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Play sample. Create Time. Lead Your Business. It's free and yours to keep. Cancel any time. Choose Store. About this title Audio Format. Unabridged Version. Ratings and Book Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. They are like tags you can add to emails you send or receive.

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  • Unlike folders, you can add more than one label to an email. You can also have Gmail apply labels to emails as they arrive, saving you the manual effort.

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    All you have to do is create a Filter. The usual course of action when you want to organize Gmail is sifting through emails and forwarding them to teammates — an absolute waste of time.

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    For example, say you have a teammate who looks after all the emails from your shipping partner. You also get the ability to specify multiple conditions, such as the sender email and a specific word in the subject line. The possibilities are basically endless. Try it out. If a topic has many aspects that will need to be explained or discussed, take it to a personal meeting.

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    If there is a last minute cancellation of meetings, get-togethers, or interviews, tell them in person, or use the phone. If nothing else looks feasible enough, there is one resort that works like a charm every single time — Email Notes. Notes are messages you can write to your teammates and they appear right next to the email thread you're discussing unlike Slack or Hangouts where you have to tell people which email you're talking about and what happened an all that. Unlike chat, you can always go back and see what you conversed about a thread — you never lose context.

    You can use Notes for exchanging client information, offering tips, or basically anything that does not involve writing an entire story. Know more. A lot of times, we do not delete emails only because we might need them later. And then they keep piling up like there's no tomorrow. For example, every time you buy something from a vendor, they send you a receipt.

    You do not need them now but they might come useful when you are getting your accounts done at the end of the year. This is where the archiving feature comes into play. Archiving does not delete your email but removes it from your inbox. They remain searchable too. Your Gmail inbox is better organized. Everybody wins! You can also automate archiving by using filters - am explaining this in the next point.

    The Minute Inbox: Control Email. Create Time. Lead Your Business. by Joost Wouters

    Gmail has a really strong filtering capability. You can filter emails by subject, sender, recipient, content, and more. You can set criteria and actions — every email that meets the criteria is dealt with by Gmail automatically. All you have to do is start an advanced search. You will find ways to automate a big chunk of your email management and apply the limited actions that are possible to treat each email. You will set up a structure that will help you to implement the new behavior and integrate it in your daily work. And most importantly, you will create clarity about what you will do with all the additional time you have created and on what activities and projects you should spend it instead.

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    • ISBN 13: 9781483929736.
    • Joost Wouters - who has been invited by the management teams of many multinational firms all over the world - reveals the way to make best use of your two most precious assets: your time and your attention. Joost Wouters is consultant, author and speaker. He is capable of coupling business growth with personal development, which is why the world's top companies invite him to their offices.

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      Joost pronounce like 'Yoast' : "I help General Managers and their Leadership Teams to exemplify the change they want to see in their organisation and to overcome the obstacles for sustainable growth. My main drive for writing is that I didn't exactly enjoy every situation I was in, when I was an executive team member. Feeling more like a reactive fire fighter, rather than a proactive business builder, wasn't providing me with the energy to achieve what I wanted to accomplish.

      I just don't want you and your team to be there as well, let alone to stay there. When people get to the point where they start leading an organisation, they can accomplish so much more than answering email all day. I believe that most teams are wasting their leadership potential and the talents they have. You and your team just have to fulfil your leadership potential, because your organisation looks at you and follows your example.

      My experience? When our first son was born, I decided to quit my job and start a Management Consulting firm. In I traveled with my family for a year through the USA in a motor home. Since our return we moved to Spain, where we've built a house and training location on the Mediterranean.

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      Here you're always welcome to discuss your challenges while enjoying a cortado. The most important reason why leaders and their teams want to work with me is that I'm a living example of what they want to achieve. I make things happen. Or, as one client stated: He is Mr Results. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Compare all 8 new copies.

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