i want to make the booties for 3 to 6 months baby girl, can you please help to choose the hook size. Thank you very much. Perfect pattern! My new favorite. I have been searching for a NB bootie pattern that I liked and I have finally found it. After several attempts and a lot of yarn ripping..

1. Green Zebra Booties For Your Baby!

I finally got it. Join with ss in the first sc of each round. Ch 1 and make first stitch of next round into the same space as the ss and ch 1. For example. You are finishing rnd 2. You do 2 sc into the last two stitches , then you join with a ss into the first sc of rnd 2. Ch 1, and do a sc into that same stitch. This counts as the first sc in the group of ten single crochets from round 3. Continue like this for the entire pattern and they turn out perfect. Hopefully this will help someone. Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you, Briana!! Followed this and it worked perfectly. I also didn't use the sc dec Sarah linked to. I used a different one and the tops came out just a bit lacey looking. VERY cute!! You rock! Might be good to include some pictures after each round.

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So we know if we are on tracked and ours looks like yours after each round. Thanks for sharing your lovely pattern. I've seen people ask this in a lot of other patterns and it seems that you just have to go down in yarn weight or crochet hook to get a smaller size. This, of course, would depend on how preemie the baby is. Just attempted this pattern and am having the same issue as those of you above. I was very sorry to see that she had not responded to any of you, but very happy to see how all of you came together to try to help each other.

I'm sure she's busy as all get out with 3 little ones. Thanks again crafters! I'm working the pattern for the Hello Kitty crochet newborn shoes. I've worked the rounds ending round 8 having 18 sc to work on. I skipped to row round 9 for left shoe but found the instructions confusing. I followed the pattern, but don't understand where the "next 23 sts" come from as there were only 18 sc to start with.

To me if I had to count to 5 to start the strap that would leave me with 13 sc. Has anyone else had this problem? Finally a pattern that I can do right! Love your blog! I have made several of your patterns. Keep up the good work! I would be ever so grateful for a video tutorial. I am new to crochet and reading patterns is my weakness.

These booties look very similar to the ones my grandma would make. I would sure love to be able to make some. Only 11 rows!

1. Green Zebra Booties For Your Baby!

I am so grateful that you are willing to share this pattern with us. Thank you so much! Now I must look through your site to see what other goodies await.

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The particular up-and-coming technologies giant acquired just released their computer model and required a way to keep the expensive gear safe in transport. Thank you, this is an easy and great pattern for booties. I made the pink ones and they are adorable. I love your work and I refer to your site all the time. Forget this crappliy written pattern and onto the next. I made a pair of these and gave them to a friend at her baby shower. She loved them. I also got another friend who is wanting a pair for her newborn who will arrive soon.

She paid me for hers. I would never post this pattern or any pattern as my own. Hi, I absolutely love these baby booties! However, no matter what I do, or how hard I try, I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I am doing something wrong and was wondering if someone can give me some pointers? Thank you!

30+ Crochet Baby Booties Ideas For Your Little Prince Or Princess! – Cute DIY Projects

I have been to your blog a couple of times now, due to getting other mails from Favecrafts Thank you for the free pasterns, I do appreciate that when you say free it is so. I love these booties but I must be missing something. At the end of round 5, I have the 32 sc. Then when I do the decreases, I have stitches left over. I do 10 sc, the 6 dec. What am I doing Wrong? I did my decreases like 2 sc tog. Thanks for any help. I love all the patterns.

I made them and they turned out sooooo cute. Unfortunately, I am a tight crocheter and my son was born with huge feet. United States. United Kingdom. Rest of the World. Refine Your Results By:. Quick and Easy Crochet Baby Booties! Crochet Baby Booties Pattern With Pictures We offer free crochet patterns to create the perfect pair of booties for your baby. Bernat Crochet Booties. Shop Kit Free Pattern. Bernat Baby's Booties. Bernat Baby's Booties Crochet Pattern.

Patons Granny Motif Crochet Booties. Bernat Baby Shower Booties.

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