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The first two volumes of the Muromachi era, covering only " a " through " ko ," appeared in and It thus remains of very limited use for those studying anything after the Nara period. Morohashi Tetsuji, Dai kanwa jiten.

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Taishukan, 13 vols. This is the definitive dictionary of the Chinese language and one of the great dictionaries of the world. There is currently available a reduced-size edition; pirate editions from Taiwan are also in circulation in reduced-size format. This remains the standard, but is too costly and large for home use for most. Supposed to be easier to use, and may be affordable enough for home reference. Although superceded in some ways by Shinjigen see following entry , this dictionary includes many Japanese compounds not included there.

More oriented to Japanese than Chinese. This dictionary focuses primarily on Chinese rather than Japanese compounds.

It includes more characters than the above, but has left out compounds regarded as self-evident. Provides Mandarin pronunciation in Roman script for each character. Kadokawa gairaigo jiten. Kadokawa shoten, 2nd edition. This standard loanword dictionary contains more than 27, words, chosen from a variety of sources. For each word, entries provide: language of origin, the word written in its original language, pronunciation, meaning, variant usages, antonyms when relevant , and etymology.

It also provides citations to newspaper and magazine articles which contain early uses of the word in question. An extremely useful dictionary with very informative entries. A comprehensive dictionary of loanwords including 2, geographical and personal names and an index of 2, abbreviations. Biographical entries provide dates and significant accomplishments.

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There are no etymologies. Organized by subject home life, transportation, hobbies, sports, science, art with an extensive index.

Bilingual and Multilingual Dictionaries

Easy to use with helpful etymologies. Includes extensive illustrations.

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Interesting for modern cultural history. G38 The oldest annual of new and current terms in Japanese, useful for finding recent terms and great fun for browsing. Arranged topically, but with a complete index of terms at the beginning. Although there is considerable overlap from one year to the next. There is no cumulative index. Gives a two-page expression on "key words," catch phrases that were in the news in the previous year. There is some overlap from year to year.

Not a gairaigo dictionary, although many of the terms are in fact gairaigo, but rather a directory to current neologisms. This is a useful dictionary, especially for anyone using Bakumatsu-Meiji texts. Place names and personal names e. Adam Smith are included, and the language of origin is given for each word. This is not so much a dictionary of words that are current as it is one of words that were; it includes slang, jargon and dialect words in common use from the Nara period until "gendai.

The appendices include an essay on ingo studies and a bibliography. This is perhaps not the place to search for definitive definitions, but it is a useful resource when looking up unusual words or investigating suspected "double entendres. Koji zokushin kotozawa daijiten. The most comprehensive dictionary of its type, and now the accepted standard. Not limited to proverbs. Includes source texts, meanings, and some notes on usage. Index is by kun'yomi of significant characters keywords , and is not limited to the first character in the expression. Similar to the Koji zokushin kotowaza daijiten , but inferior for research in that it includes source texts only for major entries, giving only references for many others.

Includes notes on usage and kun'yomi index of significant characters keywords. Focuses on fables and phrases deriving from them, and thus tends towards explanation of expressions rather than lengthy quotations from source texts, making this the dictionary that demands the least knowledge of kanbun. Unfortunately, the explanations are often obvious and do not always reveal enough about the source of the expression to be useful for research. Many entries here are longer than those of the Koji zokushin kotowaza daijiten , but fewer expressions are covered.

Includes source texts in both Chinese and kundoku versions. Provides Japanese reading, meanings, explanations, original context, variants and related sayings, and references for Chinese proverbs used in Japanese contexts. Focuses on the original Chinese meaning where possible, but explains Japanese usage as well. Index in back in gojuon order without readings.

The Most Important Japanese Words

A comprehensive two-way index provides an instant reference point for new Korean vocabulary. The supporting audio app enables you to hear over 6, words and phrases spoken out loud in both Korean and English. Available on the App Store and Google Play, the audio app is easy to use and provides an intuitive reference for language learning, helping you learn, retain, and pronounce important vocabulary.

The dictionary gives a pronunciation guide for every Korean word, and you can use this alongside the app to perfect your pronunciation.

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