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To accomplish this task, the first three chapters of each of the books are offered simultaneously. With the Impetus of Thought trilogy holding to the concept of not being accountable by the conventional manner of story telling, it is possible to have available to the reader the openings of all three stories without dismissing or giving away an element of the previous book.

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Again, since the structure of the story is global and does not rely on a step by step understanding of a connected narrative, the reader has more leeway in their style of consumption. Nevertheless, the author believes that reading the books in full and in sequence will acquit the reader with the most information. If you find the following trilogy compelling and wish to have your own electronic copy then please go to the click the "Buy Now" button below under the desired story which will take you to the Kindle Store.

Long Metal Pieces E xistence is only known by those that live, and to live one must learn, one must feel and sometimes dissolve. Charles Sheriton once adhered to this concept and tried his best to improve himself.

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Unfortunately, learning was a difficult task for him. Thrown about by so many wishes, he made the sad attempt at going to university, and when he was proven not only an inadequate student, but an inadequate thinker, he left, but in doing so, created a relentless history waiting eagerly for his return.

The Principia: Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy

More than fifteen years after leaving the university, Charles and a number of other commuters are stranded on the Transit Train traveling back to that very same institution. At first, the time inside the car is only inconvenient and seems to be a random event. As the hours persist, and Charles starts to see how indeterminate he is, and because of constrained nature of their environment, the other passengers begin to lose their various virtues, and succumb to the very same anxieties Charles is fostering.

Nipper, by me.

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All other images in this post are by David Wyatt. Instead, I started to think about Victorian sci-fi. Why should anyone care about characters inhabiting a pastiche past? The Future was the place for them.

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Victorian space opera in which there would be room for friendly crabs and flying pigs and as many other odd creatures as my imagination could come up with. By the s, when my story would be set, the British Empire would stretch from Venus to the moons of Jupiter.

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From there, my hero and heroine would set off on their adventures. Myrtle seemed a good name for her; her brother, in a nod to King Arthur, became Art. It is easy to assume that Charles Dodgson fascination with the kind of logic behind puzzles was closely related to his professional life as a mathematician. For instance, the shy, stammering, slender don was far from the ideal figure of Victorian masculinity, and he was known for preferring the company of young girls to that of his peers. It is not necessarily the case that such men were sexually interested in their child friends; arguably they liked their company because girlhood was entirely free from the demands associated with being a man in a patriarchal culture.

Social conventions too are challenged.

Newton, Isaac

Where well-behaved children were expected to be seen but not heard, Alice insists on having a voice. She asks questions that often show adult behaviour to be irrational, contradictory, and unjust; especially when it comes to the exercise of power and authority as in the trial of the Knave of Hearts. Most radical of all, Alice regularly corrects the characters she meets, all of whom are older than she there are no other children in Wonderland , and she loses her temper with several of them.

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  • This view of childhood as intrinsically honest is another clue into why Charles Dodgson found the company of children attractive. One of the great sources of frustration for children is the way they are defined and redefined by their size and age in ways that constrain them. One minute they are too big to sit on a lap; the next they are too little to stay up late. Ultimately, however, the story is reassuring since Alice learns how to control her size by eating from the two sides of the mushroom.