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George W. Bush Go Straight To Fucking Hell

They can't take it anymore. They can't take it.

Trump: CIA 'didn't conclude' Saudi crown prince ordered Khashoggi death

We've got to slow it down, sir. They can't take it," he said of the conversation with the state's junior Senator. We are going to win and win, and we're going to win more. We are going to win like we've never won before. And by the way, you know all the rhetoric you see, the Thousand Points of Light.

What the hell was that by the way? Thousands Points of Light.

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What did that mean? Does anyone know? Putting America first, we understand," he said to applause. What the hell is that? Has anyone ever figured that one out? We're winning.

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He has launched wars without end, run a worldwide regime of kidnapping and torture, and brought death and ruin to every corner of the world. But now his plans are in serious trouble. His armies are bogged down in bloody stalemates in Iraq and Afghanistan. His attempts to crush the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance have ended in humiliation.

The Hell of Good Intentions review: the decline of US foreign policy | US news | The Guardian

He may be one of the most unpopular presidents in US history, but Bush is no joke. He is a dangerous and desperate man looking to launch yet more wars. The deeper Bush sinks into the quagmire in Afghanistan, the more pressure he exerts for an invasion of northern Pakistan — with the promise of yet more bloody and endless fighting.

Instead of being welcomed by Gordon Brown and whisked off for tea with the queen, Bush should be hauled off in chains the moment he sets foot on our soil. Fuck John Cage Pat Robertson Plagued By Locusts Jack Abramoff Scalped Untitled Just in time for the mid term elections, Zandosis unleashes a shotgun blast of mayhem.

George W. Bush will not be going to Hell

Zandosis seems like it could care less. But they have balls, and lungs, because they bash both on hilarious, terrifying tracks with names like "John Ashcroft Flattened Under the Weight of a 5,Pound Replica of the Ten Commandments. What's in a name, indeed. Tags experimental avant-garde experimental rock Atlanta. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jun 26, go to album. On Bandcamp Radio.