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Want to go to Cuba?

Not comfortable traveling on your own or are you an American looking to visit Cuba legally? Looking for more info on visiting Cuba? Ultimate Trinidad Cuba Guide. Why not learn to speak Spanish? Learn Spanish quick and easy with Rosetta Stone. Check flight prices and schedules to Cuba.

The Best Cuba Travel Itinerary: One to Two Weeks

If you want to book with Allianz Travel Insurance, simply use this link to get their travel insurance! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. When you click on the link and make a purchase, we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you! Great article! Thanks for posting about this! Happy to help! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Read our Disclosure here Cuba is a surprisingly huge island and while two weeks may seem like a long time to visit an island, you will find yourself hard pressed to cover even half in that number of days.

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We loved our two weeks in Cuba this past April, too. Check out Fabrica de Arte Cubano , an eclectic venue set within an old factory.

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The venue combines rotating art exhibitions, lively evening music performances, dance lessons, movies, theatre and good value dining and drinks. In my opinion, it was not worth the entrance fee. Before you arrive, make sure you book accommodation either online or by phone your Casa in Havana will probably have contacts. We had problems arriving at the park with no proof of accommodation despite casa particulars being readily available.

We got up early and arrived here by about 10am so had a full day to explore. It takes a few hours and lots of up uphill scrambling off the main path. It is definitely worth the effort though but lots of people apparently get lost. You can combine the above walk with visiting the Banos San Juan natural swimming pools on your way back. If not, they make a good half day trip themselves. We nearly got hit by lightening as we walked through the forest to these baths and so spent ages relaxing here to calm our nerves!!

Eat at El Romero , a sustainable and organic vegetarian restaurant. Even non-veggies will appreciate the interesting food which is cooked in traditional clay ovens. There are tonnes of quintessentially Cuban things to do here and the restaurants are some of the best I experienced on this trip. Go on a horse-riding tour organised by your Casa. Your guide will take you to caves and through farms and coffee plantations. Farmers have to give the majority of their crop to the government, keeping only a small share for personal use and tourist sales.

Where to Go During Your 2 Weeks in Cuba Itinerary

Have a tobacco plantation tour to learn about the classic manufacturing methods of the world famous Cuban cigars. When I did this, I was shocked to see that literally each cigar is hand rolled by the farmer and his family. There are no industrial machines, just nimble fingers and a lot of patience. As part of your experience, you will also get to try a cigar as fresh as it gets.

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The karst landscape in this region has resulted in a maze of intricate caves to explore. Some you can visit on a horse riding tour as previously mentioned, but Cueva del Indio , where you can ride a boat on an underground river, is a half day outing itself. Go to the stunning beach of Cayo Jutias. Eat at El Olivo back in the main town as a treat. The food is cooked by a Michelin Star chef and although rather meat heavy, it is really good. The pizza restaurant in the town is also great and you have plenty of lively bars to choose from at night where they let you pour your own alcohol in cocktails!

I stayed at Casa La Cieba and although it provides really basic accommodation, it has stunning views overlooking the countryside and it is only a 10 minute walk from the town. Cienfuegos is like the Paris of Cuba. There are a few nice art exhibitions near this building which are worth checking out. Walk along the peninsular , stop somewhere for a cocktail and people watch.

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Visit Playa Rancho Luna , a nice beach 18km away. You can also party the night away in a cave, how cool is that! If you feel like getting out of the city for the day hire a bicycle and take a trip down to the gorgeously isolated beaches of Playa Ancon. Convinced you need to spend longer in Cuba?

Two Weeks In Cuba - 2016

We think so too! Hey great post!

Going Off the Beaten Path in Cuba | kimkim

Once to Santa Maria and once to Veradero. Next time we want to explore more and leave the all inclusive behind. Some great recomendations here. Thanks again. You guys are lucky! Did you get around Havana at all? Great tips for exploring Cuba, I can only imagine how much there is to see in Havana alone! Thanks for sharing. Loved Cuba!

Spent 3 weeks there. And the food, so good! Where did you stay in Vinales? Your photos are beautiful! Yes, Trinidad is such a pretty city, probably the most beautiful out of all the ones we checked out. That old colonial style architecture, mixed with the pastel colors just really works. Cuba is so beautiful! Really lovely post! Thanks for sharing! I really needed one, because we are planning to go to Cuba next month and I wanted to gather some information before we do. Thank you. Feel free to contact me via e-mail.

I am traveling with Cuba Explora. Hey Dorothy. First, thanks so much for writing all this. I literally just pulled the trigger on a ticket. Do you think there will be any problem, having bought the ticket while in the States. Firstly, great decision! A friend of mine is French and she just went to Cuba last month, Aug She said there is NO way the customs guys will let anyone in without a tourist card. So the only way I can see to get in now is through a tour group.