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Song facts

The dynamic of the song moves from melancholy to rock and back with a minor to major key change during its middle eight section. Take one was a false start, take two was the rhythm track, and take three was used for overdubs of the main vocal, tambourine, and piano. According to author and Beatle historian Mark Lewisohn, the piano was supposed to be omitted from the mix but is audible owing to leakage onto other microphones during the recording of the overdubs, but MacDonald was sceptical about that conclusion.

Things We Said Today

George Harrison sang harmony vocals alongside Paul McCartney during the performances. I remember writing Things We Said Today in one of the cabins below deck one afternoon on my acoustic guitar. It has interesting chords.

A Hard Day's Night Stereo. Tripping The Live Fantastic.

Things We Said Today Beatles Radio podcast

Concert From the concert in Madrid, Spain on Nov 02, Tripping the Live Fantastic: Highlights! Off the Ground - The Complete Works.

Beatles - Things We Said Today Guitar Secrets - No Vocals

Concert From the concert in Hamburg, Germany on Oct 03, Unplugged - The Rehearsals. Oh Sao Paulo!

Things We Said Today by The Beatles

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