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Ne vaut-il pas mieux que le gouvernement en profite et moi aussi? Comme nous avons dit que cela devait arriver, il se tourna alors vers Dieu. Il pria donc, non pas avec ferveur, mais avec rage. Edmond ne voulait plus mourir. Il repoussa donc son lit et attendit le jour. Mon Dieu! Ne pouvez-vous pas recommencer dans un autre sens ce que vous avez fait dans celui-ci? Que fallait-il pour faire une lieue en nageant? Cette fois vous prenez mieux vos mesures. Je ne parle pas de la patience, vous avez fait vos preuves et je ferai les miennes.

Ce fera un grand volume in-quarto. Vous aviez donc des livres? Je ne vous cite que les plus importants. Le canif coupait comme un rasoir. Pauvre enfant, pauvre jeune homme! Cela dura deux heures. Non, soyez tranquille, je ne suis pas fou. On approche … je pars… Adieu. Son palais fut mon paradis. Spada connaissait la coutume des invitations. Ce fut tout. Continuez, je vous prie. Mon patron mourut. Tranquillisez-vous, mon cher Edmond, nous approchons de la fin. En attendant, les heures passaient, sinon rapides, du moins supportables.

Plus de doute, la plainte venait du cachot de son compagnon. Maintenant portez-moi sur mon lit, car je ne puis plus me tenir debout. Il sortit. Mais comment mourir? Que faire? Ces gens sont tous des contrebandiers, des demi-pirates. Cela te regarde-t-il Jacopo? Il fallait attendre.

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Nous ne partirons que ce soir. Le jour vint. Monsieur demande des renseignements, la politesse veut que je les lui donne. Je vendrai donc ce diamant. Le diamant vaut cinquante mille francs. Morrel, dit-il. Servieux, chambellan du roi actuel, et qui jouit de la plus grande faveur. Fernand comprit cela. Quand il connut la mort du vieillard, il revint.

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Elle apprenait le dessin, elle apprenait la musique, elle apprenait tout. Elle est riche, elle est comtesse, et cependant…. Monsieur, ne raillez-vous pas? Adieu, je retourne loin des hommes qui se font tant de mal les uns aux autres. Nous sommes depuis dix ans en relations avec la maison Morrel et fils de Marseille. Demandez-moi comme maire ce que je pense de M. Mais ce que je sais. Il est mort et bien mort? Sheikh Anta Diop Nations Negroes and culture: from ancient Egyptian nigga to the cultural problems of today's Black Africa, African presence editions, , pages While he was only ensuring the acting of the crown after his big brother mansa boubakary is gone for an adventure beyond the Atlantic Ocean.

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The idiot is "Lord of the injur" for a pilgrimage to Mecca, he will bousilla all the golden reserves of the empire that he shared without reserve to the Arabs, Libya; in Egypt, until Saudi Arabia in Mecca. In the end, the crates of the empire will be empty. On behalf of the religious brotherhood black people are near the stupidest sacrifices to fill their role as Muslims in front of the Arabs but never in front of other black people, whether they are Muslims or not.

A Brotherhood that has always been a unilateral one. As long as the relationship between black and Arabs goes back, they have never act in free kindness towards black people. While the black crying for a palestine negrophobes towards the black people who live there. While the black people go to die in wars that don't concern them in anything, Syria and Yemen.

The Arabs encourage the succession of north mali for the benefit of the Arab-Berber. Now that mali and other black countries are poor economically and Arabs rich economically, unlike mansa moussa them they don't give anything for nothing. In Black Africa they build Islamic banks to save the savings. They build mosques to better alienate the populations so that they are subject to them, they send islamic ngo finance by the monarchy petrodollard finally to be well seen by the local populations abandoned by states, they are everywhere in Black Africa they invest in the Trade is made full of money, but go ask black people who live in Arab countries that it is their daily insults, abuse torture, slavery, murder.

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Mansa Mousa His balance sheet is negative, he has not done anything good for his population, he fought the guardians of African knowledge to give access to his arab friends. The territory that was yesterday the powerful empire of Mali Holder of gigantic knowledge became today one of the most backward regions in the world, with a lousy army that can not defend its territory against the advance of the Arabs.. It was a noirabe finished as many today he had full of Arab wife, he even ended up inventing himself an affiliation with the prophet mohamet.

He does not deserve to be quoted in example by Africans. When you pass from decimal to binary you question your reading of the numbers from the beginning to the end. You're in a new paradigm. The African has to get out of the matrix and enter its own paradigm. When you get out of their paradigm and you will marry your own paradigm, you will be able to decide - from the African new year, it will no longer be on January 1st but one day that will suit you and your own holidays and holidays What do they ask for?

We will have less aggregated of African philosophy that swear only by Socrates and Plato, which limit their intelligence to that of the last, etc Get out of the decimal and try the binary you will see that it puts everything into question. And you will be free. The Chinese they have been out for a long time they are even already at the hexadecimal. All that's missing is you. And time is starting to play against us. Because in the face they arrive in force. They are starting again to fight Africa with an incredible violence.

THE ARCHIPELAGO ("L'ARCHIPEL") feature film; Film complet

At the point where terrorist groups appear everywhere. It's part of the war they're leading. Westerners vs. Africans surprise them and raise you and show them that you can also answer. We're late but we have this advance that they think we're sub-Men, from the inhabitants of the forest, to us so to surprise them. And all of this starts with a certain unit! A awareness of survival issues above any form of internal quarrels. Their biggest worries is to work hard, to earn euros, dollars, insert properly in the west. For some, it goes by marrying a European E , an American, short of a leukoderma most often to have said papers.

When you talk to them about Africa with enthusiasm, they look at you with mercy. For them, Africa is really hell, a hell that you don't even have to talk about. On their facebook page, you will rarely see a picture of Africa, but still those of the supposed western paradise. Even their status rarely refers to their continent of origin. Their primordial goal is to integrate the western paradigm at all costs: Hair Straightening, skin stripping, voice change etc They live far from Africa, but do not breathe, think and write only in Africa mode.

They are involved as much as they can in the movements movements, participate in the demonstrations, steps of support, send part of their salary in Africa for the financing of the projects. These are even more aware of the living Africans in Africa. They often receive mockery from those of the first category telling them once in a while: ' if you love africa so much, what do you do here, why don't you come home? This category is a minority, but very active on social networks.

This is the category of the diaspora to encourage. No one was the corrupt, very messy and politicized powers of Africa, this category, well used and listened, could be a very good lever for the emergence of African countries. But alas, in most cases they are even seen as enemies against the powers in place in the different enclosures.

So if you are from the African Diaspora, which category do you belong to. Your answer will allow you to know if africa can count on you or not. Not happy to surf on the " waves waves " of the historiography africanist moribund in desecrating at the " College of France " the memory of the African Anti-slavery resistant, the aedile takes back to his account the old sheathe of the " Mirage Integrationist " by accusing the young people Black of the suburbs of being to a large measure responsible for their own marginalization.

It does not hesitate to give them a challenge the following formula: "impose yourself, move the mountains". Those who today recommend the westernization are fans of the surrender and the disappearance of Africa A world where all the international institutions are in western truth, just look at who leads them? They are war weapons! They make decisions for the interests of the west, and call it " International community ".

Is it racist to denounce the western grip on Africa? Is it racist to denounce the organized flight that is carried out by their multinationals? Mass Looting, state blows and rebellions and from the outside, with weapons that the African does not know how to make, the terrorist groups that appear overnight because we decided that in the future we may be Going to see somewhere else for contracts on our own raw materials? Because the current post-colonial percentages don't like us.

Is it racist to denounce the cfa franc? These fake printed tickets in France and whose Europe is enjoying it? A currency that compels us to deposit half of our currencies in France so that they use it as their own recipes and come to lend us this same money with interest? Is he racist to see so much evil? What's anti-White racism?

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If this is the anti-White racism, then in 41 the French were so anti-German racists. You have to get out of all this, and not be afraid that they will treat you with all names because you aspire to your own paradigms. Don't let them demonize the movements they even enchanted when it was about them. Of Gaul is still a hero until today, and sankara, lumumba of " racists " " racist " they will always demonize every movement going against their interests of domination, and they will always demonize their filth under credible names like " democracy, rights of Man, international aid ".

And anyway an honest white will not feel offended by these critics against the foreign policy of his country. Honest Europeans have supported Chavez, Morales, Christine, correira and all Latin America in its approach to independence live in the United States, even if the Americans have counter-attacked and are reversing the socialist movement of Chavez in all Latin America. Honest Westerners have supported sankara, lumumba and all movements for the liberation of Africa. And continue to support any movement that goes in the sense of the autonomy of peoples.

It's the evil things that feel offended. And they managed to convince the house-Negro that it was racist to aspire to such things. It is not about the fate that Europeans have always reserved for them but rather of this naivety that lives in us. If what happens in the usa amazes us is that we still haven't understood anything.

The most dangerous attitude of our enemies is not their wickedness because this one keeps us in awakening. The most dangerous of their attitudes is rather their sympathy because it falls asleep to us and this since the time of our ancestors. You have to know how to live with them and stay awake when they are evil; to be even more when they show kindness.

Let us also learn to be against them in discretion because contrary to us their minds is in permanent awakening live from us. They observe us, they look at each of our words, analyze the least of our actions. Their society has taught them to consider us at all times as enemies that they must constantly watch.

When we are talented, they have to control this talent while pushing the mass to be and remain in mediocrity. When we show ourselves openly dissenting, they plan our death. Always walk armed regardless of the climate of peace or war. Armed mentally, spiritually and physically. Our fate will evolve only by the effort we will have provided. It is in sacrifice, the gift of self, the blood and the sweat that we will get out of it. By the way the buyer and seller was the same person: it was the francafrique. Today with the arrival of the emerging, it is therefore an obvious that the African is seduced by this new type of offer that certainly continues to raid Africa but in less worse, less aggressive, less donor of lesson, a little "more fair" And without outpouring of blood..

It begins by demonize the new partners of Africans, "China will bless you" etc.. State blows, armed rebellions formed funded.. But since that date, this technique is exhausted, the new technique they have found is terrorism followed by the military occupation that will force the countries "saved from terrorism" to concede all their contracts on raw materials to the west rather than at More offering, whether it's Chinese Turkish, Indian, Iranian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Korean, etc..

Terrorism precedes the military occupation that precedes the primacy of contracts and the continuity of looting. Followed by troops like in mali with the leader who can no longer say a word for fear of the return of terrorism, his country becomes a kind of western protectorate These are today small candidates with yet programs and Good intentions but with very little audience to be able to reach the mass. Ping vs Bongo, katumbi vs Kabila, zinsou vs heel, etc It's the same. It's no longer useless to vote, we need a revolution.

This continent is being assaulted, and aggression has become even more violent since they feel the Chinese presence and feel their interests more than ever threatened. The World War is taking place in Africa, there are no other words. The winner will control the vital raw materials. Terrorist groups coming everywhere in Africa. We went from not even 3 in to at least 15 in , and that descend more and more from the north to the south to the point of hearing about beni in the Congolese Equatorial Forest, It is no longer a chance, it is well piloted from the outside to create the disorder in Africa and then come to occupy it militarily and recolonize Africa.

Every African must become aware of what is happening and choose now to organize to resume the total control of its vital space or to disappear. True decolonization is now. It's time for tribal chiefs, those who have nothing to do with the head of state Venus from Saint Cyr Paris, or Chicago, Boston Massachusetts with the brain completely drowned by soft power. Leave to see each other in secret at night and use all the science that Africa possesses and unknown of the colon.

It's time to attack and get released really. Otherwise we're going to disappear. It is time to create occult and sincere occult circles in their approach ready to build a revolution plan, to distinguish well with revolt. The Revolution is the long term. It's time to build it slowly and silently, to multiply think thank, and act. It's our survival that's in games. And above all do it discreetly. It's a call to the conscience that is done there. Unless you prefer to disappear..

The following four hard points: 1-the first " Evangelical Evangelical churches " appeared in the th century circa in Africa to fight the " Traditional African brotherhoods " committed to the fight against European colonization. Based on a biblical vision of biblical inspiration, they announced a disaster imminent even the " end of the world " prophesy according to them by the " Holy Scriptures " cf the recit fantasy of " Final Armageddon ", it's to say the confrontation Ultimate of good and evil, of God and Satan.

If Africa is so afflicts by wars, famine, diseases, poverty etc it is according to the preachers of these pharmacies because it has not balance its "blood debt" with the Lord. I have chosen a design to illustrate my words by this example, due to the ravages of this maccies intimately linked to American Evangelical churches.

The " Multinational of the evangelical faith " that has become " Christian coalition " would shoot countries of " English-speaking " Africa Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, Kenya, Uganda substantial and mindboggling income by promoting the massive implantation of " Churches of the awakening " in these countries sus-mentioned.

The method of menticide is to control the behavior of the victim, through mental manipulation. The menticide systematically uses institutions, which are projecting images, values, beliefs and opinions If the psychological structure is fragile, we attend a collapse of the me.

Le Comte de Monte-Cristo/Texte entier - Wikisource

Black ceases to behave as a oriented individual. The purpose of his action will be others in the form of white , because others alone can value it. This is ethical: Self-improvement At this time, at the point of identity, he is able to identify himself with everything that happens including on the plan of poisoning. It is the loss of its culture, the loss of its identity in order to copy something else and to settle in this "other thing" permanently. This is the alienation But it is in this way that we deleted whole groups.

We deny you as a moral being, we deny you as a cultural being. We close our eyes, we don't see the evidence. We count on your complex, on your alienation, on conditioning, reflexes of subordination and on so many factors of this kind. And if we do not know how to emancipate ourselves from such a situation by our own means but there is no salvation. More violent than the one who has led to the disappearance of some species. Cultural alienation ends up being an integral part of our substance, our soul and when we think we're rid of it we haven't done it completely yet.

Often the colonized looks a little, to this slave of the xix th century that freed, goes to the step of the door and then comes back home, because he doesn't know where to go anymore.


He doesn't know where to go Wright is the wash Scientifically orchestrated brain in order to lose to one Group given its own benchmarks, and annihilate it, because it's good, According to the author, the ultimate goal of white people: exterminate the black of by The world. Professor Wright's analysis therefore provides us with Useful Concepts, which we must serve in order to explain to We are the situation in which we find ourselves.

This is Even more urgent because, to believe Bobby Wright, he would be futile Waiting for any modification of the behavior White Psychopath. Extract from the book the racial personality of the psychopath and other tests of Bobby E. His work, like the one of Frances Cress Welsing, was aiming to release the black people from his psychological enslavement. This book is a deep analysis made by psychologist bobby e.

Wright on the white man's psyche and his reports with the black man. In fact, b. This is reflected by aggressive behavior, criminal, mixed with a sense of superiority that is to say that it has all rights including that to educate us, to control us mentally, physically, on the economic plan and in the education of our Children. Thus the author gives us the keys and the slopes of reflection for a better understanding of the phenomenon of racism and the influence of this scourge on the behavior of the kamite community.

This to better understand the mentality of the European in order to better protect us. The ancient and recent history of humanity is full of documents, evidence and stories that attest to the cruelty and the predatory character of Western civilization in its interactions with indigenous peoples and precisely with Africans. Slavery and colonization are an appalling page of our common history that reminds us inexorably all the horror and barbarism organized by the west with kamita as " Playground.

The "Menticide" is a term invented by the author to define the deliberate and systematic destruction of the spirit of a community and in the case, of the people kamit via a well-orchestrated propaganda for the final, programming a physical genocide. Here's in a few words what Bobby Wright teaches us in his test.

Bobby Wright also teaches us that black people go wrong when they start to explain or try to understand black behavior using definitions or explanations based on a vision of the white world. I quote our ancestor Malcolm x. And this is unfortunately what has happened on several generations until this day. Molefi kete asante at an international conference held in Malaysia in on the theme "decolonising universities", decolonize universities, had highlighted the observation that in Africa there is no African University, it does not There are only replicas of western universities.

The teaching that is given in these universities is a indoctrination that is used to glorify European history and thought and promote white supremacy, to the detriment of history and kamite values. Bobby Wright explains it to us in a passage of his test when he warned us that " Black people continue to ignore the irrefutable truth that reveals that in a racist social system, all institutions will reflect, protect and support the values Intrinsic to racism " P How can we hope to have a healthy education in an educational system that does not value our culture, our history and ultimately self-esteem?

Such a situation undeniably leads to a loss of benchmarks and strange behaviors from our brothers and sisters. Indeed, we have to seriously worry about our mental health. Extract from Dr. They laughed at your clothes and you changed clothes. They mocked your hair and you bought some dice. They mocked your skin and you bought lightening. They mocked your languages and you adopted theirs. They laugh at your religions and you kissed theirs.

Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair? Who taught you to hate the color of your skin? To such a point that you will make it to be like the white man. Who taught you to hate the shape of your nose and the shape of your lips? Who taught you to hate yourself from the top of your head to the plant of your feet? Who taught you to hate your nature? To hate the land of your ancestors, hate the breed to which you belong to such a point that you do not want to be next to each other. When are we going to be aware? He will still intellectualize the thing in a way to escape reality and will perspective until relativism loses its meaning!

The Black man has still not understood his position and seeks to integrate advantage in an anti-Black system. He wants to succeed in this! I really hurt my heart when I see a black man or black woman being destroyed by his desire for integration, men and women are used as objects, they are educated to succeed in a system that cheapened them, despises them in so much That "Black E ". This is the most beautiful defeat for black in the eyes of a white conscious of his superiority. Because even the success of black is returning against him if he does not serve the interests of the system that works at the detriment of the black community!

We turn you on like a candle you think you shine like the sun, and we turn you off like a candle, just blowing! It's not at the candle to decide how long it will remain lit, it's the one who turns it on and turns it off! But if you ask a black, he will tell you that his ancestors had not invented anything, that his people have no history, that his ancestors lived in the bush like monkeys and they did not know God Not knowing then that we cheated on him, because all other peoples have referred to Africa to become what they are, because black civilization is the very first civilization of this world that has been plagiarized by all other peoples Who today comes back to give lessons of Morales to the black man.

But who are you at the just black man? Are you normal? Why do you hurdles and insult you at this point? He had been invited by his colleagues to come and present a new technique of control of Africans deported to the United States but who is each day, and put so To bad their " Business ". William Lynch of his skill and expertise he had developed, had become a " Consultant " in this field. I would like to thank you first for inviting me. If I'm here today, it's to help you solve the problems you have with your slaves.

I have experienced in my modest plantation, new methods of slave control. Ancient Rome would let us know if my program was applied. Not only do you lose money during your slaves, you also have risings, revolts, your fields remaining so long without being cultivated, your properties are often victims of fires, your herd is killed. I'm not here to list all the problems you have with these slaves, but to help you solve them. I have a method that will allow you to definitively control your black slaves, and who has proven in my property.

I guarantee you all that if you apply it properly, it will allow you to control your slaves for at least years. My method is simple, any member of your family as well as your white workers can use it: I bring out a number of differences among slaves; I just have to resume these differences, to enlarge them, to exaggerate them. Then I raise fear, mistrust, envy, mistrust in them, in order to control them; for example, take this list of differences: Age, color, intelligence, size, sex, the surface of plantations , the attitude of the owners, the place of housing of slaves Valleys, mountains, East, West, North, South , the type of hair of slaves fine or frizzy , the size of the slaves Large of size Or short.

I will then give you a strategy of action to put all these elements together; but first of all, I would like to tell you that mistrust, lack of self-confidence, is more effective than respect or admiration. The Black Slave, after receiving this brain wash, will of himself and will develop these feelings that will influence his behavior for hundreds or thousands of years, without that we no longer need to intervene. Their submission to us and our civilization will not only be total but also deep and sustainable. Never forget that you have to oppose adults and older blacks to the youngest, black with dark skin to black with clearer skin, the black woman to the black man.

Ladies, gentlemen, these solutions are the keys that will serve you to control your slaves. Use them, make it good use; make your women, your children, your white workers also use them; don't miss this opportunity. If you apply it intensely for a year, the black themselves will develop them, the will, and will never miss confidence in themselves this will allow you to sit an almost eternal domination on them ". Many do not know that in the west the whites are doing afro hair to go to the masked balls or to go to the Halloween party to scare people and that this is a clear message launched to all the black people that our hair is awful and Inspire fear.

What you don't know is that this industry that makes a huge turnover doesn't take advantage of black people but to those even who will bless us. So understand my sisters that some like me denounce this injustice directed against our people through the port of extensions hair.