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Aid to enrich life of people through food with cooking and baking. Perform other ad-hoc duties including manning the reception, answering phone enquiries, ingredients division, etc. Deliver quality lessons with patience and professionalism. To be proactive in communication with customer in positive and encouraging way. Be punctual and well prepared with required ingredients and tools before the lesson begins.

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Attend monthly training which has been assigned is compulsory. Feedback to duty managers whenever receiving the comments. Ensure ingredients are packed according to required standards and consistent presentations.

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To attend to customers who enquire at the reception counter and call-in through the phone. Work closely with Procurement Department to monitor ingredients stock level. To assist in maintaining studio cleanliness.

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To support in other related daily studio operations or events. Requirements Work minimum 4 shifts per week and commit minimum 3 months of employment with the company. Meticulous and positive attitude towards work. Customer service experience will be advantage.

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Remove trash and garbage from every corner of the studio. Sweep and mop the floors. Wipe up any spills to ensure studio and washing area floors remain dry. Other dishwashing ad-hoc duties as assigned by studio personnel. Source, select and negotiate for the best purchase in terms of quality, price, terms, deliveries and services with suppliers. As you look for "A" job, think about the skills and experience you need to reach your ultimate goal and jobs that include tasks and assignments that you enjoy, and skills that you'd like to learn.

For example, if you'd someday like to be the general manager of a store, you might want to begin by finding work as a cashier in a store or restaurant, where you would handle money and interact with customers.

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These skills will help you build your resume to include the capabilities that are required of a store manager. Think of this job as an opportunity to decide if this industry is a good match for you. You may change your end goal based on whether you like the responsibilities and tasks required. Or you may find that this position suits you well and helps you reach your financial goals. If you decide you want to look for a different job, the experience you gained from your "A" job may help you qualify for a slightly higher job opening, either within the same company or elsewhere.

A "Better" job should help you continue to practice the skills that you learned in your first position, but add additional skills and experience to your resume. Returning to the cashier example, you may hear about other positions, like shift manager, as they become available in the same store.

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However, you can also watch for help wanted signs and job listings for other businesses if you'd like to explore another workplace. By finding a "Better" job, you may use the skills that you learned in your "A" job — like handling money and talking with customers — and build on them too. As a shift manager, you may be required to not only talk with customers, but also help them solve a complicated problem or complaint.

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And instead of being responsible for one cash register, you may need to input daily sales into a computer system and make sure money is deposited in the right places at the end of the day. You'd also add new skills and experience, such as managing and scheduling employees. And because it's likely that you would work more closely with the general manager, you would be able to observe their behavior and ask questions to learn more about the position. Just as with the transition from your "A" job to your "Better" job, the experience you build in your better job may help you qualify for even higher positions.

If you have set a goal of getting a high-level position in a company, you may find that you work in several "Better" jobs before you reach your dream job. Throughout the journey, you may also find that one of these "A" or "Better" jobs is actually the best fit for your goals, skills and needs.

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Learning, practicing and strengthening your skills is how you develop a career and continue to find better jobs until you reach your ultimate goal. As you gain more experience, be sure to add new projects, responsibilities and skills to your resume to keep it current so you can be ready to apply for promotions and new jobs as opportunities come up. This free and voluntary program connects people with disabilities with the employment supports and service you need to find work and earn your way to financial independence.