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She has founded and led many forms of organizations focused on transformational education for leaders, change-makers, communities and organizations. She has performed with the leading theatre companies in Australia and has toured Australia and internationally numerous times.

This led her to co-founding We Can Be Sheroes in It was truly a life changing weekend which allowed me to not only unpack some of the things that have been holding me back but also connected me with beautiful, inspiring and courageous women while reconnecting with the natural environment. The hosts: Nele, Elisabeth and Miriam, all added their own flavour to the weekend and were incredibly caring, communicative and fun.

I left feeling with a strong sense of purpose, focussed and invigorated and have since been able to put into practice the lessons and growth that I gained over the 2 days. Oh, did I mention the food?! The food was amazing!! The Speak Your Truth Retreat is the kind of next level work that this planet and its people really need. It is grounded in sovereignty in a real, living and sacred way. I was drawn to go to the retreat from a feeling that I would witness a piece of the puzzle of myself that I was here to understand.

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And I did. I do not have the words to describe the impact, when women love and hold women in a real, caring, fun and deep way the impact of that kind of Love is beyond words. I am filled to the brim and beyond with gratitude, my life deepened, my soul danced, my feet landed. Thank you, thank you to All who made this real and alive, safe and authentic. Thank you for an amazing weekend with an incredible group of women and allowing us the space and safe container to step into ourselves, our voices and our truths.

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🌟 KAMAL RAVIKANT: How to Follow Your Heart & Discover Your Truth! - Author of Rebirth

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Speak your truth Retreat - We Can Be Sheroes - Global Community for Women Changemakers

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Step Into Your Truth With These 4 Simple Steps

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As a musician living in Nashville, I can attest to this. I know that if I want to perform, I have to be ready when the call comes. Can it happen? Lisa Robbin Young, is the founder of Ark Entertainment Media, a growth accelerator and incubator for creative businesses. Lisa wrote Creative Freedom: How to own your dreams without selling your soul , and hosts a podcast and web series with the same name, providing inspiration and education for creative entrepreneurs. Lisa believes that the best way to be truly successful in life and business is to be yourself — warts, sparkles, and all — so you can own your dreams without selling your soul.

I wholeheartedly agree with you Lisa and speaking your truth, being yourself is so much better for you too. Both for your mind and your overall health. Sometimes I was wrong and had to clean up a mess. But the rewards were always greater than the losses. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab.

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Agree by clicking the 'Accept' button. Practice Safety First That is, give yourself a chance to practice sharing your truth. Remember Your Audience People can sometimes handle talking about themselves. Keep Squeaking, Wheel Creatives can be boat-rockers, snow-globe shakers, and tippers of apple carts.