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Gruner, Siems, A. Skinner, M. Stevenson, Walter. Weil, K. Wilkinson, L. Bottero, J. Henshaw, Richard A. Jacobsen, Thorkild. Moussa, von Ahmed M. Das Grab des Nianchchnum und Chnumhotep. Mainz am Rhein: Philipp von Zabern, Saporetti, Claudio. Abolire le nascite: il problema nella Mesopotamia antica. Rome: Jouvence, Bain, D. Bethe, E. Brandt Paul [aka Hans Licht]. Distinguishes between enobling pederasty and vulgar homosexuality. Contains a lot of useful information.

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Huxley, G.

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8. Liberté, Égalité, Antiquité : la Révolution française et le monde classique

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Does not translate parts he seems to consider vulgar. Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy , trans. John A. Wicksteed, New York: Random House, ; original publication details not given Inferno Cantos xi, xiv, xv, and Purgatorio xxvi all possibly deal with sodomy. Francis, W. Nelson, ed.

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Homosexuality p. Mansi, J. Pierre J. Payer, Waterloo, Ont. The only surviving one it seems. Stehling, Thomas, trans. Aquinas rates it worse than fornication, incest or rape, but better than bestiality. Alford, John A. Baldwin, John W. Birkhan, Helmut, "Qu'est-ce qui est preferable de l'heterosexualite ou de l'homosexualite?

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Le temoignage d'un poeme latin" in Amour, mariage et transgressions au moyen age: Actes du Colloque des Mars , ed. Blum, O. Bond, Gerald A. Curtius, E. Willard R. Daichman, G. Harley M. Lepage, Yvan G. Levy, R. Newall, V. Payer, Pierre J. Sawyer, Erin. See pp. Field, P. McAlpine, M. This would mean Dante put no one in hell for sodomy. Vien, Radcliff-Umstead, Pittsburgh: Univ. Byrne R. Fone, New York: Avocation Publishers, Verschuer, U. The Issue of how "friendship" is to be understood in ancient and medieval sources is a major one.

The relationships denoted by words such as "philia" and "amicitia" have little do with the casual acquaintance which passes for "friendship" in the modern world where people can talk of having "hundreds of friends". The classical and medieval discussions of friendship, ofetn picking up on Aristotle's notion of "one soul in two bodies" refer to, at the very least, intense non-bloodkin based, relationships between equals.

Such relationships were not, or not meant to be, sexual. Some commentators thus exclude this tradition from the history of homosexuality, preferring to see "homosexuality" as referring to predominantly sexual relationships.

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Others argue that in understanding the modern "construction" of "homosexual" identity, which is not merely a matter of sexual activity or attraction, the history of "friendship" is vastly significant. Carpenter, Edward. Clarke, Second edition, Gleckner, Robert F. Hafkamp, Hans, Naar vriendshap zulk een mateloos verlangen - bloemlezing uit de Nethelandse homo-erotische poezie, nu. Jaeger, Stephen, Enobling Love , forthcoming Will be a major work - denies homoeroticism of "frienship" texts.

Karras, Ruth M. Kupffer, Elisar von, ed. McGuire, B. Finds Anselm unobsessed with male sexuality. McGuire, Brian P. Interesting biography and context of Aelred's life, plus recent historigraphy are all discussed. There is an interesting chapter on the modern appeal and cult of Aelred. McGuire has come under intense attack from some conservative Catholic voices fro this book.

This is an important article: in discussions of the adelphopoiia rites highlighte by John Boswell, there have been many assertions that such rites celebrate "friendship". As Mullet shows, that is a problematic concept in Byzantium. Sutherland, Alistair. No index or sources. Another good bibliography. You need to read Dutch, of course. Beidler, Peter G. Brewer, Benson, J. Beriac, F. Biddick, Kathleen. The shock of medievalism. Durham, N. Biller, P. Bitel, Lisa M. It is the account of a law case on the clandestine marriage of a nobleman and poorer woman.

It shows the sort of evidence available in court records for sexual history. Handbook of medieval sexuality. New York : Garland Pub. Burgwinkle, William E. Love for sale : materialist readings of the troubadour razo corpus. Abrams, -Great, and somewhat unexpected, illustrations. Clark, Elizabeth A. Cohen, Jeffrey Jerome and Bonnie Wheeler. Becoming Male in the Middle Ages. Espejo Muriel, Carlos. Dinzebacher, P. Flandrin, J. Fradenburg, Louise, and Carla Freccero, eds. Gilmour-Bryon, Anne.

Gold, Barbara K. Goodich, Michael. Hernandez, Lodovico pseud. Roy, Bruno, Montreal: Ed. Aurore, Karras, Ruth Mazo. Karras, Ruth Mazo, and David L. Keiser, Elizabeth B. Courtly desire and medieval homophobia : the legitimation of sexual pleasure in cleanness and its contexts. New Haven: Yale University Press, c Kuster, Harvey J. Lea, H. Lees, Clare A. Medieval masculinities : regarding men in the Middle Ages. Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c Legman, Gershon, The Guilt of the Templars , New York: Basic Books, Argues the Templars were a homosexual warrior order, that their seal indicates pederasty, and that homosexual rape was part of the intuition.

All open to question. She can only find two short discussions, by William of Saliceto and Michael Scot. Lentzen-Bonn, R. Constructing medieval sexuality. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, Moore, R. Murray, Jacqueline, and Konrad Eisenbichler. Desire and discipline : sex and sexuality in the premodern West.

Toronto : University of Toronto Press, Nederman, Cary J. Noordam, D. Riskante relaties : vijf eeuwen homoseksualiteit in Nederland, , Hilversum : Verloren, Roby, D. Roy, Bruno, ed. Saslow, James M. New Haven: Yale UP, Reviews Source , pp. Saslow, James. Radcliff-Umstead, Pittsburgh, Univ.

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Small, R. Townsend, David and Andrew Taylor. The tongue of the fathers : gender and ideology in the twelfth-century Latin. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, Weeks, Jeffrey, "In days of yore when knights were gay? Bailey, Derrick S. Hamden, Ct.

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No bibliography but text gives best overview of Church and secular legislation. Use of "sodomy charges in late medieval politics examined. Fischer, Stresses German history of anti-homosexuality from earliest times. Proposes that homosexuals were accepted before the 13th century, and then intolerance sets in. Criticised by gay radicals for letting the Church off the hook. Boswell rejects idea that homosexual subcultures are a recent development.

Nevertheless, at this stage virtually all of Boswell's specific conclusions have been called into question. Students of the period must look at later scholarly publications. Boswell, John. Many persons who might now be considered "gay" played prominent roles in the military, and some observers of the times argued that gay men would make ideal soldiers because they would wish to behave admirably while those they loved were present. In B. The troop played a crucial role in many military engagements and was never beaten until the battle of Chaeronea in Boswell, John, Same-Sex Unions in Pre-Modern Europe , New York: Villard, A groundbreaking study of the "Adelphopoiia" liturgy, which Boswell argues, was for centuries used as a public liturgy to celebrate erotic relationships between people of the same sex.

Brown, Peter R. Brown Peter. The title indicates content more than the English version. Uses quantative methods that are hair-raising at times. Daniel, Marc, 'Was St. Thomas a Becket a Homosexual? Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. English summary: In the ancient world, opposition between men and women was not always evident because, at that time, "homosexual" and "heterosexual" categorizations were anachronic.

One type of practice was, however, specifically characterized as such: sexual relations between women. Far from today's projective images of the "Amazon," the debauched woman or ethereal sapphic loves, this essay raises issues relating to norms, eroticism, desire and constraints.

Based on the analysis of both iconographic and literary documents, the author paints a portrait of an ancient society in which female homosexuality seems other-worldly. French description: En Grece ancienne et dans la Rome antique, on ne parle pas d'"homosexuels" ni d'"heterosexuels" car ces categories n'ont pas cours a ces epoques. Les pratiques sexuelles ne sont pas passees sous silence pour autant, mais elles sont percues et evaluees selon des criteres qui engagent la citoyennete, la maitrise de soi, ou encore l'age ou les modalites du rapport erotique. Certaines de ces pratiques, cependant, echappent a ces criteres et ont ete peu etudiees jusqu'a present : il s'agit des relations sexuelles entre femmes.

Loin de ce que l'on imagine aujourd'hui de l'"Amazone" ou de la femme debauchee et adonnee a la luxure, loin egalement des images d'Epinal des amours saphiques et etherees, la litterature et les documents figures se font l'echo d'attitudes et de representations que Sandra Boehringer entreprend ici de recenser, de dechiffrer et d'analyser. Ils viennent de partout. C'est la mondialisation du refus. Chevalier, Miguel. Alberti : surfaces, membres, corps, histoire. Descriptions antiques, sarcophages, cassoni. Animation et animisme : l'imagination anthropomorphique de l'air et son pouvoir d'empathie movere.

La nymphe arioso : ondoiement des formes, fluidification des corps. Physique des tourmentes et psychologie des tourments. Fil rompu et fil repris. Retour sur la "brise imaginaire". Ninfa fluida, notre revenante. Ninfa, notre contemporaine. Beham, J. Callot, B. Castiglione, A.

Bonnet, J. Brustoloni, A. Canaletto, P. Debucourt, G. Descourtis, L. Gautier Dagoty, F. Janinet, J. Pillement, J. Piranese; A. Besnard, R. Bresdin, Ed. Chahine, Th. Chasseriau, J.

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Corot, L. Foujita, J. Laboureur, M. Laurencin, L. Legrand, Ph. Mohlitz, H. Robbe, L. Soulas, J. Villon, Th. Van Rysselberghe, M. Cover title: Estampes. Price list included. Merveilleux support pour les robes des grands. Includes glossary. Quelques notions de savoir-vivre. Un sanctuaire?

Les chronologies s'affinent, et se discutent. Includes index. Princi, Eliana Gady, Alexandre. Warburg, Aby, Notre nouveau recueil Library's copy is from the Leonardo Borgese Collection. Title printed in red. Haanebrink"--Leaf 6. In publisher's pale blue wrappers. Anne Willan's bookplate on front cover flap. Gift of Anne Willan and Mark Cherniavsky. Casenave, Jean Haanebrink, Th. Touch, Image 1.

Acquired by the Cluny Museum, It was restored several times since acquired by the Cluny Museum: about the bottom 2 feet appear in a lighter shade, showing the restoration. Je lui propose que l'on fasse un livre tous les deux, elle veut bien. Reporter de guerre, viticulteur, critique d'art et pour finir, peintre et sculpteur. Car les objets parlent. Volume II published ; volume I published Photographs of Southeast Asia.