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Your dog’s first heat

Entire bitches are considerably more prone to mammary neoplasia, breast cancer than those that have been neutered before their first season. Heat or Oestrus in the bitch. Normal reproductive function — the cycle in the bitch.

The Dog Heat Cycle | Dog Breeding Information

How will I know when my bitch is coming into season? Oestrus The vulva remains swollen but the discharge reduces and becomes clear in colour.

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Can I exercise my bitch during this period? Is my bitch likely to have any other problems associated with her cycle? False or phantom pregnancy Some bitches, after they have been in season, will think they are having puppies although they have not been mated. In some cases a false pregnancy can be very severe.

Symptoms of dogs in heat during the second phase

Under these circumstances treatment may have to be instituted. Consult your veterinary surgeon. Pyometra Some bitches will suffer severe enlargement of the uterus following a season. Breast cancer Entire bitches are considerably more prone to mammary neoplasia, breast cancer than those that have been neutered before their first season.

The first signs are usually hard enlarging lumps within the breast tissue. Categories cats dogs News products Uncategorized. Email Us Chorlton: contact ashleighvets. But this does not mean that this is a good idea. Most Labs are still puppies, very young and physically immature at the time they have their first season. It is not good for them to be mated at this stage. During her first season, your Labrador Retriever is likely too immature to cope with a litter of puppies. Nor is she likely to show good maternal instincts.

If you are thinking of breeding from your Lab at some point, do check out this article for more help and guidance on making the right decisions. A serious word of caution is required if you are intending to keep an entire male dog with an unspayed girl. During her season they will need to be kept completely apart, ideally in a different house!

It is also very easy to underestimate just how high a dog can jump if he really wants something special! If they do mate, any puppies will be greatly at risk from inherited diseases due to their similar genetic makeup. The presence of a dog in heat in the house can also cause a male dog to mark the area with urine.

So, I strongly recommend that you send your male dog to stay with a friend for the next four weeks. Neutering him once your girl is in season will not help at this point, as he will still be fertile for the next few weeks. You might think that there will be an injection or pill that will put things right if you make a mistake and your dogs get together. Unfortunately, these hormonal injections have been found to be very risky for dogs and they are no longer used.

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Neutering your dog will prevent her coming into season in the future. A crucially important point to note, is that if your girl is on heat, you will need to cope with it. This is because she cannot be spayed while on heat. When your Lab is in season, it is very important that you do not walk her anywhere that you might come across another dog. Even the best trained entire male dog, with all the will in the world, will be tempted to pay a special visit to your pet. Before she comes into season make sure that your garden is secure.

Entire male dogs will try very hard to get into contact with a female dog in season. They may also help you out in an emergency if your girl comes on heat unexpectedly while you are on holiday for example.

Early symptoms of dogs in heat

They should not be relied on to keep your girls safe when walking in public. I cannot emphasize this enough. A lot of people wrongly believe that it is harmful for their dog in heat not to be walked. This simply is not true provided the lack of exercise is temporary. As long as she is well stimulated both mentally and physically, your female dog will be fine going without a romp in the woods for a few weeks.

Plenty of dogs have to go on crate rest for weeks after surgery and survive without any ill effects. And there are other ways to keep your dog occupied. Occasionally a normally clean Labrador will wee in the house when she is on heat, even though she is fine the rest of the time. Despite our best hopes, some of our Labrador ladies simply are not interested in keeping themselves clean.

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Some can be quite messy. Make sure she still gets the quality time with you she deserves. Cleaning up after your girl when she is in heat is important. Both for general cleanliness and hygiene reasons. If you have easily wiped flooring in all the rooms your dog in heat has access to, then the simplest thing may be to just increase your cleaning routine. Another alternative is to buy hygiene pants for your girl to wear indoors for the next few weeks. These are a bit like diapers.

Bitch on heat

They help to avoid stains on your carpets and furniture and enable you to let your dog have access to all areas of your home as usual. In which case you might want to consider a system of barriers. If your girl is bleeding heavily you may need to keep her off any carpeted floors for the next few weeks. You can protect your furniture with washable throws if she regularly sleeps on chairs or the sofa. You might want to get her used to spending time in just these other rooms before the season arrives.

If your Labrador is used to a crate this can be a big help for short periods of time if you need to have doors open to carpeted rooms. If your Lab travels in the back of the car you will probably want to invest in some car seat covers too. Every female dog is at risk from pyometra infection of the uterus or womb in the weeks that follow the end of a season.

This is potentially fatal. The answer is no. Dogs continue to cycle through the four hormonal phases throughout their entire life. The right time to spay your dog is mid-way between cycles, once she is mature, and once you are fully aware of and have considered the risks and benefits of neutering. There are numerous health benefits to having your dog spayed. For example, spayed dogs are at a greatly reduced risk of mammary breast cancer. Your pup can be spayed from 2 months of age. It is best to consult with a vet to determine the best time for your girl.

You can find out more in this article: Should I neuter my dog — the latest evidence. Managing a female dog in heat is not too complicated. You need to make sure that your home and garden is secure. Also avoid taking your girl to places where there may be entire male dogs. Many female dogs keep themselves very clean during their season and you will hardly notice any mess at all.

If you are worried about mess there are hygiene products you can buy or you can simply keep your girl away from carpeted rooms for a few weeks. Most dogs in heat remain in great health and good spirits throughout their season, which will be over before you know it. Remember, female dogs are vulnerable to health issues during the few weeks following each season, so you need to keep a close eye on your female at this time.

If your dog is coming into heat any more frequently than every four months it is worth speaking to your vet, as this can be indicative of health problems. Robert Schneider, C. Richard Dorn, D. Our guide to your female dog in heat was written by Pippa Mattinson and has been revised and updated for My lab collie cross had a season in January at 6 months and 1 week. That morning I had seen a small blood stain which the vet said was an infection and prescribed antibiotics.

We delayed op for 2weeks. Over the weekend male dogs tried to mount her so second vet says she may be having a mini season. Is this possible when she is also lactating? Do some young dogs have irregular mini seasons? Is it possible for owners to sync up? My golden retriever is 16 months and just started her first season last night! But I have cramps now and it is not time… anyone else experience this? Dog nappies diapers are very expensive and even the extra large size is too small for a large dog.

Reproduction in Dogs

I found the absorbent pad material to be too far away from the tail hole. This resulted in a more generous nappy that did the job better and was way cheaper. Hi I have a August born indie. She is 9 months old. Is it normal or I should contact the vet immediately. My female lab is 20 months old and just finished her 2nd heat cycle about 3 weeks ago. I notice that she is much more aggressive and rough during play and that she just does not seem to want to play at all with other dogs. Is this normal and will this decrease as her hormones start to level off again. She used to love playing with other dogs and not it seems she would just rather be off on her own.

Is there anything I can do to help her through this time? She is a sweet and well behaved girl and usually loves to play and interact with other dogs. She basically becomes a little hussy! During pro-estrus, though very attractive to male breeding dogs, she will resist their advances. As soon as estrus commences however, she will suddenly start to stand for those she accepts as sexual partners.

Her vulvar will not look as swollen and the discharge, if any, will go from the thick and bloody pro-estrus type to generally less copious pink, brown or straw-colored. Within a few days following her ripe eggs either dying of old age or being fertilized, the bitch will enter Di-estrus. Interestingly, her body will go through the same hormonal changes during Di-estrus whether she conceives or not.

The first day of Di-estrus is marked by a dramatic change in the appearance of the cells of her vagina, readily apparent under the home microscope. Following Di-estrus her reproductive system will take a bit of R and R to recover and prepare for the next cycle. This period can be as short as 2 months in small breeds or over a year in large ones. Signup now to get your free Guide. Stage 2 of the Dog Heat Cycle: Estrus: The follicles release their eggs into the uterus and produce progesterone.

Behavior during Estrus Day 1 of Estrus signifies a dramatic shift in the attitude of the bitch. Uterus lining forms. Bitch not receptive to male. May be bloody vaginal secretions.