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Having motor and verbal tics makes it highly challenging for someone to attend theater, a space in which people are expected to sit still and quietly, she said. When I put it out there, it ends shortly after. At the same time, it would be great to have two people that understand each other. Empowerment has been the best medicine for his condition, Chichioco said. He even gave a TEDx youth talk last year.

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The best treatment is being honest and speaking about it. Live Stream information currently unavailable. KQED science.

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Popular Features. Walking long distances and going up and down the stairs can also wear him out. Britton has an outgoing personality, and unlike many who have TS, he is not ashamed to speak about his disorder in public. In the fall of , Britton was nominated to be a TSA youth ambassador. The following spring, he traveled as a TSA representative to Washington DC and learned how to advocate for people with disabilities and how to speak about TS.

There, together with Oregon state representatives and state senators, Britton talked about how he coped with TS. Genee says the primary goal of TS advocacy is to raise public awareness and to put a face to the disorder with the hope that the public will become less judgmental. In , Britton was asked to speak at the annual Thomas Edison High School breakfast, where in front of a person audience, he tried his best to help them understand the difficulties people with TS endure, what his personal struggles with the disorder are, and the challenges anyone with a disability faces.

Now, he is finishing his senior year at Thomas Edison High School, which caters to learning differences. Like many teens, Britton is into music, and he has his own music mixer and deejay turntable.

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He says his favorite pastime is spending time outdoors with friends. Britton says there are times when he feels stressed from not knowing what to do about his tics, although there are moments when he can almost forget about them. He believes being around people and pets helps him relax. Britton also enjoys playing sports like ultimate Frisbee and basketball.

Occasionally as a person ages, the frequency of tics decline or TS symptoms can disappear completely. It is estimated that 1 million Americans may exhibit mild symptoms of TS, and in 20 to 30 percent of cases, their symptoms disappear entirely when they reach their twenties.

What Life is Like with Tourette Syndrome

Beginning at age three and lasting until he was 12 years old, Eugene resident Azoulas Yurashunas experienced symptoms of mild TS. Although Azoulas, who is now 25, did not treat his TS symptoms with medication, they eventually subsided. It has been 13 years since Azoulas has experienced an uncontrollable tic.