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The French Food Supermarket in London. More Products From: Bonduelle. E-mail this product to a friend. Product Rating: 0 of Ratings: 0 Only registered customers can rate. And it was such fun. It was this spirit, her vigorous curiosity and joie de vivre, that made Julia so appealing to so many people. And it is one of the things that sets her apart from many of today's celebrity chefs and lifestyle entrepreneurs. I'' -- provided her with a very good living, she was never in it for the money.

Why is French food so good?

She refused to endorse products or restaurants, and turned down many lucrative commercial television projects in favor of public television. She was motivated by a deep enjoyment of food and its preparation, and would happily spend hours tinkering in the kitchen by herself or, preferably, with others. In her garden that day the flinty side of Julia was also on display. This is an aspect of her personality that people tend to overlook or ignore, but it was just as much a part of her as the fun-loving ''ham'' and ''hayseed'' that was her television persona.

She was not simply a funny tall lady who dropped food on the floor and appeared to swig wine intemperately. In fact, she was privately irritated by such caricatures.

Wild mushrooms with herbs | The Everyday French Chef

She was a driven and rigorous technician, a well-trained and hard-working cook who loved French cuisine in part because it had what she called ''rules. Julia's method was to spend hours on ''scientific'' research, learning how master chefs approached a recipe. When she found an approach she liked, she'd ''submit it to the empirical test.

If the mayonnaise doesn't 'catch' properly, then try it again until you get it all right -- the temperature of the bowl, the type of oil, the vinegar, the speed at which you whisk it all together. A little extra effort shows your guests that you care about the food. It's always worth it. If a dish goes horribly wrong, like a ''vile'' eggs Florentine she once made for a friend, Julia instructed, ''Never apologize.

Such admissions ''only make a bad situation worse,'' she said, by drawing attention to one's shortcomings or self-perceived shortcomings and prompting your guest to think: Yes, you're right, this really is an awful meal. View all New York Times newsletters. Our conversation drifted to the Cordon Bleu, France's famous cooking school. In she was the lone woman in a class of 11 American G. Always considerate of ''the boys'' in person, Julia confided to her sister-in-law that the G. And when I asked about Madame Brassard, the school's formidable proprietor, Julia, who rarely spoke ill of anyone, snapped: ''She was a horrid woman.

She hardly knew how to cook and was mostly interested in making money. Besides, she wasn't even French -- she was Belgian. When I asked her about the recent tension between France and the United States, Julia said she'd found it disappointing but not surprising. That year, an old American friend in Paris had blurted out that she considered the French mean, grasping, chiseling and unfriendly in every way.


The friend, Alice, couldn't wait to leave France and said she would never return. Alice had been a good friend, but I just didn't understand her anymore. Julia, meanwhile, had decided that ''I must really be French -- only no one had ever informed me of this fact.

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I loved the people, the food, the lay of the land, the civilized atmosphere and the generous pace of life there. I saw no reason to leave, ever.

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Julia led a charmed life, but it wasn't perfect. In France she and Paul had half-heartedly tried to conceive, but, ''it didn't take,'' she said with a shrug.