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Known For. GoldenEye Music Department. Fool's Gold Music Department. Limitless Music Department. The Bounty Hunter Music Department. Show all 50 episodes. Show all 20 episodes. Show all 10 episodes. Show all 6 episodes. Show all 14 episodes. Show all 11 episodes. Harris TV Movie music recording engineer.

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    Robert Knudson and Chris Newman. The Day of the Dolphin. Richard Portman and Larry Jost. Terms such as "audio technician," "sound technician," "audio engineer," "audio technologist," "recording engineer," "sound mixer" and "sound engineer" can be ambiguous; depending on the context they may be synonymous, or they may refer to different roles in audio production. Such terms can refer to a person working in sound and music production; for instance, a "sound engineer" or "recording engineer" is commonly listed in the credits of commercial music recordings as well as in other productions that include sound, such as movies.

    These titles can also refer to technicians who maintain professional audio equipment. Certain jurisdictions specifically prohibit the use of the title engineer to any individual not a registered member of a professional engineering licensing body. In German, the "Tontechniker" audio technician is the one who operates the audio equipment and the "Tonmeister" sound master is a person who creates recordings or broadcasts of music, who is both deeply musically trained in classical and non-classical genres , and who also has a detailed theoretical and practical knowledge of virtually all aspects of sound.

    Audio engineers come from backgrounds or postsecondary training in fields such as audio, fine arts , broadcasting , music , or electrical engineering. Training in audio engineering and sound recording is offered by colleges and universities. Some audio engineers are autodidacts with no formal training, but who have attained professional skills in audio through extensive on-the-job experience.

    Audio engineers must have extensive knowledge of audio engineering principles and techniques. For instance, they must understand how audio signals travel, which equipment to use and when, how to mic different instruments and amplifiers, which microphones to use and how to position them to get the best quality recordings. In addition to technical knowledge, an audio engineer must have the ability to problem solve quickly. The best audio engineers also have a high degree of creativity that allow them to stand out amongst their peers.

    In the music realm, an audio engineer must also understand the types of sounds and tones that are expected in musical ensembles across different genres - rock and pop music for example. This knowledge of musical style is typically learned from years of experience listening to and mixing music in recording or live sound contexts. For education and training, there are audio engineering schools all over the world.

    In the recording studio environment, a sound engineer records, edits, manipulates, mixes, or masters sound by technical means to realize the creative vision of the artist and record producer. While usually associated with music production, an audio engineer deals with sound for a wide range of applications, including post-production for video and film , live sound reinforcement, advertising , multimedia , and broadcasting.

    In larger productions, an audio engineer is responsible for the technical aspects of a sound recording or other audio production, and works together with a record producer or director, although the engineer's role may also be integrated with that of the producer. In smaller productions and studios the sound engineer and producer are often the same person.

    In typical sound reinforcement applications, audio engineers often assume the role of producer , making artistic and technical decisions, and sometimes even scheduling and budget decisions. Women's Audio Mission was started in to address the lack of women in professional audio by training over 6, women and girls in the recording arts and is the only professional recording studio built and run by women.

    One of the first women to produce, engineer, arrange and promote music on her own rock and roll music label was Cordell Jackson Trina Shoemaker is a mixer, record producer and sound engineer who became the first woman to win the Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album in for her work on The Globe Sessions. Gail Davies was the ' At a meeting of the Audio Engineering Society , Proffitt was told to "shut up" by a male producer when she raised the issue of updating studio recording technologies.

    There are four distinct steps to commercial production of a recording: recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. Typically, each is performed by a sound engineer who specializes only in that part of production. An audio engineer is proficient with different types of recording media, such as analog tape, digital multi-track recorders and workstations, and computer knowledge. With the advent of the digital age, it is increasingly important for the audio engineer to understand software and hardware integration, from synchronization to analog to digital transfers.

    In their daily work, audio engineers use many tools, including:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Category:Audio engineering schools. See also: Sound reinforcement system.