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Habakkuk; 2 Cor 7
Did You Receive the Holy Spirit When You Believed? An Experience That Will Empower Your Life

Not to try as in "try it you may like it" but to TEST its validity. Revelation I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast TRIED them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars: The word "try" in 1 John is the Greek word DOKIMAZO Strong's meaning to test, examine, prove, scrutinize.

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Sometimes something is so obviously false that anyone can see it, but there are those instances in which only a "trained eye" can detect the falsehood as with a bank teller detecting a counterfeit bill. Because it is foolish to stick your head in the sand when you run across something which you don't understand, I determined a number of years ago to investigate different doctrines. You can take a look at them at one of my other web sites: Bible Studies. Many companies recruit and intensively train their sales people to go out and sell only their products or services.

Many of these sales people are aggressive, and have no problem with sweeping any negative aspects under the rug while tearing apart the competitor who gets in the way of their personal gain. They live it, breathe it, eat it, sleep it, use high pressure scare tactics, are very zealous and almost always have no ethics whatsoever.

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They usually stay stressed out and frustrated most of the time, and live a very unhappy, unfulfilling life of chasing that elusive carrot at the end of a pole Well, believe it or not, I've just described a lot of "professing" Christians, including ministers, who have been indoctrinated to believe Rome's version of the gospel of three "persons".

Many have no earthly idea what their calling or mission in life really is, and don't have the wisdom, knowledge and understanding necessary to defend the Apostles' One God Monotheistic Doctrine while reaching out to lost souls in an effort to win them over to the truth of the Word of God and steer them away from the doctrines and traditions of man.

If there is one thing I have learned in my years of independent Bible study, it is this: God does not need me, you or anyone. We are absolutely nothing apart from His love and mercy. As a matter of fact, He has people in their graves who paid the price, stood the test and are just waiting for that trumpet to sound! It is true that there is still work to be done, but God will call people out of the places where some of us have been if necessary.

Just as He by-passed the synagogues of His day that were full of Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes to call some men who weren't educated beyond their intelligence to be leaders in the Church of the New Covenant. I realize the supernatural manifestations of the Spirit of God is a deep subject, and one that may be far removed from the minds and concerns of a lot of people, but 2 Timothy Chapter 3 warns us about conditions in the last days: 2 Timothy Chapter 3 1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

The word "POWER" used here is the Greek word DUNAMIS Strong's , meaning: force, special miraculous power usually by implication a miracle itself ability, abundance, meaning, mighty deed, worker of miracle s , power, strength, violence, mighty wonderful work. It is super important to remember that in the last days there will be some who have a form of godliness but will deny the POWER Granted, in the last days there will also be lying signs and wonders Who denies supernatural miracles today?

Or claims that all supernatural manifestations are of demonic origin? Acts Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by MIRACLES and wonders and signs, which God did by him in the midst of you, as ye yourselves also know: Acts But when they believed Philip preaching the things concerning the kingdom of God, and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women. Acts And God wrought special MIRACLES by the hands of Paul: So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.

And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord.

Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed? (Acts )

And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit; To another the working of MIRACLES; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues: But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.

And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that MIRACLES, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues. Hebrews How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him; God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers MIRACLES, and gifts of the Holy Ghost, according to his own will?

So there we have it. According 2 Timothy , some will have a form of godliness outwardly appear religious but will deny the "power" Should we rip James out of our Bibles and refuse to pray for the sick? James Is any sick among you? What about the drug addicts, prostitutes, alcoholics and those out there in the pig pens and dens of iniquity?

Without a miraculous deliverance and transformation their fate is sealed. And my friend, I know first-hand that true deliverance and transformation does not come by merely accepting Christ as your personal Saviour and shaking a preacher's hand. Some may say what I am talking about is just an emotion. Well, it is an emotion. But it is also much, much more than an emotion! What is love? Can you put a handle on it? Is it tangible? Isn't it an emotion which produces tangible and intangible results?

To say the operation of the Holy Spirit is no longer manifested as in the Bible days, or to describe such as demonic or merely an emotion is a very grave mistake. God knows the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning and He knew long before that there would be a "dark ages" followed by a reformation period. It is a real tragedy when those who claim to be spiritually discerning can not discern or distinguish between the genuine manifestation of the Holy Spirit operating in the five-fold ministry Church that Jesus Christ ordained almost 2, years ago and that of the counterfeit works of darkness performed as by the magicians of Egypt.

However, Truth will withstand the onslaughts from Hell as well as from ignorant zealots. God is not the author of confusion, but neither is the prophecy of the scriptures of any private interpretation. Therefore, we must give diligence to their proper interpretation in establishing our convictions. This communication is not designed to be a scathing rebuke, but rather it is presented with godly fear, in sincerity and love. We must speak where the Bible speaks, but let's be sure we do that. The Bible speaks of the "former" rain and "latter" rain. It is my understanding that the "latter" rain fell on Jan.

People from all denominations, backgrounds and walks of life have experienced this "new birth" that Jesus told Nicodemus about in John Chapter 3. The book of Acts is the history book of the "original" New Testament Church. And it is still being written today, so to speak, because it has no ending. If there is anything in the Book of Acts which a believer stays away from or denounces, that in itself should be a "red flag" to the serious Bible student.

The initial outpouring of the Holy Spirit former rain witnessed by speaking in tongues in Acts , the continuation of the witness of speaking with tongues upon receiving the Holy Spirit in Acts and Acts , the ceasing of tongues in the "religious church world," the "dark ages" followed by the "latter rain" outpouring at the turn of the 20th Century which sparked a great worldwide revival, and the ultimate end of the New Testament Church Age is my understanding of Paul's meaning in 1 Corinthians , "Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away," The gifts of the Spirit described in I Corinthians were ordained of God to operate harmoniously in the Church.

And any attempt to remove one or more of them, in my opinion, is a serious mistake. Has God taken back any of the gifts He placed in the Church? Romans For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. As we've seen, God placed miracles and tongues in the "original" New Testament Church.

And even though some deny them today, I have never met anyone who can scripturally prove when and where God took them out of the Church. Rather than trying to understand them and distinguish between the genuine and the counterfeit, some people just throw the baby out with the bath water. I grew up in a mainline denominational church, which I won't name because it would serve no real purpose. However, I will just say that there is a much deeper depth in one's relationship with God than what most people are exposed to.

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Jesus did not many mighty works in Matthew because of people's unbelief. TRUE faith produces works, and according to James , "For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. Peter and John were sent because of it: There is NO doubt — there is something more that God has for Christians than most see at Salvation. To teach the Holy Spirit infilling is at Salvation is to make Philip and the Samaritan revival to be deceitful, which it clearly is not.

We must also remember that Jesus was baptized with water as part of his work to fulfill the law but Christ never baptized anyone with water but with the Holy Spirit. John the Baptist proclaimed that Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit and Ephesians states there is only one baptism which is obviously baptism of the Holy Spirit. So when Christ commands us to be baptized in His name, this is what He is speaking about.

Those who believe Lord Jesus Christ and are saved have to obey.

Did You Receive The Holy Spirit When You Believed?

Without the work of holy spirit how we believe Jesus Christ. Is it mentally?. As per the scripture in eph we receive Holy Spirit during salvation and subsequently being filled continually by faith. What about the penitent thief on the cross? Jesus himself knew this when he promised the thief entry into paradise. While all the scriptures mentioned above are true, it is also true that in Luke we are instructed to ask for the Holy Spirit. The fullness is yet to come. Hello dear Evadne, With all due respect I think you need to study those scripture more deeply.

Get a good study Bible so you may get a the right interpretation, because it does not mean what you have become to believe. I pray for the right interpretation of all scriptures for us all us all. I would say the same thing too! There should be some kind of evidence for having an Holy Spirit inside of u. Ephesians 1: 13 — 14 gives you that answer. Once you receive the truth of the gospel then you are sealed with the promise and that promise is the Holy Spirit which is a guarantee of our inheritance in Christ.

Linda, yes, you must be born again by the Spirit, regenerated or made spiritually alive in order to believe.

Truth About Baptism, Holy Spirit, Sabbath, Holy Communion, Foot Washing From The Bible

At that moment we are sealed by the indwelling Holy Spirit. Its saying that when you are getting baptized with water that it really is the Holy Spirit that you are getting baptized with, not the water. I disagree with this passage. Baptism by water is very necessary. If is a profession of faith, Jesus did it and he commanded others to do it as part of being welcomed into the Kingdom.

Telling people it is not required is false teaching. Can you get the holy spirit through Gods mercy without baptism? Is baptism in the name of Lord Jesus Christ expected of you? You can still have a strong relationship with Jesus without being water baptized because it is just being dunked under water.

Yes, it is a sacrament therefore very meaningful and symbolic, but at the end of the day, what matters is where your heart is. I believe god is not so legalistic to require certain things like that of us in order to be with Him. About Us All Our Articles. By: Michael Bradley.