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Avenant the Adorable. Theory time. They have a fantastic Tuesday share circle full of infuriating, wicked characters. Cindy is 50 shades of messed up, a drama queen, annoying and dangerous. Everybody gets a chance to save the day. The Bad guys recognize their True Loves and are willing to do anything for their partners. This was incredibly sweet.

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Favourite parts 1 Prison break 2 Family bonding 3 Benji's personal growth 4 Marrock's new kingdom 5 Dragon slaying 6 Ramona's notes at the beginning of each chapter. View 2 comments.

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May 02, ijeoma Agbaje added it Shelves: skipped-to-the-end. You know for someone who loves happily ever afters shocking i know i can never quite bring myself to read the middle of romance books where the bulk of the problem is solved. Maybe i have problem avoidance issues. Anyways i read a couple of chapters and i read the end so i totally endorse this book i'm not being sarcastic for people who love lighthearted comedic romance. Sep 01, Alexandra rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was a recommendation by Ilona Andrews and boy, did I enjoy it!

Feb 19, Meghan rated it did not like it. I love the elements series. So I had high expectations. And not even close to as funny. Cheapo romance novel, predictable plot, and yucky stuff. I figured it out before the escape even happened.

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I didn't finish it. Bummer dude. I usually like any kind of fairytale retelling, even cheesy or cheapo ones, but really the Cinderella stuff was just gross and I don't want to read that. Like, ever. Sep 02, BookPauper rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , shifters , captivity-prisoner , ha-ha , fairytales-retellings. Great dialogue goes a long way for me, and this series has it. There are editing issues, but I was able to overlook them. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this series. Feb 09, Amber rated it it was amazing. Loved this! Funny, fast paced and surprisingly sexy. Dec 30, Sharon rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , i-love-the-way-he-loves-you , 4-stars , fairytale-with-a-twist.

Love him and love how he treats Letty. Their nonstop bantering is amusing to read.

They are a bit annoying, but they are actually quirky and funny too. In particular, Letty and Marrok have been a delight. Angst level? Other things to note? Marrok has been raped in his past he talks about it vaguely, so no actual flashback scenes. Some weird stuff in here. Sep 14, Roopa Ramachandra rated it it was amazing. Oh, I loved this book. It's positively hilarious. And the characters are so well written. At first, it was so disconcerting. I mean, Cinderella is the evil sister, she is so delusional and fallacious and disgustingly perverse.

And the protagonists are the so-called BAD people. But then, you'll get the hang of it and it's so good and different from what we usually read. The whole story is fast paced and doesn't bore you anywhere. And, d Oh, I loved this book. And, did I tell you that it is hilarious? It is so hilarious!! I loved Benji, the bridge ogre, Marrok, the wolf and our hero. But most of all, I loved Jabberwocky the best. Amazingly portrayed. I am definitely reading the remaining books in this series.

Feb 06, Dirty Dayna rated it really liked it Shelves: buddy-reads. I love this retelling it was super fun.. Oct 10, Sharona marked it as dnf. The constant reassurance was too much for me. Mar 15, Asma rated it it was amazing. I don't know what everyone is talking about because aside from two very, very, very gross scenes which I will completely wipe from my memory.. Witty, fun and with an interesting plot to boot, Wicked Ugly Bad is perfect for any fairy tale lover.

The Tuesday share circle had me laughing out loud at their antics and bickering. After the whole glass slipper debaucle, Scarlett and Drusilla Riding stepsisters to Cinderella were shipped off to the Wicked Ugly Bad WUB Ment I don't know what everyone is talking about because aside from two very, very, very gross scenes which I will completely wipe from my memory..

Knowing that Cinderella isn't the do-"Good"-er everyone assumes she is, Scarlett must organize the most epic jailbreak the Westlands have ever seen and save the entire kingdom from the real evil stepsister. Using her group therapy "Share circle" which includes a wickedly resourceful witch, a shy bridge ogre, a condescending overthrown prince, and her very own Big Bad Wolf, Scarlett will make sure even the Bad folk get their happily ever afters.

Just quietly resign yourself to death. Jun 23, Ri ley rated it liked it Shelves: stand-alones , paranormal. Ramona's notes even though she was anything but enjoyable in person. The only reason I'm not giving this book full four or five stars is that even though I really enjoyed the first part of the book I found myself bored with the letter part of it.

I think the real reason as to why I ended up dragging my feet was that the secrets were revealed too soon. Even though I'd guessed the truth before it was r 3. Even though I'd guessed the truth before it was revealed, it still wasn't set in stone. There was still a chance that I might've been wrong. There was still a mystery. But after it was confessed so quickly and matter of factly it was like it had lost it's significance, lost it's BOOM moment.

Aug 14, Gena rated it really liked it Shelves: keepers , fantasy. This was so much fun. Great chemistry, witty dialogue and the grandmother was excellent. Kind of reminded me a little of the Hoodwinked movie Note: there are a lot of grammar mistakes and misplaced words.

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Sep 06, Lekeisha The Booknerd rated it really liked it Shelves: retelling. Despite the grammatical errors, I highly enjoyed this. It's not your normal retelling, that's for sure. I'm team WUB. Ugh, she'd probably like that very much anyway. If you're looking for something completely different than your normal fairy tale characters, I think Wicked Ugly Bad is a good place to start. I really wish that it didn't have so many errors, but it is certainly a page turner.

No one under the age of 18 should come mere this book. Seriously, it's fun Despite the grammatical errors, I highly enjoyed this. Seriously, it's funny as all get out, but there is a whole lot of sexual activity going down. You have been warned. Why are wolves always so freaking hot? Marrok is definitely a memorable character. Dec 11, Michelle Mulford rated it really liked it. You have to accept the author's headlong pace and gleeful mishmosh of fairytales, nursery rhymes, and other mythology, in order to love this series as much as I do.

Gannon's greatest strength is her characters, who are modern and in-your-face, but also secretly vulnerable, as well as being smart and utterly hilarious. The plot twists are great, and I never felt lost in this new world, nor that anything was over-explained. It's Billy's Dacre Montgomery story that lends Stranger Things 3 its tragedy: He's turned into a monster by the mindflayer, but there was no place in Hawkins for him to grow up, anyway.

Based on how wonky and uneven the tone is this season, it feels as if Stranger Things has no idea how to raise its emotional stakes. The post-credits sequence, which seeds another sequel, also suggests the season's biggest death is reversible. The show is about how nice it was to be a kid in the 80s, when the world seemed big and full of possibility.

The show is still preserving its fantasies, and the sweet approach will probably satisfy many fans. But it stays safe at the expense of its horrors, which could be so indelible—and, lurking under the mall, might have a worthwhile story to tell. This post contains plot details from the entire season of Stranger Things 3, which debuted July 4, on Netflix. Helen Phillips is best known for her delirious and philosophical short stories, and in her second novel, she combines her impeccable brevity with plot that unfolds like a paper snowflake.

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