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A successful apology

Forgiveness Face to Face with Jesus

Have you ever been in the presence of God and started to confess and repent? What must it have been like for this man? He must have heard so many stories about this Jesus?

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He must have imagined a meeting with Jesus and how it would go and played out a thousand scenarios in his head. They hear where Jesus will be and 4 of his besties make a decision that their friend WILL be healed tonight. Not only do they want this for him but for themselves.

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The verbal battle between the believers vs the doubters begins. There must be a way in! Breaking apart the roof without falling in — wow then lowering their friend safely to where Jesus is speak.

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If I wanted to resent him, I would never be able to fully enjoy the life my dad and so many others willingly or unwillingly died for. He had robbed me of a father and I had subconsciously given him sixteen years of my anger, anguish, sleepless nights and bouts of severe depression. One day I just refused for him to take away my joy and enthusiasm for life any more than he already had.

Face of Forgiveness

At the age of 23, here I am with my family ready to finally meet the man who took away not only my father but so many others — friends, husbands, and sons. I was surprised at how I froze and allowed my mum to lead the line of questioning until I became present again.

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I looked on in awe as I witnessed myself crying not because of who I had lost, but because I saw a man who was created by a regime and who took the fall for a government. A man who lost so much more than I would bear had I been in the same situation. I left having felt like I had just been lucky enough to meet one of the most brilliant thinkers of my time and someone who was also a victim to a system of indoctrination. I had forgiven him then, but having met him, I can say I have been changed by this encounter forever.

I believe in order to do that and fulfil the vision of the greats like Nelson Mandela, we have to go through the reconciliation process as a country, because there can be no progress without reconciliation.

How to Forgive and Forget

Therefore, should we not extend a courtesy of fairness to a man who was ordered to commit those atrocities in the same way we extended a courtesy of fairness to those who ordered him to commit them? It does, however, mean we remove the venom in our system as a country to move forward uncrippled by the past.

But I don't think it's because of how deeply we've been wounded by another. Forgiveness is quite difficult, and in some ways impossible, if we believe we must first receive an apology from the person who offended us. Likewise, we will have difficulty forgiving another person if we are expecting that person to show remorse or evidence of having changed. We can also tend to believe that if we forgive someone, we are giving them a license to hurt us again.

In my book, When a Woman Overcomes Life's Hurts , I address the healing power of releasing yourself through forgiveness. We remain in chains of emotional bondage to those we refuse to forgive.

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Instead, you can live freely by freely forgiving. When God forgave us of the debt of our sin, He expected us to then forgive others of their debts toward us Ephesians Here are some misconceptions we have about forgiveness that often make it difficult for us to forgive someone. It simply means you are letting yourself off of their emotional hook.

When we admit that our offense was real, it hurt, and it's inexcusable but so is our offense to God, we can forgive another person just as God has forgiven us. The fact is, you may never stop hurting from something someone did to you.