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This woman is everything that I need at this point and time in my life, and I'm grateful to God for putting us together. Positive, Upbeat Media. Copyright - CK Media Group. All Rights Reserved. Please consider making a donation to Sunny Skyz and help our mission to make the world a better place. One dimensional characters. And Caro who is so limp and pathetic.

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The meeting in the department store springs to mind followed by them all becoming best buddies within minutes. Rushed, badly written, ending seen miles ah Absolutely awful.

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Rushed, badly written, ending seen miles ahead - very poor. What a shame as I used to love her books. Apr 01, Catrinamaria rated it it was ok. You know what to expect from Katie Fforde. A light read with a romance or two at its heart.

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And this latest novel is no different. I ambled along with it but I have to say I only finished it out of absolute loyalty to the author. It did feel as though it was overlong. Also Fforde usually makes sure that her main character has a serious struggle along the way giving the tiniest hint of tension Will I desert Katie Fforde? Absolutely You know what to expect from Katie Fforde. Absolutely not. I'm sure this was just a hiccup. I've read all of her books, and was excited for this one Her characters usually feel real, as do their lives, but these were so cheesy!

How many times do we need to hear about a "special nose" and the character is I I've read all of her books, and was excited for this one I hope K. May 17, Sandra rated it really liked it. There are a lot of familiar themes here, a lot of echoes from her other novels, and the various seemingly unconnected plot strands are woven seamlessly into a believable story. It kept me reading far into the night. Disappointing Not one of her best. An enjoyable read, as Katie Fforde's books always are, but the story is rather far fetched in places.

The heroine doesn't seem to have a goal in life and no career.

The characters aren't as well drawn as in many of her books and it is hard to feel empathy with them, especially the wishy-washy Caro. The whole Hollywood input stretches the imagination just a bit too far. May 20, Karen Cleary rated it really liked it. I liked the two main characters, Caro and Alec, and yes, the plot relies on lots of coincidences but it's a fun read.

The most tiresome bits featured Alec's ex-wife Sky, who was just not believable, surely if a grown woman was behaving like that the other adults would pull her up or ignore her? Apr 07, Carron rated it it was ok. Feb 26, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: physical-copy-owned. I love Katie Fforde books, they'r a comfortable, fun, light read and my go to when I'm after chic-lit. Unfortunately this one seemed very flat and dull to me compared to many if her other books.

There wasn't much humour or romance and the characters were a big bland. Not to say there weren't things I liked about the book, but not a favourite. Jun 22, Marion rated it it was ok Shelves: fforde-katie. I can't believe I am giving a Katie Fforde book only 2 stars. I love Katie Fforde stories and usually give them 5 stars. This novel, however, did not capture my attention and want to read on. There was too much info about perfume making which didn't interest me at all and the characters are extreme - either too over the top Skye or too bland Caro and Alec.

Feb 03, Jennie Henry rated it it was amazing. This was a brilliantly uplifting book. They take you away from the every day and transport you to somewhere different. Classic Fforde This is classic Katie Fforde. Delightful read. Three and a half stars. May 28, East Gwillimbury rated it really liked it Shelves: spring-picks. Another great book by Katie Fforde, she is the queen of unrequited love. Caro needs a job, so she leaves London, to go to the wilds of Scotland to take care of an older gentleman.

While there, she finds a man she fell in love with 20 years ago. The one who got away. Will Caro find true love? Apr 20, Sarah Matthews rated it liked it. Quite an unusual story line, but I felt it took a bit to get going. Well worth a read though.

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Mar 18, Nicola Read rated it really liked it. Loved it! Total mush, but a guilty pleasure! May 24, Liz Walsh rated it it was amazing. I love Katie Fforde's books.

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They never fail. Wonderfully romantic stoeries with believable characters and the right amount of twist in the tail. Next please Jun 30, Hanne rated it liked it Shelves: chick-flicks. It all got a bit silly towards the end there. Kind of ruined it a bit, which is a shame because the story had a pleasant feel to it.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Yes, run a mile But there's one thing I still do very well I may be too old to climb a stile Climb a stile? But there's one thing at which I still excel Although my hair is turning grey Yes, it's rather grey! I still believe it when I say Well, what do you say?