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Training and Socializing

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Remember not to use choke collars on a Chihuahua as their necks can easily get hurt. A good option is to use the flat buckle collar or harness to protect its trachea. Exercise should be a priority and if possible, it must be done on a daily basis. However, it may not need long walks as this breed is already energetic in nature so running around an apartment is usually enough exercise for the dog. If you want to take your small dog for a walk during cold weather, be sure to let him wear a sweater as toy breeds are usually very sensitive to cold temperatures.

Avoid taking your Chihuahua out when the temperature is below 35 degrees. Never allow your Chihuahua to jump from a high place as he might hurt his joints due to the landing impact. Joint disorders and fractures are among the common problems of this breed; therefore, the need for careful handling. Pet Assure is the largest veterinary network in the U.

Pet Assure powers DVM Network, a brand built to support our participating veterinary professionals and help them grow their practice.

Training Chihuahuas

Visit www. Helpful Tips: Training Your Chihuahua This small dog is headstrong and stubborn, so training should start as soon as possible. Even so, that attachment can also lead to dominant behaviors and when these dogs are not properly socialized with other dogs and people, there are several aggression issues: they behave larger than they appear, which while very adorable and sometimes even entertaining, can be quite dangerous if your dog is not trained properly can be standoffish with strangers can get aggressive toward other dogs snappy with children overly jumpy to noises outside.

Fortunately all of these behaviors can be controlled with good, early training.

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Want to learn how to save on veterinary care for chihuahuas? Click here Want to check pricing and try our veterinary discount program, risk-free? Click here. Related Articles. November 1, "Ask Seth". Dog Breeds: Bichon Frise. Dog Breeds: The Little Dachshund.

Getting Your Puppy Settled In

Sometimes when people see a book or read an article about training Chihuahuas they snicker or giggle. After all, how much trouble could a six-pound Chihuahua get into, so why all that effort to train him? The first reason is for his safety. If your Chihuahua is uncontrollable, especially in public, he is in danger. What would happen if you opened your car door in a busy parking lot, your Chihuahua launched out into the mayhem, and you had absolutely no recall training under your belt?

If your Chihuahua is snarly and aggressive out of fear, anyone reaching to pet him is at risk for a nip. A trained Chihuahua is happier, too. Your dog will appreciate it when you direct his behavior, but if you have not taught your Chihuahua any skills, how can you tell him what to do?

Often, the little Chihuahua is shy, nervous, or hyperactive, and his human is frustrated and embarrassed by his resulting behavior. Without more details about the aggression I cannot offer specific advice on training, but most types of aggression benefit from building the dog's respect and trust for you. Additional training can then be build off of that foundation.


Check out the video linked below for one exercise that can be done with people. Notice the back tie leash that keeps the person that the dog does not know safe.

Chihuahua 101 - Feeding, Grooming, Training & Health Care of Chihuahua

There are likely other things that need to be practiced as well though. I am working on socializing Guppy as much as possible so she grows up to be a friendly happy girl. I have a 3 yr old son who she is completely fine with. As part of her socialization, I try to take her everywhere with me. Thank you, Amanda. Hello Amanda, Right when the incident happens, I would tell her "Ah Ah" firmly, get between her and the child or remove me from what she is being possessive of and make her leave the area.

That is just to show her that that's not acceptable though. To prevent future occurrences, have that child and other children of various ages practice giving her obedience commands that she knows and giving her treats when she obeys. Supervise and help them as needed.

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You want to teach respect but also trust. You want to do this in a way that helps her relax and associate the kids with fun things like rewards. Having the kids take her for walks, feed her her entire dinner one piece at a time from a zip-lock and not her bowl everytime she does something for them like sit, act friendly, or act calm, or play a game like fetch but sit when you old to get the ball and drop the ball on command.

Make the encounters rewarding and fun for her but also structured to build both trust and respect. Also, don't let kids tease her or scare her. The encounters should be rewarding. My pup likes to bark and everything outside and does growl and want to eat people other than me my daughter my son my parents and my ex husband. Above it said put dog down and ignore him.

But dont we have to protect the guests from being eaten lol Do we calmly put him in his crate? Hello Patti, The article you commented on was written more to address preventing aggression. Since Alexander is already displaying aggression you are correct that you need to do things differently. Having boundaries and not encouraging his aggressive behavior is certainly important too, like the article states, but you do need to take measures to protect guest and the aggression needs to be treated differently than what you would do to prevent it in most cases.

Check out this video by Jeff Gellman, who specializes in aggression. Here he demonstrated safety measures a back tie , when to have guest reward a dog during calmness and not during aggressive displays , and how to appropriately use punishment when treating aggression with good timing, calmness, and in combination with positive reinforcement for calm behavior and with the appropriate safety measures for your guests.

I have a 3 year teacup long haired chihuahua that my mother got me while I was still living at home. Recently I have moved out and I am living in apartments while going to college. Where I live there is constant people around, other dogs, and I like to have friends over every once in a while. While living at my mothers house he was the only dog around, never really had company over other than family every once in a while and we live far off into the woods with no noise surrounding so he was pretty spoiled.

Now I live around noisy neighbors can hear them above, beside us and walking by door , many neighbors has dogs they also walk and have and I have people over some times. He is very territorial about me particular always has been , but he barks constantly with neighbors, growls, charges and barks at neighbors and dogs when passing, and some of my friends boyfriends he's really funny about males; he never liked my younger brother much and he never socialized with him, but liked my dad he will bark and growl at them the entire time they are in my apartment even tries to chase after them and nip at their heels.

No matter how much I yell at home, get onto him, pop his butt, he does not care. The next time it happens he's right back to acting out. I would love to be able to take him for a walk without him freaking out. Hello Carlee, Check out this video by Jeff Gellman, who specializes in aggression. Here he demonstrated safety measures a back tie , when to have people reward a dog during calmness and not during aggressive displays , and how to appropriately use punishment when treating aggression with good timing, calmness, and in combination with positive reinforcement for calm behavior and with the appropriate safety measures for your guests.

Have him work for everything he gets for a while by having him perform a command first.

Are Chihuahuas Hard to Train?

For example, have him sit before you feed him, lay down before you pet him, look at you before you take him outside, ect.. If he nudges you, climbs into your lap uninvited, begs, or does anything else pushy, make him leave the room. Teach him a Place command and work on him staying on place for up to an hour, even when you walk into the other room for a minute. Practice crate manners. Work on teaching a structured Heel. Forget about getting places during a walk for a while right now, instead go somewhere open, like your front yard, a park, or culdesac and practice a heel where his nose does not go past your leg.

You need to hire a trainer to help you with the aggression and you need someone who uses a lot of boundaries, positive reinforcement and fair discipline tactfully. Dog Walking. Dog Sitting. Dog Boarding. Book in. The Set Rules Method. Introduction All puppies are sweet and cute; yours will be no different. Defining Tasks The trick to training your Chihuahua to be friendly from the start is to get him social as early as possible.

Getting Started Start training your Chihuahua to be friendly as soon as you bring him home. Before you bring a Chihuahua into your home, decide your boundaries. Set boundaries with sleeping arrangements, whether or not your Chihuahua will sleep in your bed, be allowed on your couch, or be held much of the time. Set physical boundaries within your home, such as not allowing the Chihuahua in the bathroom with you or in the kitchen while you are cooking. As soon as you bring your Chihuahua home, begin obedience training. Chihuahuas can be stubborn, so do not give up even if your dog stops showing interest.

Offer high-value treats during training and keep your sessions short. Start with the basics to set yourself up as the leader of the pack.

Chihuahua Potty-Training and Housebreaking

Your Chihuahua will growl a lot, especially as he is meeting people and pets in your world. Do not allow him to get away with growling at your guests. Be firm and ignore poor behavior but overly reward good behaviors. When you catch your Chihuahua being friendly to someone within your household, a guest, or another pet, reward him with a tasty high-value treat.

When setting your boundaries, decide if lap sitting or couch sitting will be allowed as long as your Chihuahua is well behaved. If so, when he is good, allow these things as rewards. Get your Chihuahua out as often as possible to see the big wide world. He needs to be comfortable with people coming into your home and with other pets being near you. A Chihuahua who is not well socialized will stick to his owner and fear anyone else. From early on, take your Chihuahua anywhere you can take him. Introduce him to other dogs.

Always end social time, training time, good behavior moments, and affection moments with a treat. Recommend training method? As leader of the pack in your house, teach your Chihuahua all the commands he can learn.

How to Train Your Chihuahua Dog to Listen

Start with the basics to get him to sit and lie down on command. Then move on to cute tricks like standing on hind legs, rolling over, or begging. Little dogs can learn a lot of fun tricks that will give him positive attention when performed. Be sure to end any training session with treats along with the treats he earns while learning. Do not let your Chihuahua free feed. Provide his meals to him on a set schedule. Make a big deal out of preparing is meals and setting them down at meal times.

If at all possible, train your Chihuahua to stand back away from you while you are preparing the meal and putting it in place. Your Chihuahua should be able to see you prepare his meals but not be allowed to jump or beg while you are making his food. Show your dog what part of your home is his territory. When house training, take the Chihuahua on a leash to one part of your yard, training him to only use that area. By keeping him on a leash and showing him where to go, you are showing him you are alpha-dog and will make the rules.

While your dog is in training to be a good social dog, keep him off your couch or bed. Give him a comfortable bed near you but down on the floor as he is learning to be under your command. Be sure to acknowledge him with treats and a calm tone when talking, but do not let him on your level until you can trust him to be a friendly, well-rounded pet. Socialize your Chihuahua as often as you can to get him used to people and other dogs. Once your dog has gone through obedience training, has been socialized, understands who feeds him and his role while waiting for his meals, and knows he has to earn his place on the couch or in your spaces, even your arms, put all these things together and have him around people and pets more.

Establishing the leader of the pack role with your Chihuahua and demand respect for yourself. Over time, he will get that you expect him to be respectful of others as well. Set your boundaries early on. If your Chihuahua is acting aggressively or growling, put him down or do not pick him up to begin with. Babying or coddling this behavior will only enforce the behavior as good for your Chihuahua. Do not discipline your Chihuahua with angry voices or tones.