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In conclusion, s rule - but I fully expect nostalgia to win the poll. Jan 7, 7. Wonderful effort and nice insight. Jan 7, 8. Absolute treat of a read.

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Jan 7, 9. Superbly written. Great read. Jan 7, Everyone will have their own opinions but that was a good read. Plenty to disagree with though, I'd pick almost entirely different teams in some decades. What a great read! My memory goes back to the 80's, and maybe it's because I was young back then, but that's the decade I prefer.

Maradona behind van Basten Allow me to make one tiny objection.

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Michael Laudrup should be in the 90's imo. He moved to Barcelona in '89 and it was in spain where he made the biggest impact by far, winning 5 consecutive league titles and a European Cup.

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And if you put him there he will challenge Baggio as the AM of the decade. I'd say its the 80s or the 90s. There were brilliant players available in every position. With that midfield and defence you'd probably give it to the 80s lot. The last decade has been arguably the poorest.

The 70s produced some brilliant footballers too but i didnt see them. I disagree with a few points but good read regardless. Thanks for the effort.

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You should make a Medium post. Disagreements are good for discussion. Feel free to air views - its not some definitive scroll. I suppose it's due to the defence mainly.

What is the greatest ever decade for players and teams?

There are next to no defense orientated top teams nowadays and so everyone says the defenders aren't so great. Another view could be that the forwards are just that good that they are impossible to contain and so it comes down to outscoring the opposition as the best solution. Great work all of you. Slightly peeved that Scholesy didn't make the best XI from either the or eras but that's fine.

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Overall, I think the '90s team would come out on top with Scholesy pulling the strings from CM , followed closely by the team. Fortitude apart from baresi being in the wrong era I applaud the amazing detail of the post and whilst I can argue with many players being included or excluded it's a really good piece if work. For me, being 10 in 88 when Holland won the euro with van Basten, maradona at his peak, Milan defence they'd shit on any era If any era could faze them it would be 00s with Ronaldo and zidane When i die my wish would be to play there matches and just see who would be whom when all in their prime..

Almost certainly heavily influence by my age, but I'd have to go 00s. The tail end of United's treble winning side, the transitional van Nistelrooy era, then the resurgant European champions. Domestically we also saw Arsenal's Invincibles and Mourinho's Chelsea. Madrid had their Galacticos, while Barca truly emerged as a dominant force in Europe. There was also that one off Porto side and a very strong AC Milan. Internationally we saw the French dominance start the decade, but saw Brazil lift the first World Cup. Then we had the shock Greece win, followed by Italy's World Cup win, before finally seeing Spain finally arrive.

We got to see the peaks and ends of a load of fantastic players' careers, as well as the emergence of Messi and Ronaldo.

The fact that we're in and Messi and Ronaldo are still considered the pinnacle is a testament to their abilities, but in the 00s they also shared a decade with the likes of Luis Ronaldo, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Figo, Kaka and Shevchenko. Amazing thread. Obviously a massively difficult decision between the three eras I've seen.

For nostalgia I'd say 90s were fantastic even if just for the shirts. MUJAC I just re-read the '50's because I wasn't sure on something, and realised that I'd put the asterisk in for him at CB, but completely omitted him, by error, from his actual L-H position, so I can see where your confusion lies, as it looked like I'd put him in solely as a CB when it was supposed to be a secondary position, hence the asterisk.

An error in the edit - when staring at a wall of text, and not having someone else proofing, there's a tendency to gloss over things, or auto-fill them in your mind's eye, which I've done a few times and have had to correct today. The Edwards error is the biggest one thus far, which I've amended now, so thank you for pointing out something I would probably have continued to erroneously gloss over until someone else picked up on it.

I toyed with putting Taylor in and then thought I'd better not. I'm going to add him again. Last edited: Jan 7, Jan 8, Great post. For me the greatest world be Decade for players - s. Some many legends played in this era.

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The all star team is probably the strongest. Champion; First woman to win 3 straight meter World Championships. I'm thankful that I have been given this platform so that I can share my faith with the world. Strategy demands that these could to come to. Sep 6, Jimmy White is the people's favourite. If you want to hear from them, set up a website and let them reach you there. Immediately, she began to teach in a poor country school in San Eugenio, Santa Fe. She was alone in this place, but the people were very nice to her. When Eva was twenty-five, she met her future husband, Fausto Dominguez.

They were at my aunt's house for a family reunion. My father introduced himself immediately, because he saw here and liked her a lot. This reminds me of Fito Paez's song, "I didn't look for anything, but I saw you.

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Sometimes her remarks generated controversy. She writes mainly dark fantasy, horror, mysteries and erotica, and is currently working on two new novels online. We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or for being critical of a book. They quickly descended by sliding down the feet in four hours.

The others tended to their specialties: Adams wound the chronometers, checked instruments and did other meteorological work; Marshall, the surgeon, tended to medical needs and exercised ponies; Wild, the storekeeper, issued food to the cook, opened the cases of tinned food and dug the meat out of the snowdrifts penguin, seal or mutton ; Joyce fed the dogs and trained them for sledge-pulling; David spent time on geological studies; Priestley and Murray worked at dredging; Mawson studied the aurora, ice structures and measured atmospheric electricity ref.