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1. Create a Roadmap

When we surveyed hundreds of product managers for our Product Planning Report , one of the questions we asked was what aspect of creating a roadmap took these professionals the greatest amount of time. As the graph below illustrates, the two most time-consuming elements of building a roadmap are determining which initiatives themes, epics, etc.

They, like presentation and spreadsheet software, output static files—whereas the dynamic nature of product development requires that product roadmaps be tweaked and updated frequently. Instead, updating will take you just minutes. Just click on the screenshot above. An outcome-based roadmap sounds like a good idea. Support Sign In. Giving people a desired condition instead of a desired path creates a favorable environment for creativity, innovation and collaboration.

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Helps setting and clarifying priorities. One of the most important skills for a product team especially for the Product Manager is the ability of saying no! If your vision where to go is clear, that will make easier for you to refuse requests that are not related to it. Another point is that the amount of options and paths available to us are almost infinite nowadays, so we tend to question ourselves more than we should about the path we are following and step back when the best thing is to move forward and iterate on results.

How to create an excellent product roadmap (incl. 15 actionable templates)

It motivates the team to move on to the next step. When you are delivering a feature it is possible that you are facing many technical issues and things do not work as expected. Remembering everyday that time is a resource that runs in shortage increases our critical view about problems and why to solve them. It gives visibility to your stakeholders. Have you ever thought about how many meetings you could have avoided if there was a roadmap?

Agile product roadmap strategies from 5 product managers

As we are working in an agile environment, we are not supposed to give status report to stakeholders, but at the same time I assume your team does not work in a bubble and your product must be part of a bigger company strategy. In that sense, it is essential that your goals are accessible to everyone in your organization as well as your progress towards it.

Moreover, it creates a sense of collaboration with everyone involved. The tricky thing here is the word validate.

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One of the main good things about having a roadmap is the chance for collaboration that this exercise brings. However, there are some Product Managers that believe they own the requirements as well as the outcomes and the team needs just to validade the technical feasibility and the desired deadlines, but an exercise like this does not generate engagement and sense of ownership within team members. The role of a Product Manager is actually a facilitator of the whole process, someone who gives direction and understands a broader context of the company, giving the team a vision of why things should be done.

This description of role is also related to the concept of product leadership, as you can see in more detail here. Leave room for unforeseeable work. The need to fix bugs bugs, receiving requests from Customer Experience, stakeholders and unexpected technical debt is something unavoidable. Please correct phone number. Please enter letter, number or punctuation symbols. Start Prioritizing For Free.

Learn More. How to create an excellent product roadmap incl. APRIL 29 12 min read. Product roadmaps provide a picture of where your product is heading. It translates your product vision into actionable initiatives and shows you how to achieve your product goals.

If you've worked in a product-based role for a while, you probably already appreciate the value that product roadmaps offer. This article will introduce you to the most common roadmaps types used by product managers today. You can either use them as inspiration to get you started or make our product roadmap templates your own with the click of a button.

Creating a Roadmap: How Long Should it Take? - ProductPlan

What key information should be included in a product roadmap? Although every product roadmap is unique, and there are several types of roadmaps, there is some information that every roadmap typically includes.

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The level of detail and type of information your roadmap contains depends on your target audience. For example, executives might need less details than developers and a public roadmap will include less detailed timings and descriptions than an internal product roadmap would. Also, you might not want to present some items or initiatives publicly. Product roadmaps often contain information on milestones, responsible teams or people, items, initiatives and themes. And, of course, they include information on timing and progress.

We'll come to this point later. When thinking about what specific information to add, keep one thing in mind - you should only present information that's really needed. Each unnecessary data point makes your roadmap more confusing and less easy to understand. But even worse, it pushes discussions in the wrong direction. That's why it's so important that you remove every piece of information that you don't need. Modern roadmap tools allow you to filter your roadmap to show specific information. That way, you can create a suitable version for each target group really easily. Key Information of a product roadmap.

What are the 2 main types of roadmaps? We'll get into some specific product roadmap templates shortly. But first, let's take a look at the two main types of roadmap, time-based and progress-based, and how each one can suit your needs in different ways.

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  • Time-based roadmaps. These types of roadmaps are primarily focused on times, be they specific deadlines or higher-level timings. They use a timeline as the main mechanism for gauging success, which can be a great method for visualizing how your product will progress over time. On the downside, time-based roadmaps can sometimes be too restrictive for a more dynamic business environment that requires a more flexible approach to the product plan.

    When using a time-based roadmap, make sure your time scale isn't too specific or detailed, particularly that it's not too far into the future. Don't create a "fake precision". For example, it's impossible to predict that your Intercom Integration will be done by a specific Friday, 13 months from now. Progress-based roadmaps. These roadmaps differ in focus from time-based ones, dealing instead with the current status of your initiatives or features. A Progress-based product roadmap groups the planned and current items into lanes based on the level of progress, for example as "to-do," "in progress," or "done".

    They are commonly used in agile development, one of the reasons being that they generally offer users more flexibility than time-based roadmap as, instead of being restricted by dates and deadlines, tasks are based on progress. There are also roadmaps that are not time-based or progress-based only but rather a mixed type.

    So, it is possible to create a roadmap that does not provide exact timings but still map out status that indicate rough estimations about time. We will come back to this later. What tool to use for creating a roadmap? Don't underestimate the decision of which tool to choose for creating a roadmap. Picking the wrong tool might result in wasting precious time every time you update your roadmap trust me when I say that this is no exaggeration. A lot of people I talk to are still spending hours! The thing is: your roadmap will change regularly and you need to be able to adapt it in minutes.

    Your product roadmap should always look impressive so that you can make a good impression when presenting it to colleagues and management. You should not need to be a gifted designer to create a visually appealing roadmap. The right tools, like airfocus for example, will take care of that allowing you to concentrate on the content instead. Moreover, you product roadmap should be your single source of truth and your audience should always have access to an up-to-date version e. Let's now take a look at 15 of the most common product roadmap examples.

    Product roadmap. First, let's dive into the basics.