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The Duke of Richelieu, the grand nephew of the famous cardinal, had a very adventurous life, a life apparently unmitigated with scruples. He started life as a real hot-head, being sent to the Bastille three times before the age of 25, but this didn't harm his career much. It didn't hurt that he was quite brave, even fool-hardy, in the face of battle, and helped win the battle of Fontenoy by gathering the retreating cavalry and attacking against overwhelming odds, shocking the British troops into a retreat of their own. Richelieu's bravery didn't get him any minister's Add to cart.

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His key conclusion was that this period, , was not quite the Revolution in Military Affairs that others claim, because military operations still relied on a patron-client relationship between rulers and generals. It would be many more years before military officers became a professional class as we know them today.

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Available for download now. The information contained within this book is priceless! See All Buying Options. Reflections: Or, Sentences and Moral Maxims. La Rouchefoucauld is one of the great wits of 17th century France.

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His participation in the Fonde, the attempt to assert the aristocrats' power against the King, meant that he had little future at Louis XIV's Versailles. Instead, he has given the world a set of maxims that are not so much cynical though many will seem so to romantics as perhaps a realistic assessment of the foibles of mankind. Who has not been guilty of a little relief that our friends's misfortunes are not ours? Just think of some idiot stalker who can't get The Rise of Richelieu. Recruiting and maintaining armies during the Thirty Years War: military enterprise; 6.

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The French rejection of entrepreneurship; 7. The civil administration of the army: the structures; Part III.

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Responses and Reactions: 8. The management of the war effort, commissaires de guerres and intendants; 9. The ministry and the high command; The army and the civilian population; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index. Review quote 'This book bucks the trend. Most books promise far lass than their titles, but Parrott delivers more This is a monumental study, which not only puts a definite stamp on its subject but sets a high standard for all future military historians. It is a triumph of scholarship that, by placing French developments in a wider European context, will have an impact well beyond the hexagon We can only congratulate David Parrott on producing such a fine monument.

It is a triumph of scholarship that, by placing French developments in a wider European context, will have an impact well beyond the hexagone. Interesting, clearly-argued and scholarly throughout, Parrott's book is a major work for those interested in early-modern military history and offers an important reassessment of French history. Journal of Military History "An important work for anyone interested in the evolution of French military primacy from the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries.

Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Close X. Concurrent to these plans, Richelieu and Albrecht von Wallenstein drew up an additional scheme to attack Grantville in mid, using Croat mercenaries. As the Cardinal explained to his intendant , Etienne Servien , he could tolerate a poor Sweden , he could tolerate a republic in Germany , but he could not tolerate an alliance that would generate a rich Sweden with resources in Central Europe.

Richelieu also sought to crush the Abrabanel family both in Thuringia and elsewhere, and the Croat attack was designed to target Jews. The attack failed due to a combination of Grantville's firearms and the timely arrival of Gustavus in his guise of Captain Gars. In , Richelieu had arranged a meeting with Rebecca Abrabanel. She gifted him with a Siamese kitten, which delighted him.

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  • During the conversation, Richelieu claimed that his characterization of the Ring of Fire , the Americans, and their modern marvels as products of "witchcraft" was a misunderstanding, an error that verged close to Manicheanism. He stated that his studies of the histories he'd been able to obtain justified his conclusion that discarding the authority of monarchies and aristocracies in favor of rule by the people had allowed the rise of regimes, often despotic ones, which had wreaked havoc upon the world.

    Overall, Richelieu claimed that the Ring of Fire was a divine event meant to serve as a warning of the perils of a future not based "on the sure principles of monarchy, aristocracy, and an established church". For all intents and purposes, he was issuing a declaration of war.

    He did offer the Americans an escort to the Spanish Netherlands, and offered to arrange passage through Spanish territory to the Dutch Republic, if they went by land. When they went by ship, he arranged for their ship to be attacked by pirates, but that attack was easily beaten off.

    Richelieu began aiding Habsburg Spain , hoping to involve Spain in a more directly in Germany , a situation he'd previously avoided. Consequently, he arranged the formation of the League of Ostend , which involved both Catholic and Protestant powers.

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    The League's first success was the defeat of the Dutch fleet, which was aided by Richelieu having borrowed the idea of "sealed orders" from up-time fiction. This was considered necessary because Richelieu had been supporting the Dutch as part of his anti-Habsburg policies, and needed for them to believe that he was still supporting them.

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    • The success of this move laid the Netherlands open to a successful invasion by a Spanish expeditionary force in Concurrently, the League attacked in the Baltic Sea , sending a combined Dutch and French army to attack overland, and a combined fleet of French, English and Danish ships to cut Gustavus off from the Baltic Sea lines of communications SLOCs in an attempt to starve him out and cut him off from Sweden.