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Learn how to use prepositions in German

Put it on the table. Es liegt auf dem Tisch.

German Prepositions

It's lying on the table. Schreib es an die Tafel. Write it on the board.

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Es steht an der Tafel. It is on the board. He goes into the kitchen. He is in the kitchen.

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Stellen Sie es neben das Haus. Put it beside the house. Es ist neben dem Haus. It is beside the house. Put the lamp between the sofa and the table. Die Lampe steht zwischen dem Sofa und dem Tisch. A preposition usually indicates the temporal, spatial or logical relationship of its object to the rest of the sentence as in the example in the table below.

"Unter-dem-Tisch-Verkauf" in English

Prepositions usually come before the noun and its article like in English. The most common prepositions are: after nach , at an , before bevor , between zwischen , under unter , on auf , in in , out aus , behind hinter Here are some examples of demonstrative prepositions in the table below, note that just like in English, they're used very often in German:. Die Polizisten sind schon an am Tatort.

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The police are already at the scene of the crime. Die Touristen gehen ins Museum.


The tourists go in to the museum. They go under the bridge.

Frau trinkt Mann unter den Tisch !

We can wait near this tree in the shade. Ich habe den Hut auf meinen Kopf gesetzt.

I put the hat on my head. The sign hangs above the door. The homeless man is lying in front of the shop. Ich werde das Geschenk hinter das Sofa verstecken.