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In the 19th century, horses were used for many jobs. In the west, they were ridden by cowboys for handling cattle on the large ranches of the region and on cattle drives. They were used for hauling freight and for farming.

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In some cases, their labor was deemed more efficient than using steam-powered equipment to power certain types of mechanized equipment. At the same time, the maltreatment of horses in cities such as New York, where over , horses were used, led to the creation of the first ASPCA in At the start of the 20th century, the United States Department of Agriculture began to establish breeding farms for research, to preserve American horse breeds, and to develop horses for military and agricultural purposes.

In , the United States and Russia held the most horses in the world, with the U. Numbers began to rebound somewhat, and by there were about 7 million horses, mostly used for riding. There are about 82, feral horses in the western United States under the supervision of the Bureau of Land Management.

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Horse Country: A World of Horses

Journal of Molecular Evolution. A brief history of the horse in America. Canadian Geographic Magazine. Archived from the original on August 19, Retrieved October 16, The Aboriginal North American Horse.

Horse Country - A World of Horses

Protect Mustangs Report. Retrieved February 26, The Horse, online edition. Retrieved June 8, November 13, Retrieved December 30, Topping up some water buckets, she glanced down the aisle at a television that was set up, showing each lot as it was taken through the ring. Horse Country is available on Amazon. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Horse Country - A World of Horses -

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We will definitely be back when we next visit KY. Beautiful farm; tour was very entertaining and informative thanks to Carly; seeing California Chrome along with the other horses and babies was wonderful! I was delighted to have Alex as a guide. She is extremely knowledgeable and provided such a unique personal flavor to our visit.

Horse Country – A World of Horses Excerpt

This is a one of a kind tour that you will never forget. I want to thank Alex personally for a wonderful time! Wonderful tour of beautiful, first class horse and breeding farm! Definitely a must-see when in the area!

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Jane was personable and knowledgeable, giving us a delightful hands-on experience feeding and petting beautiful mares and foals. Gorgeous farm with impressive history. Ben and I learned so much about horse breeding and how a stud farm actually runs Thank you for giving us a small glimpse into what you do at Ashford and into the lives of the horses.