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Entropie et néguentropie de la traduction – Nouveaux cahiers de la recherche en éducation – Érudit

Bonne visite! While the human and animal orders have for a long time been considered as distinct, scientific discoveries and current social practices lead us to consider that the boundary between these two orders is no longer self-evident. However, if the interrogation on the interpenetration of the natural and the social is nothing new, the issue remains important insofar as it establishes the respective share of each and finally the place of the human in its own universe.

First, we analyze these questions both in anthropocentric connections and more zoocentric relations to animals, in order to show how this new proximity is put in danger by the awareness of different risks which associate humans and animals.

Translation of "est-ce qu'on mange" in English

Finally, we raise questions currently asked in different spheres of human society concerning the place to be given to, or the distance maintained from, animals. Analysons ces deux notions. Finalement il est devenu beaucoup plus adulte et animal. Anthropologists at Work.

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Development as Process. Concepts and Methods for Working with Complexity.

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New Delhi, India Research Press. Development Anthropology. Encounters in the Real World.

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