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Jason Hailey: The Selective Eye, Photography as Abstraction

To understand when and why a particular region of a scene is selected, studies observed and described the eye movements of individuals as they go about performing specific tasks. In this case, vision was an active process that integrated scene properties with specific, goal-oriented oculomotor behaviour. Several other studies have shown that students who were told they were consuming alcoholic beverages which in fact were non-alcoholic perceived themselves as being " drunk ", exhibited fewer physiological symptoms of social stress, and drove a simulated car similarly to other subjects who had actually consumed alcohol.

The result is somewhat similar to the placebo effect.

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In one classic study on this subject related to the hostile media effect which is itself an example of selective perception , viewers watched a filmstrip of a particularly violent Princeton - Dartmouth American football game. Princeton viewers reported seeing nearly twice as many rule infractions committed by the Dartmouth team than did Dartmouth viewers.

One Dartmouth alumnus did not see any infractions committed by the Dartmouth side and erroneously assumed he had been sent only part of the film, sending word requesting the rest. Selective perception is also an issue for advertisers, as consumers may engage with some ads and not others based on their pre-existing beliefs about the brand.

Seymour Smith, a prominent advertising researcher, found evidence for selective perception in advertising research in the early s, and he defined it to be "a procedure by which people let in, or screen out, advertising material they have an opportunity to see or hear. They do so because of their attitudes, beliefs, usage preferences and habits, conditioning, etc. This fact has repercussions within the field of advertising research because any post-advertising analysis that examines the differences in attitudes or buying behavior among those aware versus those unaware of advertising is flawed unless pre-existing differences are controlled for.

Advertising research methods that utilize a longitudinal design are arguably better equipped to control for selective perception.

Selective Attention Test

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The Selective Eye — Jeannine Cook

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Series: The Selective Eye

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