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Not Allowed to Grow Up : The series played it generally straight, but with some weirdness at times. For example, Apple Dumplin' was a toddler in this series, but the intro sequence depicted her as the same age as the other main characters. There was also an episode in which she was shown having a dream of being older.

Despite all of this, the show went on for several seasons without any growing up, so it's fair to say it was almost entirely straight. The characters did eventually get older redesigns, but they didn't quite look like teens yet. The series presents the characters as slightly older and more mature. In all three versions, the characters handle their own affairs, including getting ready for bed, harvesting food and in the series having proper jobs.

See There Are No Adults below.

Haunted House, Haunted Mouse

The One Guy : Huckleberry Pie, most of the time. The first two s specials had another male character in Plum Puddin', but he didn't have a corresponding doll. The character was reintroduced as a female in , and finally got represented as a toy this way. The s series also had Lem, half a set of twins with his sister Ada. The Power of Friendship : Large portions of the series, particularly the one, pretty much operate on this.

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Protagonist Title : The series is named after Strawberry Shortcake. Race Lift : Lime Chiffon in her s design has brown skin and green hair. The series made her into a light-skinned blonde, but the series brings back her original skin-tone and gives her green-and-brown hair. Reptiles Are Abhorrent : Sour Grapes' pet is a snake named Dregs; the turtle exception applies to the good guys. Sailor Earth : Food themed names, eh? That's limitless.

Official material has his name written both ways, so the way it is written out does not matter. Strawberry Shorthand : Do we even have to explain it? Sugar Bowl : Strawberryland is generally a happy, sunny sweet place barring the occasional villain. Talking Animal : Many animals talk in the s series, Custard talks int he series. That Reminds Me of a Song : The theme song to the first s special sort of qualifies. Played straight twice an episode in every episode of the series, four times in every special.

Title Theme Tune : The and versions are straight examples. The s version also qualifies, though that only happens in the first special. True Meaning of Christmas : In the continuity: The Berry Merry Christmas special — Strawberry finds that the gifts are all ruined by water damage. Her friends then gather around cheer her up and they sing a song enforcing the meaning of Christmas and such, then Santa comes around and drop off good, undamaged versions of the gifts she bought without any of them noticing.

In the continuity: The Glimmerberry Ball movie — After her friends have a falling-out, Strawberry has to remind them that First Frost , and the Glimmerberry Gathering both celebrate the community, and friends helping friends. Vague Age : There are no adults around. It's hard to tell if the characters are actually children or whether they're child-like adults. This is most obvious in the version due to the characters being Ambiguously Human. Verbal Tic : Quite a few characters have a tic.

Video Game Delegation Penalty : In Strawberryland Games , when you buy desserts which act as power-ups from Angel Cake's bakery, you can choose between baking them yourself and having Angel bake them for you. The former choice gives you two desserts, while the latter only gets you one.

Episode 46 - Little Charmers - FULL EPISODE

Aren't You Forgetting Someone? Sour Grapes: Of course not, Purpy. I could never forget my purple partner in crime. My warm, wonderfully wicked, nasty but charming Alpha Bitch : Peppermint Fizz in the first seasons, but she outgrows it.

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Angel Cake develops into this in the final season, and Lime Light is introduced as this. Lemon Meringue is an alpha bitch in one episode of the final season. Custard tends to feel she is in this position for Strawberry Shortcake. He does, to a small extent, but clearly not as much as she would like for him to.

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Blush Sticker : The characters on the show have this, except for the animals and villains. Christmas Carolers : Strawberry runs into some while shopping for presents in "Berry Merry Christmas". Chuck Cunningham Syndrome : Dregs, who was always with Sour Grapes in the '80s, appears in only one episode here never to be seen again. All of the other characters' pets disappeared, with the exception of Custard and Pupcake, after the redesign.

Apple : Please, Baby Ginger Snap, don't ever do that again. Banana Candy : Small towns like this, you need a few jobs to make ends meet. Call-Back : Tom Tom in the third season, whose color scheme strongly resembles the original Pupcake, who was Huckleberry Pie's dog from the s version. Canon Foreigner : Cherry Jam. Sweet Grapes from Season 4, as well as Sour Grapes, since she's a completely different character from her previous versions.

Everybody Cries : In "Strawberry's Berry Big Parade", we get plenty of tears from Strawberry's friends when they realize that they let her down with all of their bickering and arguing and making things difficult for her. Fantasy Helmet Enforcement : Pupcake is wearing a helmet while riding in Strawberry's scooter. The Hyena : Plum Pudding is prone to fits of laughter.

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Idiot Ball : When Strawberry meets Cherry Jam for the first time, she apparently doesn't recognize her. The problem is that Cherry was wearing the same outfit as in the "music video" seen earlier in the episode. Strawberry even remarks she smells something that smells like cherries.

One would think Strawberry would have recognized her "favorite singer" immediately Lilliputians : Played straight; the show is set in a strawberry patch with a miniature world. When there was a cold snap, she made the dresses fur-trimmed. While trying to deliver a package, Strawberry encounters a sign that tells her the way to go, only for a breeze to flip the markers, knocking off the one she needs.

Slice of Life : Until the reintroduction of Sour Grapes.

Leon the Lion and the Itty Bitty Mouse in the BIG LESSON VOLUME I

Sky Surfing : The girls ride the tops of daisies to fly in the air. Each show focuses on Osgood Dee and a group of animal friends he met at the farm. This is the second adaptation of a Serendipity book as the first adaptation was the anime series Serendipity the Pink Dragon. Osgood and his friends do some farm chores for a tired R. When R.

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In , 2 DVDs which each contained 3 episodes were released in German. A set of 5 disc features all episodes in Mandarin Chinese dialogue or English language and with optional Chinese subtitles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Categories : American television series debuts American television series endings Chinese television series debuts Chinese television series endings s American animated television series Chinese animated television series Chinese children's television series American animated television programs featuring anthropomorphic characters Television series by Saban Entertainment Fox Family shows Fox Kids Fox network shows American children's animated adventure television series American children's animated comedy television series Television series about mice and rats.

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