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Only the defiant noncompliance and negative affect scores were used. In gestures of defiant provocation, they celebrated precisely what their elders fought against for decades. Still singing her defiant song, the possessed medium was led out by a group of women. Composing himself, he informs his father-deferential yet defiant -that if he is to travel abroad his wife will accompany him.

The relative diagnostic utility of child and parent reports of oppositional defiant behavi ors. Salivary cor tisol and cardiovascular activity during stress in oppositional defiant disorder boys and normal controls. The psychobiology of oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder. Need a translator?

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What is the pronunciation of defiant? My Dictionary. Word of the Day ecosystem all the living things in an area and the way they affect each other and the environment.

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About this. Today, we see whether I can convey what I mean by "defiance fuel" yet. Most people I talk to about defiance think of it as a mental stance adopted against some authority figure. Perhaps they imagine a parental figure saying "finish your broccoli," and a child who hates broccoli with their jaw set and smolder in their eyes, who proceeds to eat with as much petulance as they can muster, plotting their revenge.

Dealing With Oppositional Defiant Behaviors in Children

The feeling we imagine in that child is perhaps the standard central example of "defiance. I claim that that child does possess defiance-the-virtue, but not in their petulance, and not in their opposition to an authority figure. Defiance-the-action is in the child chewing with their mouth open in an open refusal to submit; defiance-the-virtue is in the mental actions they make before they start chewing with their mouth open.

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It's in the internal steeling they do when deciding not to be ordered around. It's in their decision to be self-reliant, it's in their refusal to take orders lying down. If these automatic and subconscious mental motions were verbalized, they might be written "I am my own person; and not beholden to your whims," or "if you push me, I push back.

They're reflexive.

The Defiant

Defiance-the-virtue is about encountering a badness that's brewing in the world, and reflexively doing everything you can to throw a wrench in the works, to twist things in your favor. Defiance-the-virtue is about taking nothing lying down, and refusing to let badnesses in the universe slide. Defiance isn't about acting petulantly without hesitation: A defiant child might bide their time, knowing that if they act rashly there will be harsh consequences. Defiance is about resisting the default state of affairs without hesitation: A defiant child might weigh their options and bide their time, but at no point do they wonder whether they should defy.

They simply dislike the situation, and so rebel against it.

140 Defiant

Defiance-the-virtue is about having that reaction, to something that's wrong in the world. Of course, there's an art to defying the right things. I do recommend defying death ; I don't recommend having the "defiance" reaction against people who tell you to do things in a stern and authoritative voice.

People who order you around can either be ignored or obeyed according to the social context, but they aren't usually worth defying, except perhaps in situations where you legitimately need to demonstrate that you're not beholden to them, and where gentler reminders have failed.

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As a rule of thumb, I suggest that it's usually healthy to have a defiance reaction towards states of the world , and usually unhealthy to have a defiance reaction towards people. To illustrate the difference, imagine you're Neo, twenty years after the first matrix movie. The sequels never happened; instead you got trapped in the matrix while one by one, all your connections to the outside world died or disappeared. Show less. Using the thesaurus.

Close What are red words? Close Thesaurus. Synonyms and related words. Disobedient and uncooperative: disobedient , defiant , lawless Explore Thesaurus.

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