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Seventh grade student Samantha Simpson starts her day in Mrs. We learn about God while having fun with activities. I am looking forward to learning more about God in LIP! In addition to making an impact on the field, the high school football coaches and players took time on Homecoming Saturday to host the Junior High football team during pre-game preparations, including walk-through, meal, and chapel time, where Coach Randy Davis spoke to the teams about what it means to be a Cougar football player, and a man of God.

In addition to the performance goals that the team accomplished, they wanted to positively impact the league for Christ. The success of this effort was rewarded when the team received the Nisqually League Sportsmanship award at the end of the season. Pictured, clockwise from top: Senior Blaykne Pederson sends the ball downfield to teammates; tennis teammates take a moment to enjoy their victory; junior High football team meets for halftime adjustments at Charles Wright; Junior High cheer staff entertains at halftime; eighth grader Garret Tapia takes a penalty kick during a home game.

High School Tennis - All three varsity. High School Volleyball - Under the leadership of new coach Shauna Sheppard, the Cougar volleyball team finished league play with a record, and advanced to post-season play. Some of these events include the kick-off BBQ on the first day of school, the Homecoming banquet, spirit week, the powder puff football game, and Homecoming coronation.

Administrative Assistant Brenda Gates works with the ASB team members on a regular basis, providing office support for the many tasks that need to be accomplished. They all have a huge heart for God. They lead for positive influence in what they do, and they work well together and are very professional when dealing with the community.

I am blessed to be able to work with these kids. They are mature, loving kids that love their school and each other. We are diverse in the groups and social circles represented in ASB. I knew automatically this would help us to connect with more kids. In a sense, their differences bring them together. I have seen unity in many areas.

It is easy to establish goals; the difficult part is figuring out how to get there. Executive Secretary Madi Velling concurs. It has given our ASB the modes by which they are going to arrive at the goals they have set for our school. We have a road map that helps us reach our goals more efficiently and precisely. Before, school events never really excited me, but now I look forward to seeing how the hard work and planning will work out. Medal of Merit. Ferrie outweighed year-old Lakin by about 40 pounds.

Lakin had to lift Ferrie out of his wheelchair and hold him upright in order to stop him from choking. Ferrie, also a senior at the time, suffers from cerebral palsy, and therefore could not even signal to his caregiver that he was choking. When Lakin noticed, he did not think twice about lifting the quadriplegic Ferrie out of his chair to help, even though he was not completely certain he would even remember how to perform the maneuver. Lakin finished his lunch with his friends, and then returned to class. His scout leader Daryl Roa said what Lakin did exemplifies what he expects from the elite group of Eagle Scouts.

The humble Lakin was forced to receive some applause for his heroism when his troop awarded him with a Medal of Merit. On Sept. House of Representatives in Washington, D. Impacting the World: continued from page 8 Seoul, South Korea to take an entire class of elementary students for their 6th grade year. Honoring our Veterans The preparation for Daffodil Princess Selection began in May, when eligible junior girls met to hear the requirements and the benefits of vying for the privilege of representing Cascade Christian High School during the annual Daffodil Festival activities.

Sue Johnson, wife of Superintendent Don Johnson, has been an integral part of preparing the princess candidates for the last two years. I have learned techniques on how to bring out the best character traits in myself and how to be a dignified lady of God! Above: The Princess candidates were given the opportunity to introduce themselves to the community at a City Council meeting on October The Daffodil Festival has several requirements, including being a senior in high school and having a 3.

The festival also requires all Festival Royalty to be willing to serve during the entire festival year, participating in all Daffodil Festival activities. They must worship regularly with parents in a local Biblebelieving church, behave and work responsibly in the classroom, on the school campus, and at school-sponsored activities, abiding by the standards set by the school. Brandon Bowie photo, right was valedictorian of the first graduating class of Cascade Christian Schools.

He and his wife Kristin now have two children attending the Tacoma Elementary campus: Ethan 5th grade , and Josiah 2nd grade. Jonathan Morell married Rachel Marrion on March 19, He recently started a photography business, and Rachel owns and operates a screen printing business. In addition, Jonathan coordinates a wilderness leadership program called Walkabout that takes 70 college student leaders into the wilderness for one week, during which they summit the third highest mountain in Oregon, spend the night alone in the wilderness, and hike over 40 miles over varied terrain.

Class of Rachel Scott Anderson is married to Eric Anderson. They have four children: Samuel 7, Elijah 5, Luke 3 and Grace 1. They are both realtors and work from home, while homeschooling their two oldest children. Sam is in 1st grade and Elijah is in kindergarten. They had their first child, Oliver Joshua Tayet, on September 17, They have two children, Selah 3 years and Sophia 3 months. Currently, they are church planting in Long Beach, and will be ready to launch in time for Easter of They are living in the United Kingdom, where Phil is currently starting a Ph.

Ryan Moore is having his most successful year yet on the PGA. Gracie and Steve live in Puyallup, where she and her family own and operate Rock Creek Gardens, an outdoor wedding and event venue. She works at St. Dana was featured in the Spring edition of the Cascade Chronicle after a life-threatening car accident. It has been 10 months since my accident and I am planning a wedding. I will actually be getting married January second, just over the one-year anniversary of my accident.

The way it happened was all thanks to another Cascade alumni. When I had a get-together celebrating my return home continued on page He has been working and growing that. Alumni Update: Continued from page 16 business for the past 7 years. We look forward to continuing to help others receive the faith and tools we were given. See photo, right. She is working at City University as an Admissions Advisor.

Jayson is working for the Washington State Patrol. I am definitely counting my blessings! I would love to move up within City University, so I see myself here for a long time. Andrews for a Masters of Letters in Marketing. They are living in North Tacoma with their cat, Moses. John J. Kevin Krebs lives in Puyallup and works as an accountant in Renton. He plays baseball in the summers and is involved in his church. He graduated from WSU in the spring of and has been working full-time ever since.

I sponsor a child in the Dominican Republic and hope to fly down there within the next year. I have recently met the most amazing woman of God I have ever met before! I also would like to engage myself with powerful mission trips in the future. She and Perry are both Business Majors, looking forward to what God has for them next. We love the Arizona sunshine, but we miss all of our friends at CCS! Over the years, I have seen so many wonderful miracles happen in my patients by changing only one thing, improving the alignment of their spine and allowing the Power that made the body, heal the body.

The nervous system is responsible for coordinating and controlling the function of the entire body and the spine protects that communication.

Personal Development: mental, physical and spiritual growth.

Chiropractors just make sure that there is no interference in that communication. We are truly blessed to have a school that loves and cares for our kids and their futures as much as Cascade Christian does. Superior Electric Summit Trading Co. Tern Christian Counseling. As we were talking, they decided they wanted to set me up.

His name is Jonathan Ruch and he did not know me before the accident. He met me when I was still walking with a cane. Huth told us to do in 8th grade. I prayed over it, and the man I desired on that list showed up - just like Mrs. Huth said he would. It has been a whirlwind romance that without a doubt God has provided for me. God has been so amazing for me. I must add though, that after my accident Cascade people came out of the woodwork in support of me - and not just close friends, but people I had not spoken to in years.

It is true that your family is there when you need them, and my family was totally there.

Territorial Survey Results Reported - New Frontier Chronicle

Even prior alumni, that I looked up to for years while we were in school, were sending me donations. Refer a new student to Cascade Christian Schools, and you can Be the Difference for them and for you! For detailed information, go to www. Lead for Positive Influence Matthew In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. See More. You will be able to experience IMPACT Leadership Our Mission: To glorify God by providing quality, Christ-centered education dedicated to developing discerning leaders who are spiritually, personally, and academically prepared to impact their world.

The Chronicle C CascadeChronicle Chronicle Above: Pastor Ward observes as third grader Makayla Sharpe reads aloud during class. High School Football - The Cougar Football team is continuing its winning ways in the season, going in season play, and extending its participation in post-season play to nine consecutive seasons.

High School Tennis - All three varsity tennis players will be moving on to District play in the spring, following an undefeated season and first place league finish by Junior Nathan Anderson, and a third place league finish by doubles team Junior Ty King and Senior Brus Layson. C The Chronicle C Impacting the World: continued from page 8 Seoul, South Korea to take an entire class of elementary students for their 6th grade year.

Class of Class of Brandon Bowie photo, right was valedictorian of the first graduating class of Cascade Christian Schools. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away", [ citation needed ] By doing so, men may find happiness and self-fulfillment. I do not say that John or Jonathan will realize all this; but such is the character of that morrow which mere lapse of time can never make to dawn.

The light which puts out our eyes is darkness to us. Only that day dawns to which we are awake.

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There is more day to dawn. The sun is but a morning star.

Coming Home To The Soul - The Spiritual Growth Hang Up

Walden is a difficult book to read for three reasons: First, it was written in an older prose, which uses surgically precise language, extended, allegorical metaphors, long and complex paragraphs and sentences, and vivid, detailed, and insightful descriptions. Thoreau does not hesitate to use metaphors, allusions, understatement, hyperbole, personification, irony, satire, metonymy, synecdoche, and oxymorons, and he can shift from a scientific to a transcendental point of view in mid-sentence.

Second, its logic is based on a different understanding of life, quite contrary to what most people would call common sense. Ironically, this logic is based on what most people say they believe. Thoreau, recognizing this, fills Walden with sarcasm, paradoxes, and double entendres. He likes to tease, challenge, and even fool his readers. And third, quite often any words would be inadequate at expressing many of Thoreau's non-verbal insights into truth. Thoreau must use non-literal language to express these notions, and the reader must reach out to understand.

Walden emphasizes the importance of solitude, contemplation, and closeness to nature in transcending the "desperate" existence that, he argues, is the lot of most people. The book is not a traditional autobiography, but combines autobiography with a social critique of contemporary Western culture's consumerist and materialist attitudes and its distance from and destruction of nature. There are signs of ambiguity, or an attempt to see an alternative side of something common.

Some of the major themes that are present within the text are:. There has been much guessing as to why Thoreau went to the pond. White stated on this note, "Henry went forth to battle when he took to the woods, and Walden is the report of a man torn by two powerful and opposing drives—the desire to enjoy the world and the urge to set the world straight", [5] while Leo Marx noted that Thoreau's stay at Walden Pond was an experiment based on his teacher Emerson 's "method of nature" and that it was a "report of an experiment in transcendental pastorialism ". Likewise others have assumed Thoreau's intentions during his time at Walden Pond was "to conduct an experiment: Could he survive, possibly even thrive, by stripping away all superfluous luxuries, living a plain, simple life in radically reduced conditions?

Although Thoreau went to Walden to escape what he considered, "over-civilization", and in search of the "raw" and "savage delight" of the wilderness, he also spent considerable amounts of his time reading and writing. Thoreau spent nearly four times as long on the Walden manuscript as he actually spent at the cabin. Upon leaving Walden Pond and at Emerson's request, Thoreau returned to Emerson's house and spent the majority of his time paying debts.

During those years Thoreau slowly edited and drafted what were originally 18 essays describing his "experiment" in basic living. After eight drafts over the course of ten years, Walden was published in After Walden ' s publication, Thoreau saw his time at Walden as nothing more than an experiment.

He never took seriously "the idea that he could truly isolate himself from others". Walden enjoyed some success upon its release, but still took five years to sell 2, copies, [15] and then went out of print until Thoreau's death in It is often assumed that critics initially ignored Walden , and that those who reviewed the book were evenly split or slightly more negative than positive in their assessment of it. But researchers have shown that Walden actually was "more favorably and widely received by Thoreau's contemporaries than hitherto suspected.

Positive comments included praise for Thoreau's independence, practicality, wisdom, "manly simplicity", [19] and fearlessness. Not surprisingly, less than three weeks after the book's publication, Thoreau's mentor Ralph Waldo Emerson proclaimed, "All American kind are delighted with Walden as far as they have dared to say. On the other hand, the terms "quaint" or "eccentric" appeared in over half of the book's initial reviews.

While valuing freedom from possessions, Thoreau was not communal in the sense of practicing sharing or of embracing community. So, communism "is better than our hermit's method of getting rid of encumbrance. In contrast to Thoreau's "manly simplicity", nearly twenty years after Thoreau's death Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson judged Thoreau's endorsement of living alone in natural simplicity, apart from modern society, to be a mark of effeminacy, calling it "womanish solicitude; for there is something unmanly, something almost dastardly" about the lifestyle.

He said: "Thoreau's Walden is a capital reading, but very wicked and heathenish After all, for me, I prefer walking on two legs".

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Today, despite these criticisms, Walden stands as one of America's most celebrated works of literature. John Updike wrote of Walden , "A century and a half after its publication, Walden has become such a totem of the back-to-nature, preservationist, anti-business, civil-disobedience mindset, and Thoreau so vivid a protester, so perfect a crank and hermit saint, that the book risks being as revered and unread as the Bible.

Skinner wrote that he carried a copy of Walden with him in his youth, [28] and eventually wrote Walden Two in , a fictional utopia about 1, members who live together in a Thoreau-inspired community. Kathryn Schulz has accused Thoreau of hypocrisy, misanthropy and being sanctimonious based on his writings in Walden , [30] although this criticism has been perceived as highly selective.

The game was released to critical acclaim on July 4, , celebrating both the day that Thoreau went down to the pond to begin his experiment and the th anniversary of Thoreau's birth. Furthermore, Walden was adapted into an iOS app published by a third party developer. Walden: Life in the Woods is a quick play-through 2D game in which the player can, "explore the woods surrounding Walden Pond and play Thoreau inspired mini games.

Digital Thoreau, [36] a collaboration among the State University of New York at Geneseo, the Thoreau Society, and the Walden Woods Project, has developed a fluid text edition of Walden [37] across the different versions of the work to help readers trace the evolution of Thoreau's classic work across seven stages of revision from to Within any chapter of Walden , readers can compare up to seven manuscript versions with each other, with the Princeton University Press edition, [38] and consult critical notes drawn from Thoreau scholars, including Ronald Clapper's dissertation The Development of Walden: A Genetic Text [39] and Walter Harding's Walden: An Annotated Edition [40] Ultimately, the project will provide a space for readers to discuss Thoreau in the margins of his texts.

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  3. My Inside Story To My Mom and Dad.
  4. Field of Danger (Mills & Boon Love Inspired).

Protagonist Sam Gribley is nicknamed "Thoreau" by an English teacher he befriends. Shane Carruth 's second film Upstream Color features Walden as a central item of its story, and draws heavily on the themes expressed by Thoreau. The film Dead Poets Society heavily features an excerpt from Walden as a motif in the plot. The Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish makes several references to Walden on their eighth studio album Endless Forms Most Beautiful of , including in the song titled "My Walden". The investment research firm Morningstar, Inc.

In the video game Fallout 4 , which takes place in Massachusetts, there exists a location called Walden Pond, where the player can listen to an automated tourist guide detail Thoreau's experience living in the wilderness. At the location there stands a small house which is said to be the same house Thoreau built and stayed in. Phoebe Bridgers references the book in her song Smoke Signals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the book by Henry David Thoreau.

For other uses, see Walden disambiguation. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Wired News. Retrieved August 8, Retrieved May 3, Walden Civil Disobedience and Other Writings. Moldenhauer With a new introduction by Paul Theroux" Press release. Princeton University. January September 30, January 26, Archived from the original on March 18, Retrieved December 28, Digital Literature Review.

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