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On-Line Data-Acquisition Systems in Nuclear Physics, 1969

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Comput Programs Biomed. Review Nuclear Medicine in Pediatric Cardiology. Epub Jan Recent Activity. Clear Turn Off Turn On. Support Center Support Center. External link.

Nuclear physics

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  4. Schematic arrangement of the experiment. Block diagram of the multiparameter data acquisition system. Five targets can be placed on the RAM. The computer then transfers the control of the beam direction. Two detec- and returns the control of the Data Bus to the computer.

    As tors were mounted on the aluminium radial arms inside the DMA is very fast, this method is suitable for high count chamber. The position of the detectors could be controlled rates. The software for this system, was written mainly in by rotating the arms around the target-mounting frame and Visual Basic.

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    Using also by moving the detectors in the reaction plane by using this system one can watch several one- and two-parameter stepper motors. The stepper motors are computer controlled. One can also see Thus, the distance between the target and the detectors can the spectra of previous experiments which data have been be varied within the range of 2—10 cm. This system can be easily used in various experiments. Multiparameter data acquisition system The PC-based multiparameter data acquisition system 3.

    Experimental procedure used in our experiments was designed and assembled by S. Maboudi-Moghaddam and A. The system has up to six accessible parameters. In the experiments a standard fast-slow co- were prepared by vacuum evaporation.

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    The ford back-scattering RBS. The targets were placed on the target-mounting channel numbers as follows: the energies E1 and E2 and frame at the center of the chamber, and were oriented at the di erences in time-of-Oight T of the fragment pairs. The beam was focused by a quadrupole magnet, and was collimated 4. Data analysis by a graphite collimator with a channel diameter of 5 and length of 60 mm. Since it is not practical to prepare a The electronic equipment was set up so that the contri- self-supporting thin target having more than about 1 cm butions of random coincidences were very small.

    Neverthe- in diameter, it seems that the diameter of 5 mm for the less, by applying some appropriate limitations on energy graphite collimator is quite adequate.

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    So the beam spot on and time, they were eliminated and only the data concern- the target was restricted to approximately 20 mm2. Throughout the experiments, the intensity of the out following the prescription of Schmitt et al. The beam was limited to nA to prevent pile-up and satura- data due to the fragment pairs were transformed to give tion e ects in the detectors.