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This myth is particularly troublesome because it packs a one-two punch. It propels a user deeper into drug abuse — increasing negative behaviors and creating a stronger addiction.

Four drug myths you probably believe

At the same time, the myth causes family and friends to believe they are powerless to step in until someone has lost it all. This logic is extremely dangerous. Family and friends should not wait until their loved one is at or near rock bottom. Experts specializing in behavior therapy and addiction recovery can help users during any point in their journey. The sooner users get treatment, the more likely it is they will recover and live a life free from drugs and alcohol.

Only wealthy people can afford treatment and rehab.

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When people first enter the doors of treatment centers seeking help, their first worry is if they can afford it. There are several treatment programs to get individuals from addiction to recovery — and those range in costs. Financial assistance, insurance and payment options help ease the financial burden and allow participants to get the help they need. Prescription drugs are always safe because a doctor prescribes them. Sometimes medication may be required as well.

These drugs can be highly addictive and have serious harmful effects. Even if these drugs are prescribed by your physician, you may be at risk. Myths in the workplace. NIDA, Prescription drug abuse research update www. Learn Common Myths About Addiction. Common myths about addiction Almost everything we think we know about addiction is wrong. Myth: If someone just uses willpower, they should be able to stop.

These myths about the addicted stigmatize them and can sabotage interventions.

Myth: Addiction mostly affects certain types of people. Myth: Going to treatment will fix the problem.

The Myth of Addictive Personality Traits

Myth: People with addiction are bad and need to be punished. Myth: Addiction is treated behaviorally so it must be a behavioral problem, not a disease. Myth: Prescription drugs are not addictive like street drugs because they come from a doctor.

They not only hurt the individual but also those who love him or her. They could also lead to continued substance abuse.

The Myth of Addictive Personality Traits | Nova Recovery Center

It maintains that family and friends do not have any power against the addiction. Naturally, no one can make an addicted person stop using, but there are many things that friends and family can do to improve and support their loved one. Be encouraging about the treatment your loved one is going through and take part in family treatment.

Talk about the underlying reasons for their substance abuse. See that homeless person over there? He must be a drug addict. She lost her job and is such an all-around loser. She must be on something.

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Yes, there are people that do think this way. The myth that people addicted to drugs or alcohol are unemployed, homeless, poor, of a certain race or ethnicity, spreads harmful misinformation. There is no stereotypical substance abuser. The truth is anyone, from any walk of life, can become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse addiction does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone. A common assumption is the belief that if your physician prescribes a medication then it is non-addictive and completely safe to take.

Sadly, this is not true. There are many highly potent prescribed medications that have the possibility of abuse and addiction.