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I miss Houston self. Moved to PA a earlier this year, and other than the drivers and weather most of the time, man oh man do I miss Houston. Pittsburgh's a lovely city in a lot of ways, but the food here is Someone please bring tacos and queso and brisket and shipley's to this pregnant lady.

Dammit if these creatures bother the hell out of me Especially when they run at you. Yes I know I'm x their size but fuu they won't die the 1st time you strike them, it's like you're in a battle. It's even more annoying when they actually get away and you're left wondering when you'll have to face them again Also, all the old Italian restaurants are horrible.

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My grandma is from this area, so I understand who settled here and I feel safe in saying that no one up here knows how to season food :. You can finally get good pizza in Houston, and at all sorts of places. It was a bit of a pizza wasteland for a long while. If you like cabbage try halupkies, they're delicious.

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Did that like 10 years ago. The food. I missed all the freaking Tex mex. I actually missed the faster pace of Houston. I miss it too much. Was just down in Destin Florida for fishing. That whole strip across the top of the gulf east of the Mississippi is gorgeous.

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Yeah, I just moved to Austin for school and it has really made me appreciate Houston. I can't wait to finish and hopefully land a job in the Houston area. Live in Austin as well but born and raised in Houston. I really miss the food in Houston. Have you been to Little Deli? Bring a six pack or a bottle of wine, order a pizza, and sit at one of their picnic tables. So what, and how, should you tell consumers about your product to avoid being swept away in a sea of similar wares? To answer this question, Rice Business professor Amit Pazgal and colleague Yuanfang Lin of Conestoga College dove into the particulars of how companies differentiate their products by informing consumers about a new product's quality.

The rush of new products, they note, is particularly intense in technology, where innovations are constant — which means consumers constantly need information about them. Traditionally, tech companies make the case for their products using advertising, free sample, product trials and splashy product demonstrations. See your local Apple Store. Timing, Pazgal and Lin found, plays a powerful role in the type of information that best influences consumers.

Suppose, for example, Firm 1 offers a new product, say a smartphone with innovative features.

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This makes Firm 1 a pioneer. For a certain golden period, Firm 1 might hold a monopoly in the market, since there's simply no other smartphone like theirs. This is the moment, the researchers say, to offer consumers information that reveals the product's true quality and uniqueness. Because no similar product is out there, Firm 1 has the power to establish the parameters for judging its invention. Inevitably, of course, another company call it Firm 2 will come up with something comparable.

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Thanks to the heavy lifting in innovation by Firm 1, Firm 2 has the luxury to create a phone of equal or greater quality. And this is when the tide starts to turn. One might assume Firm 2 would just inform consumers of the superior quality of its product.

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  • But, surprisingly, Pazgal and Lin found that in most cases Firm 2 will instead focus on educating consumers about their preference for quality — in effect, leaving it up to the buyer to decide which of the two phones they really wants. However, if another firm emerges with a similar product of lesser quality, its marketing will likely take yet another turn.

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    Instead of trying to claim better quality, late entry companies offering an inferior product typically admit outright that their product isn't as well made as other versions. That's because such firms calculate that if customers discover this themselves, they'll react badly. By telling the truth and pricing appropriately, a firm can find a calm stretch of water elsewhere in the market, someplace where it's not clashing directly with the earlier, higher quality products.

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    • Whether it's Alexa, a smart TV or a virtual reality game, Pazgal and Lin explain, when a product enters the market for the first time, consumers need to be shown how it works. When a second product in the same line is introduced by a different company, the marketing task changes: it's now more important to show consumers how to identify a quality product, and then let them choose for themselves.

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