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Beyond Desire EP

Old god or new, the only thing certain is we will all revel in the pleasures of the flesh. When you think of heroes and villains where does that take you? Wonder Woman? Captain Phasma? Julius Caesar? Genghis Kahn? Catherine the Great? Madame Curie? Eliot Ness?


Al Capone? Harry Potter?

Desire the Night by Amanda Ashley | Penguin Random House Canada

Regardless, be your best or baddest or both sexiest self. What animal are you? Care to share? Sleek feline? Playful puppy?

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Prancing pony? Strong and sinewy?

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Soft and strokeable? Do you have a master, or are you king of the beasts? Leather, latex, lace, PVC, or rope?


Indulge your bliss, we all want to see. This theme night occurs on the same night as our Dungeon Disco takeover. Silly, childish, uncomplicated, and sickly sweet — and that's just the breakfast cereals! What do you think of when you think about Saturday Morning Cartoons? Comfy jammies? Silly characters?

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Or does your brain go somewhere else? We are excited to offer in our studio. We read a story then we'll do a craft that goes along with the book.

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Typically we choose a pottery piece to paint, but at times we do clay and other crafts. Close search. Be sure to check out our Summer Workshop Class schedule! We provide a unique place to relax and explore art in different mediums. What we offer.


This is what our studio is mainly all about. Glass Fusing is a popular art medium in our studio! Clay is the newest addition to our studio! We offer clay hand building projects! We will show you how to create some pretty fun projects out of a slab of clay! Story Time is a fun session that we offer for younger kiddos.