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What this looks like in practice is bizarre.

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Given that these are fast zombies that turn instantly after death, the zombies are essentially just actors with white-out eyes and blood on their face running around screaming. There are no prosthetics here, no real monster make-up.

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No zombies rolling around with one arm or half melted by fire. Just a lot of crazy people screaming, which does not make for a terribly compelling threat, however dangerous they may be. The show does some weird things like take a character tagging along in a group that you were positive was a redshirt and then…giving him his own 40 minute episode that he spends running away from a single zombie. Editing also results in weird time skips. I do like a few things the show does.

That honor goes to Christine Lee as Sun who has to navigate all this madness without speaking English. The show kills off so many people by the end I have no idea if this is supposed to be a one-off series or the first of a few different season. The ladder hung from the side of the platform that was nearest the street, so he had no chance of springing off the back wall toward the hanging ladder—it was too far, and he wasn't Jackie Chan. There was, however, a vertical drainpipe affixed to the alley's back wall. He might be able to climb high enough on the pipe to jump for the platform from above.

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Shane ran for the pipe. When he got to it, he shoved the gun through the pocket slit of his coveralls and tucked it muzzle first into the waistband at the back of his pants. His left hand was still covered with a rubber cleaning glove. He took the glove off, stuffed it into his pocket, and glanced over his shoulder. The bearded man was only about a dozen feet away, lurching forward steadily, with the others right behind.

Shane wiped his palms against his thighs, drying off the sweat, and then he reached up as high as he could on the pipe and took hold. The metal was cold against his palms. The paint flaked beneath the fingers of his left hand. He scrubbed his hand over the metal, knocking the loose paint off, and then wiped his hand on his coveralls quickly. He raised his hand and took hold again.

The pipe was fastened to the wall with metal collars bolted into the brick. The first collar was about thirty inches above the ground. He lifted his right foot and pressed his instep atop the collar, tight against the pipe. Then, gripping with his hands, he lifted his weight onto that foot, and brought his left foot up onto the collar on the opposite side of the pipe.

Shane raised his hands, one at a time, and grabbed the pipe higher up. The next metal collar was too high for his feet, so he looked at the bricks for a protruding edge for his foot. There was a crumbled brick just above his left knee. He raised that foot, fitted the toe of his boot into the gap in the wall, and lifted himself up onto it, straightening the leg.

Not far behind him, the lead lurcher breathed out a long moan. The others joined in, an eerie chorus that reverberated off the close alley walls.

Episode 1: The Beginning

Shane raised his hands, one at a time, and gripped the pipe higher up. He lifted his right foot, scraping the toe across the bricks, feeling for a foothold. He found one about two feet out, a foot and a half higher than his left foot. He placed his foot, stepped up onto it, which brought his feet within reach of the next metal strap.

He stepped up onto it quickly, chanced a look backwards. The lurcher with the bloody beard was only a step away.

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His head was almost even with Shane's feet. Shane bent his knees, dropping his weight down, and then sprang upward, trying to jump as high as he could. At the apex of his jump he clamped his hands tight around the pole, and then he scrambled with his feet for a foothold. Shane couldn't find a foothold, and the vertical pipe wasn't easy to grip. He raised his feet, bracing them flat against the wall and pushing, to increase the pressure of his fingers against the pipe and to get his feet farther away from the man below.

The second lurcher, Crop Top, had come up beside the first, and he reached up eagerly too, straining toward Shane. The third came near, and the fourth, squeezing tight together around the pipe, reaching up, moaning. They pressed against each other, jockeying for position. Dammit, Shane said, looking at the wall below him desperately, trying to find a foothold. He needed to get his weight back onto this feet. His forearms had already started to tremble and cramp. His arms weren't strong enough to hold all of his weight for long.

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The fifth and sixth lurchers reached the bottom of the pipe, packed in with the others. They all began to claw at the pipe and the wall.