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Life as a second wife, she says, can be a tedious existence blighted by poverty, interminable fights over children and assets and a feeling of dread that the ex is just never going to go away. What she really wants to see is that crown knocked firmly off the first wife. The BSWC is only a year old, but it already has nearly paying subscribers, according to Robertson.

Sarah Duguid on how second wives are fighting back | Life and style | The Guardian

They can use the club's website for online chat and advice, go to monthly regional meetings and meet other members. For many of the women, Robertson says, the club has proved a marriage-saving lifeline. One member, Clare Bamford, met her husband four years ago. At the time he was divorced with two children. We are this non-entity. My husband's ex-wife was constantly complaining to my husband about me and the way I behaved towards her children.

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She played to every stereotype of the evil stepmother and I became convinced I was this dreadful woman. When his phone rang I was terrified it would be his ex-wife. I would think, what have I done now? It was draining. I was frightened to speak out. It's the kind of story that Robertson hears a lot from members. Camilla Parker Bowles still has a pretty challenging job of getting the world to face up to the fact that she is married to Charles, Diana is dead and it is time for us all to move on. The dead first wife is always a complete angel who can do no wrong.

People want to think stepfamilies can't work. They can - but it does mean that the couples involved need to be incredibly adult. Robertson says she has come across some very un-adult behaviour since starting the club. There was the man who came home late and casually told his wife he had been having sex with his ex-wife. He claimed she had denied him access to his kids unless he slept with her and so he did - a selfless act to protect his relationship with his children, he claimed.

New Wife and Ex Wife: A Complicated Relationship

Another ex-wife had told her ex-husband she would continue to withhold access to his children unless he made her a cash payment by the following Tuesday. Robertson is not sympathetic towards ex-wives who can't accept their lot. In the course of our chat, I mention a friend who compared the end of her marriage with the death of someone she loved. This is truly to be expected in a divorce.

My Ex-Wife is a Bitch (solo accoustic)

The people who no longer like you are typically the people who were and are close to your ex. There are also camps created in your new life after your divorce. Because they are on the other team. Your Ex. This is the most obvious. Couples who like each other during a divorce or right after are pretty rare.

Your ex mother-in-law. Even if he was the one who initiated the divorce, and even if he left you for someone else, the mom almost always sides with her son. Any woman who ever had a crush on your ex. All of a sudden, her feelings come back and he is the cute guy who could never do any wrong. If someone is going through a divorce with him, she must be a total bitch. That would be you. Any business in which your ex is a loyal client. I once went to the hair salon where my ex used to go and where he took our young kids.

Girlfriends, Wives, and Stepmoms: Dealing With His Toxic Ex

I brought my kids there for a haircut. It was very obvious hated my guts and made it very obvious in front of my kids. Expect the same reception with anyone your ex does business with. Remember that they want to be loyal to their client. They always had a strained relationship. He was a workaholic and also had a drinking issue. My mother on the other hand was controlling and manipulative. I could see both of their issues at a young age. My dad had lost a considerable amount of money after the recession and had also gotten two types of cancer prostate and colon and almost died and pretty much stopped practicing medicine.

My mother decided this was the perfect time to divorce him and in the process take every little thing could from him including my younger siblings. He fell into a deep depression and still to this day thinks he loves this woman while she continues to take advantage of him. I managed to help him win back his house in court but he lost every other bit of cash and property.

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A real shit storm. Still dealing with it 3 years later. Except I was the one who got fucked. My ex and I had separated and about 3 months later I was in a serious accident on a Sunday night. Doctors said I would not live, so my ex who was still listed on life insurance went on a spending spree. By now I was placed in a coma. By day four of coma, she had bought a time share condo car big screen TVs taken out bank loans opened credit cards. A year later divorce starts and judge ordered credit reports and this was all found.

Long story short I still had to give her a truckload of money she got the debt handed to her. She filed bankruptcy and only spent six weeks in jail. He was asked to pay an interim maintenance of Rs.

This guy goes to the bank and gets bucks, all in 1 Rupee coins and gives it to his wife in court. So the wife had to sit and count all the coins in court and then he says he wants the bag back. This guy was an evil genius. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement.