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Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. If I could fly was a very good book and it sent a great message. This book was very inspiring to me, and I have learned to never give up or loose hope. View 1 comment. Nov 16, Riley Hearn rated it it was ok. I could never really get into it.

It took me a really long time to get into it and I never really got it. It was a confusing book because many parts of it were in Spanish and the others were in English. The book was all about a girl named Doris and her mom and dad are both singers and they feel like they have different paths and move away from each other. When Doris figures out that her mom moved away from the barrio she stopped going to school and stayed at home. One day her world came crashing and one of her friends got mugged and another figured out that she was pregnant.

She gets to go on a special trip later, but where to and why? Read the book to find out. I recommend this book to year old girls that have an expansive vocabulary. This book is sort of hard to read and understand. Dec 06, Jacqueline rated it it was amazing. I am a fan of Judith Cofer. After reading Call me Maria, I had to read something else by her. I enjoyed this one, too. There were some similar themes--teenage girl dealing with her parents' divorce, torn between Puerto Rico and New York. The characters are memorable and well-drawn. I especially liked the older characters in this novel, the Abuela and her older friend, Dona Iris.

I had some favorite quotes: p.


You can only keep them with you be remembering them at their best. Jul 24, Virginia Walter rated it really liked it Shelves: ya-books. I loved "An Island Like You," so it was a pleasure to link up with some of those young people again. This book focuses on Doris, now fifteen, who is coping with a changing family situation. Her mother has left suddenly to go back to Puerto Rico, claiming health problems and a desire to pursue her singing career there. Yoli is pregnant, and Arturo is plagued by bullies. Doris comes through with a stronger sense of who she is and what she can do. I want to read more about her friends, especially A I loved "An Island Like You," so it was a pleasure to link up with some of those young people again.

I want to read more about her friends, especially Arturo! Another book, please, Ms.

If I Could Fly : Judith Ortiz Cofer :

This touching realistic-fiction novel showcases diverse family relations and what it means to grow up with parents that are often unavailable. If you enjoy coming of age stories wrought with obstacles to overcome and emotional development, then this book will be a real treat for you.

Available from OCLS in print. Imagine That! Teen Summer Reading Program recommended book. Jan 17, Nina rated it it was amazing. I picked up this book knowing full well that I am not its intended audience because I'm still mourning the loss of Cofer and I needed her words.

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It did not disappoint. Doris is a character I see reflected in so many of the girls from my youth and even myself - it was perfect. Cofer's simple poetry especially with her beautiful, unapologetic use of both English and Spanish is beautiful here and it felt like coming home. Nov 28, Anne rated it liked it Shelves: , realistic-fiction , washyarg-reviews , young-adult.

Doris is the 15 year old daughter of two salsa musicians. When her mother decides to return to Puerto Rico in order to pursue her musical career, Doris is left with dad and his new girlfriend. For solace, Doris turns to her friends Arturo and Yolanda, but they have issues of their own, so Doris is left with the pigeons on the roof of her apartment building that an elderly neighbor cares for.

Doris watches the birds and wishes that she could be more like them. Feb 08, Alma rated it liked it. They are salseros, as her father manages two bands, and her mother is a singer in one of them. Every night they have a gig, and Doris is left on her own. She feels neglected and lonely, spending her time taking care of pigeons on her roof.

While caring for them and watching them fly, she imagines what it would be like to fly away from her life and begin a new one. Jan 12, Zachary rated it it was ok. If I Could Fly, have you ever been away from your mom for two months? Doris' mom was a salsa dancer for her dads band. Doris went to live with her mom after her mom fainted on stage and said she had a bad heart.

My favorite part is when Doris goes to stay with her mother while she is sick.

If you like family drama, you will love this book. Jan 22, Ronni rated it it was ok Shelves: yal , mg. Wanted to like it more than I did. The middle part of the book is even four star stuff, but overall I just wanted to get through it. Sort of slow.

If I Could Fly

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