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This is done to score, but primarily it is done to occupy helpside defense, making it difficult for the help-side defense to interfere with the posts and cuts on the ball side of the offense. When the ball begins to be reversed, 4 will set a flare screen for two who will fade to the wing extended. If you are a middle school or youth team choosing to run this offense, then you may want to utilize a down-screen instead of a fade screen. The reason for this is that at younger ages, the skip pass is not a pass that can be thrown accurately or with enough "zip" to get to where it needs to be.

With the ball having moved to the two man side of the court, the need arises to move a third offensive player to the ball side of the court, creating a 3 man side. This is accomplished by the post player, in this case, the point man, setting a rear-screen or flex-screen for the 3 man, who will cut off that screen to the ball side block. If 3 is not open on the flex-cut, then 4 looks to get the ball to 2 on the wing. Often times, 2's man will play back on the flex-cut and then close out, negating the need to v-cut to get open. The actions that occurred on the initial side of the floor now occur on the opposite side of the floor.

The post 3 will set a screen for the point 4 on his side of the floor.

Teaching the Flex Match-Up Zone : Steve Biddison :

Again, while done to score, this is done primarily to occupy the help-side defense. As previously stated, with a youth team, this may be more effective as a down screen set by 1 for 5, because of the difficulty certain ages would have throwing a skip pass. Teach players to face cut off screens if the defender tries to go underneath the screener. Rear cut screens if the defender positions high over the top. On the step out after setting the fade screen, 5 should be open to receive the return pass from 3.


Now there is a two man side with the ball that needs a third man in the post. To get there, 4 would set a rear-screen or flex-screen for 2. The 2 man would cut off that screen to the ball side post. If there is no help given from the wing and 2 has beat his man, 5 has the option of feeding 2 in the post cutting off that screen for the lay-up. One would now look to v-cut to get open. Now we are ready to start the same continuity action again, with 2 setting a UCLA or up-screen for 5. Down Screen Occasionally a v-cut will not get wing players open against good perimeter defenders.

In our end of season tournament game, we used this specific action to isolate our strong 3-man against an inferior post defender for 3 straight lay-ups to seal up a win. Dribble Entry To protect the offense from becoming predictable, a dribble entry option exists to the opposite side.

On the back side, 5 would abandon the post to take the opposite wing position and 3 would rotate to fill the spot that 1 dribbled out of. Now all of the actions are available to initiate out of the same formation on the opposite side. Match-up Press Drills. Z-Drill and Lane Slides. Learning the Jump Stop. Footwork Drills. Footwork Progression Drills. Screens, Pick Drills. Motion Offense Drills. Pick and Roll Drills. Dribble-Drive Motion Offense Drills.

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2-1-2 Match-up Zone

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How to TEACH a 2-3 Match up Zone Defense in Basketball

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Animations Library. Coach's Clipboard Newsletter Archive. Engaging Special-Needs Kids in Athletics. Basketball Speed Starts with Stopping. The "flex," as it is called, was back in favor this season after once being thought old-fashioned. But it's a good basic offense, and it teaches kids how to play the game because it teaches them how to read a defense. That stuff is getting lost in basketball. Williams, who learned the offense as an assistant under Tom Davis at Lafayette College in the early s, is the most high-profile proponent of the flex.

Carroll Williams is credited for defining the flex offense used by numerous coaches and teams in college basketball. Flex Offense Gaining Converts Mar 21, It probably drove my kids nuts, too. But as we got better and more mature later in the season, I let them become more flexible. March 21, Flex Offense Gaining Converts. March 8, Postgame Quotes. March 4, Chat With Dave Lewis! March 1, Broncos Defeated By Portland. February 28, Santa Clara Men's Basketball vs.

February 23, Twin Killing!