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Articles promise to tell us how to lose weight, how to get rich, how to be sexy. But what if you've lived enough to know that life is about more than health, wealth and a good time? This is a book for people who are interested in the how of a life that's really life.

Candlelight: Illuminating the Art of Spiritual Direction - eBook

Would that it could be front-and-center in every check-out line. Cultivation implies habits and discipline, and Susan winsomely invites us into new patterns of living. A garden implies lush green leaves and fruitful bounty, and Susan guides our paths into joy and rest. Come into the garden with Jesus and journey into abundant life. When I reached the end of The Cultivated Life I returned to the beginning to soak in the words, insights and prayers that arose.

Candlelight: Illuminating the Art of Spiritual Direction

Thank you, Susan, for giving us a glimpse of wholeness by offering gifts of spiritual direction through your writing. Bakke, author of Holy Invitations. It is also a prophetic clarion call—a warning to a generation trapped in the meaningless rat-race of twenty-first-century existence, suffocated by the demands of addictive consumerism, obsessed with the lifeless toys of modernity, while the breath of heaven who is only a prayer away eagerly waits to share with us the real joys of living. This book is a timely gift to the community of faith to be treasured and shared.

More than that, this is essential survival reading for every true pilgrim seeking after the pearl of great price. Her skills as a creative theologian and biblical interpreter, a wise and insightful spiritual director, and one grounded in the common-sense particularities and complexities of human experience and history makes her work an extraordinary contribution in so many arenas of pastoral and theological practice.

The breadth of her sources and insights—from literature, psychology, philosophy, theology, ecumenical and religious history, and personal history, among others—make this a must-read for scholars, students and practitioners alike. Phillips's style is accessible, engaging and invitational. I recommend Susan Phillips's book with great enthusiasm for all audiences—for all who are searching.

Donahue, president, Saint Mary's College of California. Susan Phillips provides us with ways to cultivate the contemplative life by examining spiritual practices within the Christian tradition such as spiritual direction, lectio divina, listening and friendship. I believe the author's use of stories— stories that have emerged from her practice of attentive listening—will affect readers deeply.

As we grope toward understanding what spiritual direction might mean to us we badly need to know how it actually works today. Here Susan Phillips's book offers a signal contribution. She gives us not a 'how to' book but illustrations of spiritual direction in practice as no other book I know of does. By following the experiences of those she has directed over time and through deepening insight we get an understanding that no set of generalizations can provide.

This moving book deserves close attention by all those concerned with retrieving the rich possibilities of spiritual direction today. Invaluable for people doing spiritual direction or contemplating it. Provides discerning insights into the difference in form and focus between psychotherapy and spiritual direction.

Likely to be absorbing reading for Jungian or transpersonal psychologists. I was moved by the way Susan's insights grew in relationship with those she met with over months and years. I felt holiness creeping into my own life.

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Caregivers are rewarded for efficiency, technical skills, and measurable results, while their concern, attentiveness, and human engagement go unnoticed within their professional organizations and institutions. Arguing that moral judgment and human values must be restored to caregiving in order to revitalize our failing institutions, helping professionals and scholars join together in this volume to explore the ethic of care and the moral sources from which caregivers draw inspiration for their work.

Contributors from the fields of medicine, nursing, teaching, ministry, sociology, psychotherapy, theology, and philosophy articulate their values, hopes, commitments, and practices both in theoretical essays and in narratives of caregiving that reveal the complexities of skillful practice. By combining stories of care, the reflections of caregiving practitioners, and interpretations of caregiving within a larger social and theoretical framework, The Crisis of Care: Affirming and Restoring Caring Practices in the Helping Professions identifies the values and skills involved in quality caregiving at the individual level and affirms their importance for reshaping our public caregiving institutions.

Narrative accounts make the book practical and readable.

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Everett Koop, M. Public Health Service, This is a wonderful book, and hopefully, it will be read widely, not only among so called professionals but as a resource for us all to know better how to live. Weaving together personal narratives and philosophical deliberations, the authors manage to speak wisely to the heart and the head. Published Works.

Catholic Spiritual Direction - How to Make Jesus the Center of One's Life

In the garden and on the trail, grace collaborates with dedication. Our completion comes toward us as we move toward it…. The Cultivated Life "This is a book written specifically for those of us who are assigned the task of developing an imagination for living the Christian faith with insight and skill in and for a society that is disconnected from the biblical revelation and the Jesus incarnation," writes Eugene Peterson in the foreword of The Cultivated Life.

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If we want to accept the invitation to return to the garden, then we must face down the temptation to live life as spectators of the circus that plays on around us. The Spiritual Directors International Series This book is part of a special series produced by Morehouse Publishing in cooperation with Spiritual Directors International SDI , a global network of some 6, spiritual directors and members.

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