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The Lunar Cats - Lynne Truss Paperback Publisher: Cornerstone. The Lunar Cats. Leaves and Cat Out of Hell, a nail-biting tale of good versus evil involving one man, his dog and a group of 18th-century amateur scientific pioneers who just happen to be cats.

Cat-Shifters, Feline Aliens, and Cat Companions

Added to your shopping bag. Maximum allowed quantity already exists on your bag. Ship in the U. Please allow your browser to share your location. Back Product Availability by Store Location. He also mentioned that in some Europeans in Brazil believed that the seventh child of the same sex in unbroken succession becomes a were-man or woman, and takes the form of a horse, goat, jaguar or pig.

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In the US, urban legends tell of encounters with feline bipeds; beings similar to the Bigfoot having cat heads, tails, and paws. Feline bipeds are sometimes classified as part of cryptozoology , but more often they are interpreted as werecats. Assertions that werecats truly exist and have an origin in supernatural or religious realities have been common for centuries, with these beliefs often being hard to entirely separate from folklore.

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In the 19th century, occultist J. Street asserted that material cat and dog transformations could be produced by manipulating the "ethereal fluid" that human bodies are supposedly floating in. Werecats are increasingly featured in popular culture, although not as often as werewolves. By far the most prevalent occurrence of werecats in pop culture is in books.

Some novels, novellas, and short stories with werecats are listed below. Werecats also serve as heroes and villains in film and television shows.

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Notable examples include:. Comic books , manga , and anime are other venues for werecats.

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    Purr: Feline Aliens in Romance Novels

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    Christine books friends. Cheryl 19 books friends. Jan books 82 friends. Betty books friends. Ellie books friends. Elf books 4 friends. Amber books friends. Nov 28, AM. Not to be a stickler, but Hawke isn't a cat-shifter is he? It is more fun when they are the main.

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    Somehow Kiss of Snow sounds more like a cat book than a wolf book. Shall I delete it from the list then? I was trying to figure out how to do that. You need to be a librarian to be able to delete books from lists, and you can only do it when it's really in the wrong category. If there are any other books that don't belong here, just comment here, and I'll be notified. Jan 20, AM. Sep 10, AM. What about cats that turn into humans? I mean ones that cant change back by their own will? Sep 17, PM. Do you know which books, if any, in this list have the female as the shifter instead of the male?

    I will make a list!

    Cat-Shifters, Feline Aliens, and Cat Companions ( books)

    I look forward to it. Here it is! Mar 27, AM. Climbing the Date Palm has a cat-shifter but while she has quite the active sex life on her own time, she's not the focus of the book's main romances.