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I do the same thing with his tablet. So, phone it is with limitations plus old school back up way.. If my first grader is required to use chromebooks for his testing, then im pretty sure he is gonna need to have whatever he needs for school and the culture that we live in.. If my child has to do an online class group project and he has to use something like a phone or tablet or email or what have you, he will have that, and I will monitor it.. Its safe too.. Its the same thing as when I took pre cal and calculus in highschool with a very expensive calculator needed and I did well.

Can ya believe that? So parents, we are going to have to accept that their is a balance and by hindering your child from using what the culture uses for every thing in our lives, you are hindering them from life.. It used to be bad to say pregnant when my grandmother grew up in the 30s Kids need to know body parts, the names of them, and boundaries, to protect themselves from predators Ex: can you believe my ex mother in law couldnt have the nerve to say the correct name of her sons's private areas, so out of all names, she told them its called their "tickle thing" We all need to have common sense, know the world, the culture, your child and use commons sense discernment to help, not hinder them.

I never had phone because one of my dad friend Daughter was doing really inappropriate thing on her smartphone. So my parent think that i would do those thing too so they decide not to give me a phone until I'm older. Hi guys, my name is Kaylee. I am doing an essay on why technology is addictive and stumbled upon this site. I personally have a weird outlook on technology because I was born right before smartphones and computers started to BOOM.

I grew up without a phone and never needed one until 7th grade.

I would agree that 7th or 8th grade is a perfect time to get your first smartphone. But now that I am older I have a different view on it than I did years ago. But I do believe that there is just the right time and place to be on your phone or play video games. And that is when all responsibilities are finished. I'm in 5th grade, and 50 percent of my class has a phone. And the 50 percent that doesn't have a phone is probably either getting one for christmas or for their birthday.

I really hope i get a iphone 8 lol!!!!!! At your age level I would be pretty reluctant to get you a phone. Yes lots of kids get a phone in elementary, but I guarantee that a late 7th or 8th has somewhat more responsibility, And me reading your comment just proves your irresponsibility, because you specifically State a name brand acting if you would not be happy if you got a Android or any other phone. I'm sure a lot of kids at your school either have a cracked or broken phone that's because they are irresponsible you should really turn it down a little maybe if you ask your parents for such expensive phone as your first phone and you lose it you are going to be stuck with a cheap phone.

I mean not all parents are like that but most stop you lose an expensive phone then you're going to get a cheap one. Personally, it's up to the individual conscience of the child and their parents. I got my first phone a flip phone from my grandmother as a gift when I was around 8. I didn't ask for it, I didn't tell any of my friends about it, nor did I use it very often, outside of occasionally sending things like birthday wishes to my family.

I got my first smartphone around the age of 10, it was a hand-me-down from my mum after she got a new iphone. I didn't use that much either. This year I turned 13, which in Australia is when you start high school. My smartphone wasn't the best of quality, so after a while its battery started to fail. Even if I charged it for the whole night, it would go down to critical level as soon as I took it off.

Throughout the end of last year and all of this year, I've been essentially without a phone. My parents know that I am a mature person, I am a very dedicated student, and I know how to handle myself online and to avoid the dangerous side of the internet. However, they still prefer to protect me. This year is the first time they've allowed me to take the bus they still prefer to drop me off and pick me up and go out with my friends to the park or shops once or twice. They also decided that I didn't really need a new phone. I'm not complaining, I completely understand their thinking.

Nonetheless, phones are something that becomes normal as soon as your child progresses into their teen years. I am the only one in my class, and one of only a few in my whole year level, to not have a smartphone or any kind of social media aside from a gmail and hangouts account. I am one of the lucky few who are supported by their peers rather than bullied. My class has an instagram chat where they talk to each other and help each other out with class things.

I don't have instagram, so I can't see this. My friends are kind enough to email important information to me, so I don't miss out too much, but it's really inconvenient, and even though they don't tease me at all, I can't help but feel a little left out. Recently we went on an excursion to the zoo, and we were actually encouraged to bring our phones so we could take pictures of the animals or look up information that we couldn't find.

At this point, my mum started to realise that as I get older, I AM going to need a phone, and we've started looking for one together. Long story short for people who didn't want to read that huge chunk of text sorry! But just be aware, that as they get older, not having a phone is going to get increasingly inconvenient, restricting, embarrassing, and in some cases dangerous.

What's the right age for parents to get their kids a cell phone?

People start to automatically assume because of your age that you must have a phone. I think that, it's up to you, you are the only one who knows whether your child is mature and responsible enough or not. If you have not bought or given them a phone yet by the time they reach their teens, now is the time to start seriously considering it. I admire your parents. They are raising you well - you are very mature and reasonable for your age.

I was impressed with your comments.

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Your patience will pay off - you are getting a phone. Thank you for taking time to write this. I feel your pain, Swordlily. I still do not have a phone. There are 96 kids in my grade, and only around 9 out of those 96 do not have a phone. I am one of them. I know there are lots of mothers in the comments on this that say that they were perfectly happy growing up without phones, but this is a new generation. I have experience with that. But parents these days have to understand how tweens and teens are nowadays. I know it was long. I think so you should get a phone at ten, I gave my child a I phone and he is happy.

I'm 14 and still don't have a phone. It Sucks! My friends are always asking why I don't have a phone and keep "teasing me". It was just my birthday, I tried to make a deal with my parents, in which I would buy the phone and pay for half of the data plan, which I think is reasonable. I have all As I play two sports and do the most chores at my house. Every weekend I go out and hang out with friends, so having a phone would be good to stay in contact with my parents. Why are they not budging?

I faced the same issues when I was in high school and middle school. Keep being a kid, there will be plenty of time for a phone. Choose a ussername lol. I'm 13 and I only just got a iPhone. I have been asking for one since the iPhone 10 came out, but my parents gave me two options. I could have gotten the iPhone 6s on the spot a year ago, or wait one year and get whatever iPhone I want. In the meantime, I had to make do with a Samsung galaxy which was like a punishment for me loosing my iPhone 7.

I've lost so many files and have been inconvenienced so many times by owning useless Samsung phone. I am 12 years old and in the 7th grade. Most of my friends got their first phone in about 5th grade and I feel left out. My parents don't think I should have a cell phone because we have a home phone and they think if you give a kid a phone you are automatically creating an addicted zombie.

I find calling people awkward and uncomfortable, texts are a lot easier. Parents, if you are unsure about the age to give your child a phone, I would say about 6th grade, middle school. Make sure you frequently check their phone and add parental controls. It's really not that difficult of a decision. Don't let your kids have phones!! Kids are either at school or at home or at a friends house. If your kids hate you, then it just means your doing your job!

Do you even know how these apps work? You know, I don't particularly enjoy when adults say that about kids, you make it sound like us kids are stupid Or that's at least how I took it , you seem to be only focusing on the negatives about getting your child a phone rather than the positives, I have gained more since I got a phone then lost. If my parents think I have been on my phone too much then they will let me know. Even though my parents did not let me get a phone until about March of my love for them never changed and I never felt hatred towards them when they told me they would not let me get a phone, but now since they gave me a phone they even told me they are very happy that they made the decision to give me a phone.

If your child does mistreat their phone privileges then you can take away their phone, but just first test out giving your child a phone before you are certain you do not think they can handle a phone. I mean testing out a phone worked for me. I agree that there are dangers that come with social media and phones. And you have the power to decide if you want to get your child a phone or not! I am in a situation where I feel really depressed and lonely because I don't have a phone. That could be going on with your kid as well; they just aren't saying it. Like I said, you can control if you want to get your child a phone or not, but they may feel really strongly for a legitimate reason.

I am living proof! So talk to them, and at least make them feel like you understand. Express YOUR desires and wants for them as well, but at least give them a chance to get their big reason off their chest. I'm a parent of a soon to be 15 year old. Our son became addicted to pornography at a very young age We found it on his tablet.

We took the tablet away and 2 years later thought we would try again by getting him a brand new phone when he was So, we took the phone away. Since, we have gotten him an iPod for music which he lost and have allowed him to use our phones for social time with his friends, but monitor his conversations, etc. Once again, he made a wrong choice and so now here we are, he's almost 15 and I so desperately want to try to give him a chance again, but he has consistently shown us over and over that he can't be trusted.

Thinking maybe we can motivate him to save up to get his own phone of his choice then put certain blockers on it or monitor his internet activity. Being a parent of a teenager is so difficult. I know he wants to "fit in" and be "cool" with a brand new phone, but it scares me how addicted he is to porn and how many expensive things he's lost. But when he is 18, I would let him buy his own one and pay for the bill so he gets an understanding of what the costs look like. Now as a teenager and in highschool, I do find that giving your child a smartphone at young age might not be the best possible case.

Yes you may have find my Iphone connected to another iphone device but, you are still have the chance of not being about to find it ever again. If you give your child an old fashion flip phone not only is it cheap but it is also a lot more confusing to use. Compared to an iphone or an other smartphone, thats cheap. The only problem with a cheap phone is that, its not easy to use and will be able to break very easily.

Many flip phones have the keypad for number and letter placed together. Trying to teach a 6 year old how to use a flip phone may be challenging and if the child isn't paying attention, they will not be able to use the phone properly. Now if you are a parent who is still not ready to give your child a smart phone or flip phone try an Ipod touch designed by Apple. Ipods touch is pretty much an iphone without the celluar data and phone in it. It has Imessage on it which allow the child to contact a parent with wifi. They only problem is if a emergency happens or a parent must get in contact with the child, they have to guess if the child is connected to wifi in order to recieve a message.

The 2 precent is if the child is at home since my resturants, attraction park, schools, etc.. My idea would be, start the child off with an Ipod Touch, this gives them the ability to contact a parent or someone with wifi but not have the parents pay so much money in the beginning. Also see how they take care of the Ipod, do they throw it, treat it like garbage or do they put a lot of care into it even though its not an actual phone.

Next, move on to a flip phone, yes it may be cheaper than the Ipod touch depending on what generation of ipod you got but now your child has the ability to contact you at any point in time or place. With the flip phone since it now has data, you can watch if your child pays attention to how much data they use. Once you have seen your child have the responsiblities it takes to have a phone I would try a smartphone with them. Now you may think oh no, they could drop it or lose it well for me when I got my first iphone the rule was if I drop it or lose it I wouldn't get a iphone from my parents and would have to pay for a new one with the bill.

Once you have purchased the smartphone, you should set some boundries on it. Some may be, no using it after a certain time I had this with my first smart phone after 9 I had to put it downstairs , since you aren't paying for the bill of it as the parent, I you can take it away anytime I feel you need a punishment, etc.. If your child doesn't agree on these boundries you have set try to explain to them more in depth why you feel they need these boundries and maybe try a compromise.

For example on the weekdays beside of Friday ever night before 10 or whatever time you set the phone must be downstairs while on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays the phone can be upstairs till 12 or all night whatever you want. Now that you have given your child a phone, they should be able to contact you if needed at anytime. Some reason why you should get your child a phone: 1. Contact easily 2. Know where they are 3. Emergencies School shootings have become a big issue and having a phone a student can contact and their parents or guardians very quick.

Stay in touch with friends or other family members such as uncles and aunts. I am 13 and my parents still have not gotten me a phone. I had a flip phone when I was 9, which, in my opinion, is still pretty young. But yet, I am not allowed to have one for loosing my one I had 4 years ago! I'm really depressed. If parents don't want their kids to feel left out, get one at the start of middle school or by the time they are Get your kid a smartphone not a fliphone, they might get bullied when they are starting middle school.

If their birthday is in August or September, your lucky and should get them one for their birthday. If not, just get them one around the start of middle school. Kids will start having more responsibilities in middle school and will start taking more risks.

I feel really left out all the time because of that, and no kid should feel that way. I think that Parents should get their kids a phone when they are in middle school. I was in middle school and I felt really depressed and left out just because I had no phone. And I everyone else had a phone and everything. I am in the same situation! Good to know I'm not alone. I personally think children should get a phone at the beginning of middle school. I started middle school about 9 weeks ago, and yet, no phone. Why should kids get a phone at the time I recommended? It's because, at this time, they are growing up and embracing the pressure of fitting in.

If you don't do this, someday, your child may come home crying because they were bullied or teased because of this! Do you want this to happen? Of course, you don't! Only do this if your child is extremely mature. But don't go to the store to buy the latest iPhone for them! Remember, don't spoil your child! Just get them an iPhone 5s or a touchscreen LG with parental controls. Or get a Windows phone with the same features. Now, it's on to me. So what do you think of my thoughts? I'm a parent, 27, and I may have a controversial opinion.

I'm a millennial with a 4 and 7 year old. The oldest is a girl. Shes highly independent and bold, and this year asked to ride the bus home instead of me picking her up. I was mortified honestly. I dont trust people, and after all the weird stuff that has happened in this world I get nervous. But despite my fear, my husband and I had a talk and decided to let her ride the bus. My only stipulation: she needed a phone. I did consider a crappy flip phone, but that is not the phone of this time. And smartphones have built in security features that help parents and kids stay connected.

So we chose the Samsung j3 star as her first phone.

What does I’m Baby mean?

We aren't an iPhone family, husband and I have a note 8 and galaxy 9. Anyway, shes does fantastic with it so far. Doesn't bother with it at school and no complaints from the teacher. I work from home, and when she gets off the bus, she calls me to let me know shes walking back. This makes me and her feel more comfortable. We do live in a gated community, but I dont know everyone around us, and even if I did, I have a responsibility to keep my child safe. She uses it to do research for projects and homework, and in her downtime plays games or watches videos. Husband is a techie and works for the mobile phone industry, so he set it up for her.

So far so good. I didn't get my phone until I was 14, but cellphones were still kind of new. I never damaged or lost any of my phones. Also, it came in real handy. I think school-aged kids should have phones. Just having the peace of mind is enough of a reason for me. Plus, embarrassing your kid with an outdated phone or not letting them have one when their peers do is a recipe for Get them a cheap smart phone to start, monitor their use, have a conversation with them about the responsiblity of owning their phone, and call it a day.

Parents might be surprised how maturely their child could handle the responsibility.

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I got my first phone for my 10th birthday but I used to always forget it at places and I would drop it and crack the screen. I was not ready for a phone at 10 years old when I first got it. This is just my opinion and of course every kid is different I am 16 years old in high school and definitely more responsible and able to have a phone.

I think children should have a cellphone note I did not say smartphone or at least a phone that only contacts their parents when they start school, just for safety reasons. They can just hold it for school and the parent can take it back after class if they are so concerned. As for smartphones, as long as you limit a child's screen time it should be okay for any child who is mature enough. However I do believe it is important for children sixth grade or higher to have a smartphone to be able to be connected with their peers.

I'm not saying that parents should run to the apple store and get the latest iphone for their sixth grader, but at least get them an LG touch screen that they can quickly check their grades on or use the calculator. If parents are really concerned about it ask for the phone before bed time and explain to them why you are doing so.

It's important for kids to feel connected. I feel that if you have a good talk with your child and explain to them why or why not they should do certain things then they should be able to get a smartphone. I understand the whole "back in my day" nostalgia. However it is ! How did you feel when you were grounded and all of your friends got to go to the park to have fun and you couldn't.

Imagine being able to watch them all having fun right outside your window? That is what you are letting your kid experience and they didn't even do anything wrong. Honestly, if you treat a child in middle school with respect, they should be mature enough to handle a smartphone. I am a 15 year old freshman in high school. I think that by around 8th grade you should be allowed to have a phone unless you have really screwed stuff up somehow. I was told I would be getting a phone for my 15th birthday and I was looking forward to it.

On my birthday morning I wake up to find that I got a crappy flip phone. I wanted to cry, but I didn't want to be rude because my parents would have been pissed. Does anyone else think that I should at least be able to try to prove I am responsible enough for a normal phone? I am a fairly responsible teen, and mostly want a phone to snapchat my friends and keep in touch with people easier. I feel like I miss out on a lot because of this issue. At school I am too afraid of taking out my phone because it gets on my nerves when people tease me.

It's like "I get that my life sucks, but you don't need to point it out". Having an iPhone is in no way a necessary part of life, but it makes things easier. I know that parents care a lot about screen time and want to protect their kids, but if your kid has shown that they can make good decisions then by around 8th its a good idea to get them a normal phone. My parents argue that since I fight with them it shows I'm not responsible enough, but in my case the majority of our fights are related to this.

My parents are full on screen-haters so things might be a little more extreme for me than for most people, but please parents, hear me out; listen to your kids. Making them an enemy in your life will only make life harder and more miserable for everyone. The more I feel ignored the more angry I get. If you want to make a peaceful compromise and find a solution for you and your teen, you need to realize they have feelings and ideas too. Before my mini rant truly begins, I just wanna say, kudos to all you folks who grew up without cell phones in your life. You managed to survive, but times have changed.

So, I just turned 15 and yet, no cell phone. I'm not complaining, I can see exactly why my parent's won't let me have one. If I'm out somewhere I'm always with another person and they have a phone, so I can ask them to use their's. The reason I so badly want a phone, it because I'm starting my freshman year of high school, and I know I'm going to get involved in clubs, events for art and choir, and go to parties like prom and homecoming! Some people are rude, and don't let others use their phone, so I would just like to have a way to contact my parents if necessary.

Also, before I get a reply from anyone saying "If you have no phone, how are you typing this out for the internet, the most brutal place for criticism to be thrown, for everyone to see? Anyways, back to my main point. I know how much my parents love me and want me to be safe, but if they really wish for my safety, I personally think it would be best for me to get a phone.

Not only is it important for my high school life, but in March of next year, I get a driving permit, and then soon after that, my license! A phone is a vital part of a teenagers life in the modern age, especially since there's more danger than ever with the advancement of technology. I just hope I get my own phone soon so this little scrawny Asian girl with no muscle whatsoever can at least stay in touch with her parents and feel safe when she's by herself.

Finally I found someone in the same situation! My parents won't get me a phone even though everyone else in my grade has a phone, and people mock me for not having a phone. On the bus I can't talk to anyone, and I can never talk to my parents when I need to. I have all A's and I am more mature than most people in my grade, but they will not trust me to use a phone because apparently I will be "addicted" and "irresponsible".

I agree with you my, mom is doing the same thing but my father lets me do whatever. He would let me get a phone but my mom said no. Typed up on my iPhone 8 and not a school chrome book. It really does stink. I see what the adult are saying about how they grew up without them, but we grew up with technology around us, and we use it.

Did you ever feel left out, until you got that item. For our generation that item is iPhones. I can start a conversation with anyone, even an itrevert. My parents say iPhones are expensive and distracting, and they are not wrong. I ave done school soccer, a school play, ballet, soccer for a wrec league, multiple summer camps, and cross country. Once I was at school soccer parctice.

Everyone had left and I was waiting there on the field. For my mom. The school had already locked up for the night, so I could use the phone. And my coach had left for home. My mom was an hour late. If I had had a phone that situation would worked out better. I have to save up for my iPhone by my self now. I still like going on walks or runs with my dog, I like being outside. I just really want an iPhone. Reading that was the worst time of my life.

Sounds like an isYOU. No one is even reading these, why are you writing this. Typed on my iPhone 8. I would like to share my opinion with you kids as an adult. I really feel bad for this generation of children. My heart breaks for you youngsters who think a phone is the only thing important in life. Many of you may think I sound old school, but hey, old school rules!! You should be out playing and having a childhood! You have the rest of your lives to sit on the useless black box all day!

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To those of you who are teens: I understand the need of a cell if your using it to get in touch with your parents or something really important. Although when I was young, we had to call our home phone. We all managed to survive!! Life was much more fun and relaxed. We lived very happily without iphones and ipads. I was 20 when I got my 1st cellphone after Nobody really used them before that, and life was much more simple. People actually spoke more and interacted in person rather than a phone or other electronic device.

I feel very sad for all of you including my own kids. I will tell you having a cell phone is not that exciting. The novelty wears off. You kids have the rest of your lives to stare at the thing. At such a young age. Keep teaching your kids that a cell phone is not that important. Everyone is glued to the phone all day. Really annoying! Your all missing out on the beauty of our Earth. There are so many other wonderful.

If you want to see your friends , call and go over to their house like we did as kids! Social media is the cause of bullying, addictions, obesity, and many more health problems and psychological issues. I will be honest with you all. It really is shame. Real friends will care about you regardless if you have an iPhone or not. I hope my response will help alleviate your worries, and get you to think deeply about the important things in life.

You will regret it later. Stop trying to live in the past, I feel sorry for your kids. Do you know how to spell???? Not to be Rude, just saying you might wanna check it out. You the parent can decide when if you are personally paying for the device , but id the kid is paying for the phone, they should decide when they get it, and what phone they get. As the article says, make sure you allow your child to do all this stuff.

Except purchasing the cell phone. If it is indeed their own money, then they get to decide about it. You may TRY to stop them from making foolish decisions, but ultimately, as the parent, it is not your decision to make. I hope I was helpful as you make your decision. It is important to consider that kids might get addicted to their phones. While a simple parenting lock can help with this, you might still not need to buy your kid a phone.

If they are mature and in the 6th or 7th grade, you might want to consider it. If you have an old, but working phone, please think about it too. Now, parents, just because your child says, "All my friends have phones too" I'm sure parents always heard this, am I right? Also, if your child is involved with many extra-curricular activities, talk to your child about. Edit: Shout-out to that other person that liked my language. You used very good language in that comment :p just sayin. I dunno it just came into my head like that. I am 13 and got a phone 6 months ago for my birthday. Before that I was so jealous it consumed my every thought.

I felt so left out I would constantly be sad and was never included in stuff. So I finally got one for my birthday and I honestly have never been happier. I could not agree more, dude. Thumbs up! I personally have an iPhone 5s, which very few people have. The area I live in is very wealthy. Most kids get iPhones in 5th grade. I got a little button phone in 4th grade, then iPhone 4, then 5s. The 5s is still a pretty useable phone in I don't think kids should get the iPhone right away, and work up to an iPhone from a cheaper phone.

This is a pretty tough question. It honestly depends. Most of my friends got their phones in 4th-5th grade. They were pretty nice phones. I do live in a suburban area where most people are pretty well off. I got my phone when I was 12 and in 7th grade, It was an iPhone 8.

Yes, I do realize that that is really expensive, but I take good care of it and mostly use it for emergencies. My parents bought it for me for safety purposes since I do go around a lot, For other people, it might be different. Maybe your child isn't careful with their things, tell them that. Then if they're responsible you'll buy one for them.

Money is a huge issue. A lot of people can't afford that. If your child isn't mature, or if you know they'll goof off or use it in class, you probably shouldn't give it to them. I'm not going to say "Buy your kid a flip phone at age 10" or something like that because it all depends on the family. If you can afford a nice phone and think they are ready, go for it. It honestly depends on the child and your budget. In my opinion, it is all related to responsibility and trustworthiness. These definitions vary per family but I remember asking for a phone at 10 or 11 and hearing the word no ring in my ear.

I always asked informaly and soon enough, at the end of the 6th grade, I sat down with my mom gave her all of my reasoning and I got a maybe meaning in a couple of weeks!

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I started out small with a Samsung Tab 3 moved up to an Ipod touch which I had for around 3 yrs and then finally got a maybe for a phone. I asked my mom why and sje said because I showed responsibiliy and that I was older too. It is not a bare nesccesity but an opportunity for you to be exposed and sucked into the blue lights. I needed one because somedays my transportation changes, I get to school an hour early, and for other private reasons! Thanks for reading!! I know it sucks : I'm 15 and won't be getting one until Hey Lillymaix! I have been reading all the responses about you kids not being able to have a cell phone.

I had a very happy teenage life without the darn cell phone!! I understand that there is an immense amount of social pressure to fit in with your peers and have a phone. Let me tell you something. Soon you will be out on your own, and then you will miss your childhood. Cell phone, iPads, and other devices are ruining our children. Before I got my cell phone at 20 years old, we all lived just fine, and I was so much happier!! Please enjoy the last couple years of your childhood! Real friends love you unconditionally.

There is so much fun to be had, and a beautiful world to explore! I strongly believe in fast increase in technology is destroying our lives , and is the cause of much unhappiness. I just felt compelled to respond to you because I can see from an adult perspective that smartphones are ruining our youth.

When I was 16, I was driving with my friends to the beach, shopping, camping, and other fabulous places. All without a cell phone! It was wonderful to not have to be distracted by the cell!!! You have your whole life to have one when your older. So please go out and be happy! Actually you do need a cell phone to fit in. Just saying. I don't really believe you have to be a certain age to receive a phone; it depends on the responsibility your child has obtained over the years. Before everyone judges me because I have an iPhone 8 plus, Let me tell you what I have done. First I am ten in the 6th grade.

I have skipped 2 grades and I am doing high school level math in the 6th grade. I have straight A's but I could always do better. I do lots of afterschool programs, and sometimes I stay at my friends houses, and most of the time I have to take the bus home. I know that I might seem like I am bragging, but I am not. I am not rich whatsoever and i have been a spoilt brat EVER. All these whiney teenagers should find better ways to talk to their parents. It did kind of suck without one, but I wasn't dying. I'd say there isn't a deffinative age to get a phone.

My parents felt I was responsible enough but not enough for a phone. I feel like 12 is a good age. I believe it should go by how responsible and mature the child is. That being said there is no reason a year old should have an iPhone X. A cheaper smartphone could be awarded and once they are old enough to get a part time job use their own money to upgrade their phone.

I am having trouble with my little brother right now sending inappropriate pictures to girls and he is only 13, this is why it should go by maturity level not age. I like being able to have social media and friends unlike everyone else in the comment section. Did my first comment get deleted? Sounds like someone is a little entitled. I got my first 'actual' phone when I was 9.

But only to draw, animate, watch stuff and post art on the internet. I would say about years. In my class of 35, only another girl and I do not have a phone. The thing about it is that I really need a phone because my school is very academically inclined and there is often not enough time to copy down notes. This means that you will have to take pictures of them but I am not able to so more often than not my notes will be half copied and I have to rely on others for pictures of the notes which I do not like because I like to be independent.

I feel very left out in my class and many times, my teachers will WhatsApp my class group chat about last minute tests the next day and I would go to school and find out that there is a test. So withinmins I have to learn the materials the best that I can and I really hate it. Also I come home from school everyday and 4 times a week, I come back at 6. If i have any last minute matters, I am not able to tell my mum that I won't be coming back for lunch or dinner. Why are you writing this. In my family, you are allowed a flip phone at age 16 if you get all As, and then no upgrade until after graduation.

Living life without a competent phone is tough. If I were a babysitter, I am certain that kids 10 years younger than I am would have better phones than me. My oldest brother never had a job, and got his phone after graduation. I work 30 hours a week and am not allowed to buy myself any kind of device. I completely empathize with you here. I'm sixteen with no phone, and I'll be honest and say that I've not respected my parent's decision with it all the time. While growing up in an age when communication, connectivity and accessibility are so fundamental to relationships and just life, it can get hard when you can't easily organize friend meetups can't gain permission for something you want to do from your parents without face-to-face consent.

I found that it's left me feeling underdeveloped compared to my friends at school, like my parents consider me not at the same level of maturity or something as my friends. I used to have friends without phones, but they've all got their phones now, leaving me literally at the bottom of the heap of parental leniency in a grade of I understand it's not THAT big of a deal at the end of the day, but that feeling of being the odd one out isn't healthy I feel. This is a topic that I have been talking to about with my parents lately. I am personally turning 13 in a few months.

When I asked for one, they told me that I could either buy the phone by myself, wait until Christmas or wait until my birthday I chose to wait until Christmas to see if I have any reasons at school to need a phone. But, it all depends on the parents, how mature the kid is and if they have good reasons to need one.

I'm going to be honest here. I see some kids at my school that are in 4th grade with an iPhone already. I saw a 5th grader with an iPhone X. Crazy, I know. I think that the minimum age to get your child a smartphone is 12 years. At this age, they are in middle school and need to learn the basics such as not posting anything bad on social media, call parents when walking home, etc.

I got the iPhone 6 when I was 11 years old. It was a hand me down from my brother. I am getting a new phone in September. Parents shouldn't get their kids phones if they are unreliable, they lose things, or younger than But if you live close and you are not in at least 6th grade, I don't think you need a cellphone. I understand this is a different generation of kids. We didn't have cell phones when I was young like my children are one starting freshman year of high school and the second one starting kindergarten but I did get a pager when I was in junior high school 7th grade.

I think a good age for the average kid would be high school now if your child has special needs like it is a diabetic or has any medical problems then I think getting them like a Disney phone for example or something similar where it's not internet and Facebook and all that stuff but just to where they can click a number and call for their parents or anyone on their emergency list for their cell phone and can only receive calls from people that are approved I think that is okay 4 children to have when they start going to school and are away from their parents. Plus it would give the parents peace of mind and the child would probably feel safer knowing that mommy or daddy or Auntie or grandma or whomever is right at their fingertips.

In fact for most kids up until a certain age I think all cell phones should be the basic flip phone style that can only make calls to certain numbers and receive calls from certain numbers as the parents add those to the plan as they go along and it's a one set fee. As for smartphones of any kind I think your kid needs to earn that with having good grades and being responsible with their friends and showing Model Behavior and listening good at home. I wouldn't ever get my teenager an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy there are other smartphones that are a lot less expensive that have the same features.

I believe that once your child is 18 and could afford their own smartphone that's when they could decide if they want to buy an iPhone or a Samsung or any type of expensive mobile device so they have the responsibility of caring for something that they worked for. I feel like children should get a phone at around That is usually the middle school age and phones might be needed in middle school for safety purposes. It really depends on how mature the kid is though, I got my phone on my 12th birthday, but I have asked for one many years before that.

An emergency phone yes smartphone no. There's no reason why a 13 year old should have a iPhone but a phone that can call certain numbers like parents and relatives an emergency contacts and receive phone calls from only certain people would be a good idea for safety purposes. That's the whole part of having it for safety is not being able to sit there and play Candy Crush or whatever game and text her friends all day long and not interact as a human being. At school kids should feel safe enough to where they can go into the office where phones are made available and there is a sheet of paper that the parents fill out that has emergency contact info so if something were to happen you would be fine without a cell phone.

Listen I'm 14 years old I still don't have a phone in 8th grade everyone was talking to each other and knew a lot about each other don't get me wrong up had friends but everyone had a phone and I didn't I asked my mom when I would get a phone and she said soon. So I didn't know until a couple weeks ago but apparently I had to go the whole summer with a stupid flip phone that I could definitely been picked on just to get a new phone and I had to ride my bike to high school for summer workouts so I turned down the volume on the phone all the way that way nobody could hear it and burried it in my book bag.

So I went half 1 and a half of the summer pretty good well I had a church camp and my dad asked me to bring the flip phone but I don't know why I didn't bring it was one simple thing and I didn't do it. Anyway I got back and he said did you bring your phone I told him no and he said how can I trust you with a phone if you can't even listen to me to bring it for 5 days so now I am mad because now I have to go another 2 months just to get a phone I have tried everything I prayed to God I have listened to them been more mature but now I have lost all hope all my friends have phones except me everybody wants me to get a phone but my parents I feel like don't so I just cry at night just wanting a phone hoping and praying that I get a phone but every day I wake up its like a slap in the face no phone all I want is a phone but they don't understand does anybody know what I should do.

Okay guys I know its frustrating not having a phone I get it, I don't have one either. Sometimes you get left out, and it makes you feel kinda lonely. But you HAVE to be nice to your parents or else you won't get one. Me for instance, I am almost 12, and I popped the question around for a whole year before my parents decided to get me one. I am getting one for my birthday in August. But, I really needed one. Plus, I will be taking the late bus 4 times a week, and I will be dropped off 3 streets away, on a very large and busy street.

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I am in all honors classes which are a year accelarated, and math is 2 years accelerated. Plus, I got the highest score on my math final in my entire grade, a My parents did ask me a few times about my peers and if they had a phone and social media. They decided to get me one after being consoled my their friends and neighbors. Bottom line, they were concerned about my safety. They also made me work for my phone But, I worked hard, getting top grades in math and language arts, and As in science and social studies.

I am also 3rd chair in my school band, and was chosen to open for the talent show, playing The Star Spangled Banner. I also got my green belt in half the time it takes most people at my dojo to earn. Now, I will get a Samsung s6 or s7. Again, that depends on my behaviour this summer. Most importantly, don't whine about social impacts, that only your parents can understand. I told my parents that if they gave me a smartphone, I could use WhatsApp to call them everyday after school and they could get a basic phone plan.

I showed them things that mattered most to them, my safety, costs and grades. I'm going in 7 grade this September i'm also turning 12 years old this December and i'm also going to be home alone after school sometimes i have to go at my swimming class alone and i am really good in school a's in math french science social studies etc except for gym and art but i dont have a phone and all of my freinds have phones iphone 6s,6s plus,samsung s6,7,8 etc so i dont know what to do.

I just have something to add And 7th grade and higher to get social media because before that, having social media is illegal technically. If you are younger, I shame you for thinking that you need a phone for social reasons. Even Bill Gates's kids didn't get a phone until their teenage years. I thing YOU can wait. I swear I am not a mom, however much I sound like it. Most kids are approaching middle school and this age is when online communication practically becomes essential.

Putting restrictions in place is a good doorstop. Dont expect parental controls to be bulletproof. Bottom line the more your parents trust you, the more likely you will get one! In my experience, cell phones became almost essential in the classroom starting around middle school. They were used in place of traditional calculators or dictionaries, and checking the online gradebook was much more convenient with a phone available at hand.

In terms of social media usage, I'd agree with the majority and say that the child's maturity is far more important than their age. But if phones themselves are encouraged in a school setting, I see no reason not to provide the child with one. These conversations are not always easy. If you are struggling to know what to say or what not to say! Parent Coaching can help! Schedule an appointment today! My goal is to help you feel less angry, manage anxiety, talk to your kids with empathy, and learn to discipline without punishment. If you are frustrated, stuck or unsure how to make changes in your parenting, I provide online Parent Coaching sessions in the US and internationally.

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